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The design of a narrow hall: how to make the right


Are you tired of entering the dark hallway every day? Then our article is for you. Today, we will tell you how to properly design a narrow hallway, creating in it a cosiness

We all try to decorate our apartment beautifully. And the first room, which includes all the guests, is nothing but an entrance hall. And it would seem that you can think of in such a small room. Well put the hanger, hit the mirror - and that's it. But as it turned out, if you attach a little strength and imagination to the decoration of the hallway, the result can exceed all your expectations.

And today we will discuss exactly the ways of creating a cozy corridor in the hallway.

Design of a narrow hallway: principles

The design of a narrow hall: how to make the rightThe main difficulty in this case isThe problem of space organization. You do not only need to do everything beautifully, but functionality also does not hurt. For example, why do you need a terrific vestibule, if in it you can not really bend over to tie your shoelaces.

So it turns out that the placement of furniture in this case should be treated carefully and proshchityvat all in advance.

As it turned out, there are several basic rules, using which in practice, you can always decorate the interior of the hallway in your apartment:

  • Rule 1. To paint the walls, always use only light colors. And if you also apply a little glossy paint over the whitewash, then the effect of the expanded space is assured to you. Such visual illusion arises from the reflection of light from shiny surfaces. Attention! Do not overdo it. The walls should only shine a little, and not overflow with a huge number of blonds;
  • Rule 2. Be sure to add a few architectural details. In order to correctly make the apartment design a narrow hallway, you need to visually add the room relief. For this you can use false panels or cornices. But the essence of this decoration is that you do not just need to place the cornice on the line under the ceiling. You should think in advance which part of the hallway you want to beat with relief details. Also pay attention to the fact that filling architectural details of the whole corridor will only visually reduce the space, from which the room will appear even more cramped and uncomfortable;
  • Rule 3. An obligatory element of the interior of the narrow hallway corridor is the carpet track. Its presence necessarily emphasizes the shine of the parquet and adds bright colors to the room. Attention! Do not use the material of light shades at the entrance as people enter your corridor from the street, which means they bring a huge amount of dirt on their shoes. And if you're not a fan of everyday cleaning, then it's best to confine yourself to burgundy, blue or other dark tones;
  • Rule 4. Pay special attention to lighting. Unfortunately, in the hallway in almost 100% of cases there is no natural light source, so you will have to take care of the lighting yourself. In order not to occupy extra space, you should use only wall lights in the design of a small hallway. In this case it is desirable not to choose the models that are rather cumbersome. So you just take a huge amount of light with a plafond, and in the corridor it will still be dark;
  • Rule 5. Think about the presence of a hanger, without which the interior of a narrow and small hallway will seem incomplete. But due to the fact that space is initially a little bit, you should choose a multifunctional hanger, combined with cabinets. In this case, you can not only hang the outer clothing, but also put in the boxes all the necessary things, for example, spare keys to the apartment, a small amount of money and so on.

The design of a narrow hall: how to make the rightSeparately, let's talk about the presence of plants. If in your design a narrow and long hallway lacks something that will revitalize the overall picture, bringing to the interior a slight note of freshness, then houseplants can be a solution to your problem.

But here you need to be very careful,Since not all plant species will grow under artificial illumination. To place pots with plants you need in the corners, so that you do not stumble on them.

Very narrow entrance hall: design

And now let's take a closer look at the designVery narrow corridor. The first rule of good location in this case is the purchase of shallow furniture. So you do not have to squeeze past the closet or hanger sideways, trying not to tear something down the road.

You should also pay attention to the door, becauseIf you are repairing the apartment made them inside the room, then you can put the cabinet close to the doorway. This will allow you to win a small space that can be used very effectively in the future.

By the way, when creating a design with entrance doors, you can place on them some decorative elements, for example, a hanger for umbrellas.

If you decide to place a wardrobe in the hallwayCabinet, it is worthwhile to put on two sides of it small bedside tables or pencil cases for all sorts of trifles. An indispensable condition for such a long and narrow room is that the pencil boxes should be slightly less deep than the cabinet.

So you can transfer distract attention from such a bulky piece of furniture. Also, hang a mirror on the wall. So you can visually expand the boundaries of the room.

Features of the design of narrow hallways in Khrushchev

Each of us at least once in my life saw the narrowCorridors in the Khrushchev. And at first glance it seems that making such an awkward room cozy is absolutely impossible. But if you think about it, you can still put some ideas into practice.

The design of a narrow hall: how to make the rightThe first rule of the beautiful design of the hallway inKhrushchev is the rejection of a single light source. The problem is that with such coverage, shadows will appear in the corridor, which can not in any way affect the overall situation in the corridor positively.

In addition, with one source of lighting, the entire area will not be illuminated evenly. And this will lead to the fact that the space will visually decrease.

Do not forget about jewelry for suchCorridors. And do not just be limited to photographs. The best choice will be bright collages, vases or flower pots. In any case, do not leave in the corridor naked furniture, which only emphasizes the gloom of the room.

As you can see, you can even make your own design with a narrow entrance hall with doors. The main thing is to clearly define what exactly you want to see when you enter your hallway and get to work. Good luck!

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