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Most popular treatment of migraine


Treatment of migraine popular ways to help stop attacks and get rid of this disease. Learn about the most effective treatments for migraine Folk, with recipes and detailed descriptions

Migraine Treatment folk remedies

Migraine is an ailment that can plague a personFor several hours, or even days. This disease has been known to people for thousands of years, and although experts have not been able to get to the real reasons until now, effective methods of treating people were still known in ancient times. Of course, the visit to the doctor should not be postponed, but the knowledge of the people's means of stopping the migraine attack does not hurt.

Treatment of migraine traditional methods - it works!

It is very important naychitsya distinguished from the usual migraine attacks headacheTo use effective methods to get rid of the disease. The most important recommendation in the struggle with migraine - the removal of all the factors identifiedThat could provoke an attack. That is, eliminate tobacco with alcohol, we adjust the day mode / power, to monitor the health, mental state, and so forth.

  • Most traditional treatments of migraine

    If the pain is attacked, should go to a dark, well-ventilated area and by adopting a horizontal position, put on the forehead cold wet towel.

  • Medications only makes sense to take at the beginning of an attack.
  • Sleep, bed rest or relaxation massage - One of the best remedies for the treatment.
  • Often it helps to relieve attack warm bath or mental / physical activity.

Migraine - a disease that requires individualapproach to treatment. One can help a cup of coffee, and another save only drug administered intramuscularly. stop attack method does not matter. Important, that tolerate the pain is meaningless and strongly recommended.

Folk remedies for the relief of a migraine attack

  • Most popular methods for treating migraines - lower his head in a basin of water.

    Lower the head in a basin filled with hot water. The second option: to lower his head under the shower (hot / warm water) and massage the fingers region of localization of pain.

  • Cut in half a head of onion. Attach bulb halves cut side to the temples, To fix a tight bandage. Pain releases very quickly and gently.
  • Most popular methods for treating migraines - to make a cabbage leaf to the head

    Many also helps cabbage - leaf should be applied to the portion of the patient's head. In the summer you can use the same method of fresh leaves of lilac.

  • To find points on the edges of the jaws (Two small holes, can be felt in places where the jaw ends). Massaging these points with your fingers with slight pressure to the relief of an attack. This method helps to remove and toothache.
  • Put in a spoon ice cream, dessert attach to the soft palate and keep it up to melting. The method allows to cool the hypothalamus, influence the occurrence of migraine.
  • Most popular methods for treating migraines - potato juice

    At the beginning of an attack drink a quarter cup of grated fresh potato juice.

  • Inhaling ammonia and camphor alcoholMixed in equal proportions.
  • Fold in cheesecloth sauerkraut, attach to the templesNot forgetting to tie tight head bandage.
  • eat herring at the beginning of the attack, caused psychological fatigue.
  • The attack of migraine and relieves green teaBut only strong brewed and cooled.
  • Most popular methods for treating migraines - Juice of viburnum

    Drink at the approaches of pain fresh juice viburnum.

  • Bath with the addition of decoction of valerian root It helps to quickly stop an attack.
  • If redness half of the head should be during an attack put your feet in hot water, and on the face to apply a cold compress. If half of the face, on the contrary, is white, thenwe have to act on the contrary - to put his feet in the cool water, and on the face - a hot compress. When there is no color change must be applied to the temples of lemon slices and tie a bandage around his head warm.
  • mix Saffron (floor h / l) and 3 raw egg yolk. Make a compress, apply to painful areas of your head.
  • make solution of edible salt (1 tbsp / L per liter of water), pour into it mixed with10% sal ammoniac camphor alcohol (100/10 g). Shake well for ten minutes, until no white flakes. Take a teaspoon of money, diluted 150 g of water, during an attack or rubbed topically.
  • Most traditional treatments of migraine - a cold towel

    Cool a wet towel in the freezer, Put at the beginning of the attack to the sick parts of the head.

  • Wet in beet or onion juice (Vegetables only svezheotzhatye) swabs. Carefully put in the ears adding whiskey on a mug raw beets.
  • Applying to the diseased area steamed in boiling water or fresh tarragon.

Migraine Prevention - the best folk remedies to prevent migraine

  • Migraine Prevention. Broth clover

    A decoction of the clover is an effective means by which to prevent the attack. A spoonful of flowers need to brew with boiling water and insist hour. Accepted three times a day half cup.

  • Brew in the cup of boiling water melissa (Article 2.5-3 / liter), after the current hour. Should drink daily during migraine pain, 3 tablespoons.
  • Boil 200 g of boiling water ground valerian root (V / L), boil for 15 meters, for 2-3 hours. Take a daily basis, at the reception - 1 tbsp / L.
  • Migraine Prevention. Coffee

    Drink coffee Tea (Strong) three times a day. Caffeine is considered one of the best ways to combat migraine.

  • Instead of tea you can drink decoction of dogwood (Fruit) 3-4 times a day.
  • Twice a day take 10-12 drops of turpentine on a piece of sugar.
  • Pour hot milk (glass) broken egg (Fresh, of course), stir and drink. Repeat 4-5 consecutive days. Apply the vehicle and upon the occurrence of an attack.
  • Every morning before breakfast drink cup buttermilk or whey.
  • make Siberian elder (Art. 1 of boiling water on the item / l of dry flowers), insist hour. Drink three times a day, a quarter cup of previously adding honey, 15-20 m before eating.
  • Migraine Prevention. Black currant juice

    Drink black currant juice, Quartered cup three times a day.

  • Pour a glass of vegetable oil lily white (2 item / L flowers and bulbs). Regularly shaking, to keep the sun for twenty days. After the strain and lubricate the areas of the head where the pain is localized.
  • Pour boiling water officinale lovage (1 h / l root or 2 h / l grasses). Be sure to infuse for 6-7 hours. Drink three times a day, for two days in a row.
  • Brew as a tea heart-shaped linden (Flowers). Drink three times a day over a glass.
  • Migraine Prevention. Amber beads

    wear thread with amber on the neck with constant migraine pain.

  • Make a glass of boiling water Dill seeds (1 h / l), two hours to insist and drink throughout the day.
  • Make a glass of boiling water rosemary (1 h / l) for 20 minutes and drink immediately.
  • Boil 350 g of boiling water oregano, fireweed narrow-leaved peppermint (1 tbsp / L), to insist hour and a half. Drink, if necessary, at the beginning of an attack.

Website warns: self-medication can damage your health! All the recipes presented here are no substitute for medical treatment and do not cancel the trip to the doctor!

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