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Wall decoration: little secrets


We used to see the room pasted over the same wallpaper on all four walls. However, this is not a dogma, wallpaper combining different colors and textures can significantly enliven the room

You must carefully approach the choice of wallpaper, soAs you have to look at them for a long time, you will wake up with them, fall asleep with them, every day come from work to them. They can even affect the course of your thoughts!

Wall decoration: little secretsYou'd think too much honor for wallpaper? But this is not so. Everyone should pick them up himself in his room. They contribute to the mood. For example, if you trim the walls in the colors of the Caribbean Sea, it will seem that you wake up in the lagoon; One wall can be covered with floral wallpaper, and the other - monophonic, light green color.

Thanks to this, you will get the impression that you wake up in the midst of a flowering garden! Many similar effects allow you to achieve a combination of wallpapers.

General Tips

It is possible to decorate children's faces fromCartoons, create a corner for drawing on the wall, children will adore their house. As a variety of walls can wallpaper. Everything depends on inexhaustible imagination and on good taste. For a long time, designers prefer to combine wallpaper in the interior of the premises, starting with the bathroom, ending with the living room.

Before buying a wall coverApproximately imagine what changes you are waiting for, how you want to see your house. Consider, describe how to translate fantasies into life, then go shopping.

When selecting wall coverings, it is very important to observe the proportions, otherwise the room visually loses.

Do not forget about simple rules:

  • If you choose a coating in a horizontal strip,The ceilings will seem lower, and the room is wider than it actually is. If you choose a vertical strip - the ceilings will visually be significantly higher, and the room already. If you want to alternate strips of different colors, let them be of the same width, this will greatly simplify the task;
  • The same wallpaper, covered with a large pattern, helps to reduce the height of the ceilings;
  • If the room is too large, add more dark saturated colors, drawings;
  • A light palette of colors visually enlarges the room and adds light;
  • If the room is sunny, do not be afraid to experiment with color;
  • Do not use dark colors in poorly lit rooms;
  • Coloring depends on the interior, from furniture, fromCurtains, from carpets, all colors should be combined with each other. Despite the fact that the wallpaper used several types, textures, the room as a whole should look harmonious, the type of room should be completed.

The combination of two or three kinds will add originality,Style, uniqueness of your home. It is necessary to select them, thus, to hide the shortcomings of the room and emphasize the dignity. Use accessories, paintings, decor elements to cover up the shortcomings.

To achieve such a result that the feeling "Here is something missing". If the room is designed to perform the functions of two rooms, for example, a kitchen-dining room, then combine them by color, texture is better, so that the room is divided into two functional areas.

Using several colors, you can focus on some subject, they can be a sofa, table, TV, locker, it all depends on the desire.

Observe the following rules:

  • With an accuracy of a centimeter, measure fromFloor level to the junction point. Next, draw a parallel line to the floor, glue on it. It is important to draw a line parallel to the floor, and not the ceiling, since the border of the wallpaper must match the level of the furniture;
  • First glue the top strip, only thenLower, between the stripes leave the overflow, but do not glue it. After the wallpaper has dried, cut off excess and seal to create the perfect visual junction;
  • Choose a wooden strip or decorated ribbon, glue, the selected element on the joint, thereby you hide the small defects.

Wall decoration: little secretsIn the bedroom

Let's look at the various optionsA combination of different tones of the same color looks good. The combination of wallpaper in the bedroom in color contrast will make this room truly spectacular.

Do not be afraid to play with a different texture, combine incongruous - textile and vinyl, silkscreen and fleece.

The paper base is more often nonwoven. The most common coatings are:

  • Paper;
  • Vinyl;
  • Acrylic;
  • Textile;
  • Cork.

Paper coating is used only in combinationWith a paper base. It consists of a primer, a paint and spray coating. The most popular is vinyl cover, this is due to its ability to simulate any texture. It is used both with paper and non-woven base.

The acrylic coating looks like a pattern, is appliedNot on the basis, but on the paint layer. Textile coating consists of various fibers: cotton, linen, silk, sisal, etc. Because of the wealth of jewelry, the textile cover is the most beautiful. The least often used wallpaper with cork.

Do not forget to decorate the room with accessories, inDepending on the style you choose. The combination of wallpaper in the living room with Japanese dolls and paintings in the appropriate style will immerse you in the refined atmosphere of the east.

Beautiful sconces and scented candles will createRomantic setting in the bedroom. Colorful dishes, colored towels, interesting magnets on the refrigerator will make the kitchen cozy and cheerful. If you wish, you can create decorations with your own hands, in the family circle, which will add value to accessories.

In the living room

An interesting and simple method of decorating the living roomIs the creation of inserts. If you pick up the slats and allocate them a place to paste, it will look like a picture on the wall. The insert can be created from the remaining pieces, cutting out from them figures, for example, maple leaves, toss them into place for insertion on top of each other. It will look unusual.

Do not overdo it, excessive amountsDifferent coatings on the walls, can give the room the look of the workshop, and incongruous invoices spoil the appearance. Therefore, the most common is a combination of monophonic, calm colors of wallpaper with wallpaper with a pattern, it can be flowers or a geometric pattern.

As a rule, focus either one wall or twoOpposite walls. It should not be all the walls of the living room decorated in bright colors, they quickly get tired eyes. To the wallpaper in pastel colors, you will become so used that after a while you will cease to notice them.

That's why it's good to combine bright colors with light colors. Light colors are noble, they emphasize the beauty of the room.

In the kitchen

The combination of wallpaper in the kitchen requires imagination,Make this room luscious, bright, cozy. For this purpose, you can use a combination of shreds, it will look like a mosaic. Scraps should have something in common with each other, it can be a general drawing, color scale, texture.

Brightness of the kitchen will give an apron over the working area,Which can be made of tiles, glass, stainless steel. The tiles can be arranged in the form of a mosaic. The most original version will be a kitchen apron made of acrylic stone. This option is also the most practical, as it perfectly protects the wall from splashes, moisture, grease.

Wall decoration: little secretsA common way of combining in the kitchenIs the allocation of open shelves by wallpaper, other than the main ones. This will draw attention to the shelves, so lay out souvenirs, decorative conservation, cook books, beautiful utensils, vases with flowers.

Do not discard the leftovers, they may be neededFor the manufacture of accessories. For example, you can cut them with figured scissors and paste the backs of chairs, or put a piece on the table, under a vase of flowers, this will give harmony to the general appearance. Beauty is in the details!

Do your home, love it, change the interior, it will give you a lot of positive emotions, especially if you involve the rest of the family members in this case.

Aspire to the ideal, to the completion of your thoughts, use design techniques, so that in every room you can feel the style. Successful design solutions for you!

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