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Why is family conflict is inevitable


Even in the most amicable family there are quarrels. How to reconcile with her husband, so that the conflict for a long time is not delayed?

Family conflicts - small or large -Occur in any family. And this is not because the spouses do not love each other or are treated without respect. Women and men are so different creatures that they look at all situations in different ways. And if major disagreements are negotiated, then small problems everyone considers it possible to decide at their own discretion. And as a result, a quarrel breaks out.

Why do couples fight?

Why is family conflict is inevitableIf we analyze family conflicts, thenWe can conclude that most of them happen because of nonsense. In the wrong order, things are arranged at home, newspapers are scattered, the second half has not adequately addressed the household purchases.

The door is painted in the wrong color! All these situations are not worth a damn egg! But if the parties refuse to compromise, even such trifles can lead to a serious quarrel.

If in the first years of marriage, young spouses in most cases solve problems in the bedroom, then in a family with experience, domestic problems sometimes lead to serious conflicts.

How to save the family, if no one wants to give in?

Most often, women think about reconciliation. After all, nature itself gave them the role of keeper of the family hearth.

The culprit of the quarrel is his wife

If the wife is guilty and guilty of realizing how to reconcile with her husband for her problem is not. Usually a woman knows her man well, and she knows what to melt his heart.

A real man has enough of his wife to hear an apology, a confession of injustice, and reconciliation will take place. But not all women can humble their pride and come up with an admission of guilt. They try to act cunningly.

Below are ways to go for reconciliation without compromising one's own dignity:

  • You can offer to visit her husband's mother, especially when warm relations between families are not supported. After such a visit, the husband will certainly forget about the quarrel. There is one truthbut"... A mother-in-law can call a son into the kitchen and adjust it even more. And the quarrel will worsen;
  • Try to behave with her husband, as if nothing had happened, but be more affectionate, more attentive. The husband wont, but gradually;
  • It is not bad to arrange a pleasant surprise for the husband, to cook your favorite dish, to present something for the future birthday or a holiday. A man will appreciate such a sign of attention;
  • A purely feminine way to arrange a husbandA romantic evening, turning into an erotic. If the husband in this situation "proudly turns away," then you should not think how to make peace with her husband after such an act. So, he is artificially dragging out the reconciliation, and it is already worth thinking about, for what?

The man is to blame for the quarrel

This situation happens in families quite often: The husband is guilty, but to recognize, that is wrong, does not wish. The conflict is dragging on, the tension between the spouses is increasing every day. How to reconcile with a serious quarrel with her husband, if he is guilty?

  • You should try to call him to talk andIn an absolutely calm tone, without going over insults and recalling the experience of the offense, explain his view of the situation. Most likely, the husband has been waiting for this conversation for a long time, just can not humble his pride and come first;
  • Sometimes it's better to wait. Gradually the husband will cool down, and, recognizing his guilt deep down, will start "Suck up". «In a pose"In this case, do not get up. A loving woman will always understand that her husband acknowledged her guilt;
  • You can try yourself a little in the role of an actress. Cut the unfortunate person, complain to a friend on the phone - it is necessary that the husband heard - how hard it is on the soul. Weep behind him. The spouse will regret, and in the family peace will be restored;
  • In some families, women, afterQuarreled with her husband, try to provoke him into jealousy. The method is very dangerous. Offended man, instead of going to rapprochement, figuring out with whom and where his wife spends time, can strike a counterattack. And then the wife will be jealous.

Reconciliation after a serious conflict

Why is family conflict is inevitableHow to reconcile with her husband if the conflict was serious enough and in the process of clarifying the relationship from her husband the word "divorce"? First, make sure that the conversation about divorce was started spontaneously, at the peak of emotions.

When this is certain and it is clear that her husbandIt said from despair, from inability to smooth out the situation, even if they quarreled for a serious reason, the emotions should be thrown aside and most approached to her husband. To rub about him like a cat, caress, say something encouraging.

Men are big children. And having replaced "Carrot stick", You can achieve more than insisting on your own. When a woman thought that the decision to divorce her husband has been ripening for a long time, you can try to check whether the love has remained? Maybe you should not cling to the relationship?

One way to check the true feelings of your second half is to make your husband worried. Go to spend the night with a friend, not informing him, go to the hotel, switch off the phone.

Some spouses after a similar shake-Having seen that the spouse has returned alive and unharmed, forget about all insults and promise never again to raise a subject about divorce. Wisdom to you, patience and peace to your family!

But with other husbands, a similar way to reconcile is notWorks. And the husband who raised all friends and friends on his feet, looking for his missing wife, called up morgues and hospitals, saw his mate, instead of rejoicing and forgiving her "for everything, for everything", slams the door in front of her nose and leaves, sometimes , Which is forever.

He regarded such a way to reconciliation as a mockery.

Trying to avoid divorce, you should not use the following methods:

  • Manipulate children, shout that "If he leaves, he will never see them.";
  • Remember old grievances, telling, then "He has always been so"And"My mother told me, and I did not listen";
  • Say the version: "You did it on purpose, I know you have another woman! ».

After clarifying the relationship in this vein, the cause of the conflict that caused the quarrel will, of course, be forgotten. But will such behavior lead to reconciliation? Most likely, the family conflict will worsen and the couple will be a step closer to divorce.

The husband stood up "in a pose"

How to reconcile with the intractable husband, if you quarreled because of a trifle, and he refuses categorically? He walks with an insulted look, presses on pity?

Why is family conflict is inevitableThe best way to invite friends to visit. Her husband probably will not want to take the dirty linen out of the "hut", and with friends he will behave as if nothing had happened. Most likely, the discord will be forgotten by the end of the evening.

If after the friends are gone, the husband will continue to sulk, it will be possible to translate everything into a joke.

Only need to understand the rule: no matter how serious the conflict, let a third person into the family from outside - it's not worth it. Neither mother, nor sister, nor friend, nor "A close friend of her husband, who knows his childhood and wants only good"Should not interfere with the relationship of spouses. Everyone has his own family experience, and problems in this case are solved only by the spouses themselves.

We must remember that quarrels occur in every family. Knowing your husband and connecting women's intuition, you can always find an acceptable way out of the conflict situation.

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