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Which mattress you need, and why?


Orthopedic mattress - what is it? Read on, whether the mattress is needed. Learn about the types of mattresses - springless, thin, hard, soft, inflatable, etc.

Few people realize how well weWe spend one-third of the life that we reserved for sleep. Is it enough to pay attention to healthy sleep, whether ventilated bedroom at night and whether the mattress on the bed? As for the mattress - his choice is important for the health. The right mattress - a healthy sleep, a quality night's rest and prevention of diseases of the spine.

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What could be the mattresses, and whether they are necessary at all?

Orthopedic mattresses

Orthopedic mattress - what it is: the use of orthopedic mattresses

In our country the term "mattress" appeared not so long ago. Mattresses immediately became popular because sleep and be treated at the same time (According to advertising) - it's great!

Orthopedic mattresses

Of course, the mattress - not a panacea for back problems. It will not cure an osteochondrosis and a magic cure for all diseases is not. But, picking up mattress in accordance with the needs of the organism (And not the first available), you can greatly simplify your life.

So, what is the use of an orthopedic mattress? Let us step by step.

A quality mattress ...

  • It relaxes the muscles of the bodyAllowing sleep comfortably.
  • Precisely adjusted to the curves of the body (Spring mattresses are most effective: the springs more - the more useful).
  • It provides security relatively fungi, bacteria and microorganisms (Contains impregnation).
  • It does not cause allergies.
  • It is a good prevention of pain on sites waist, back and neck.
  • Reduces morning stiffness, Distributing the load evenly during the night, on all the joints.
  • relieves the spineEnsuring prevention of scoliosis and so forth.
  • Made of safe, high-quality, natural materialThat, of course, evidenced by certificates (quality and hygiene).

Who needs sleep on orthopedic mattress - if needed mattress for you?

Everyone knows that in relation to any disease easier to carry out preventionThan to a long and painful treatment. Spine - is no exception. The earlier to get a good mattress, the less of a problem with his back to the future.

This shows mattresses

Who needs an orthopedic mattress?

Indications for use of orthopedic mattress

  • Prevention of spinal curvature (for children and adults).
  • Preventing the emergence of pain in different parts of the back.
  • Overvoltage joints, spine, muscles.
  • Numbness of the muscles at night.
  • Treatment in the presence of axial spine changes.
  • Rehabilitation after injuries.
  • Therapy with osteochondrosis, scoliosis.
  • Violation of normal blood circulation in the muscles.

Orthopedic Beds - rigidity

The stiffness of the mattress - what experts recommend?

  • People up to 25 years orthopedic strongly recommend purchase mattresses of medium and high hardness (springless). The older the person - the softer the mattress.
  • People over the age of 50 years - Soft and medium hardness.
  • For athletes - Hard mattresses.
  • When the pain in the neck - High rigidity.
  • When the pain in the thoracic region - Medium hardness.
  • When back pain - Minimum rigidity.

In addition to the mattress, and it recommended orthopedic pillow - It will be prevention of headaches and normalizes blood circulation in the brain.

Orthopedic mattresses

Types of orthopedic mattresses, their features

The main task of the mattress - maintenance of the spine in an optimal position and complete muscle relaxation. That is, the orthopedic effect depends on the position of the spine, and it, in turn - the type of mattress and filler.

Comfort and stiffness mattresses - a matter of taste. With regard to classification, they can be divided in accordance with design features.

Spring mattresses

Advantages: the average price, excellent orthopedic properties. Additionally classified based on the method of weaving of the springs, their number and shape, location:

  • Mattresses Bonel (or continuous weaving)
    The most popular. Withstand load even solid, affordable, the best option for people with healthy spines.
    Bonel Orthopedic mattresses

    Minus mattress - large diameter springs (low orthopedic effect).

  • The mattress is the independent spring block
    Here, for each of the spring there is a separate "bag", so the mattress will not disturb the sleeping household creak.
    Orthopedic mattresses on the independent spring block

    Orthopedic effect higher than in the previous version.

  • Combined (dual-layer)
    They consist of a 2-layers: the bottom is a continuous weaving unit, the top is an independent spring block.
    Combined (dual-layer)

    The cost of an average, orthopedic effect - excellent.

One of the key features when selecting a spring mattress - number of turns of the springs. The mattress is more comfortable than the number of turns (6.9 turns - springs for independent unit and 4-5 - for continuously braiding block).

Nepruzhinnye mattresses

Advantages: High orthopedic properties, the maximumcomfort. Most suitable for people aged, young people and all who have problems with the spine. From spring characterized by the presence of the filler, replacing the spring, quiet and uniform discharge of the spine.

Types of fillers nepruzhinnyh mattresses

  • Coir
    Benefits: eco-friendly material (walnut coconut palm), a high degree of rigidity, the average life span. See also: Baby coir mattress - the best model.
    Orthopedic mattress with coconut coir

    Minuses:impregnation as some producers use adhesive that can cause allergies.

  • natural latex
    Benefits: natural (Hevea juice), elasticity, high orthopedic properties, can withstand severe loads, it is hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch, long service life.
    Orthopedic mattresses with natural latex

    Minuses: natural latex perfectly absorbs moisture, but gives bad.

  • artificial latex
    Benefits: is not inferior to the natural ecology, and other properties, excellent moisture transfer, easy maintenance and long service life, the maximum orthopedic effect.
    Orthopedic mattress with artificial latex

    Minuses: more rigid material (depending on the mode of production).

  • Polyurethane foam
    Benefits: hypoallergenic, economical cost, eco-friendly, high level of rigidity.
    Orthopedic mattresses with polyurethane foam

    It is an artificial material, denser foam (in fact), the service life - low.

  • Strutofayber
    An analogue of polyurethane foam. Composition: 80 percent of man-made, 20 percent - cotton and wool.
    Orthopedic mattress with strutofayberom

    Lifetime - high, medium, and high stiffness, hypoallergenic.

  • Horsehair
    Benefits: 100 percent natural materials, environmentally friendly, air permeability, high strength and elasticity, hardness - average, impregnation - coconut coir.
    Orthopedic mattress with horsehair

    Minuses: the risk of an allergic reaction (if any disposition).

  • Seaweed
    Benefits: completely natural material, anti-stress effect, durability and hardness levels - medium, hypoallergenic.
    Orthopedic mattress with seaweed

    Produced a mattress after cleaning, drying and braiding algae in a special net. See also: Children's mattresses from algae - how to choose the best?

  • foam rubber
    The differences can be, both in its composition and in thickness, strength, durability, stiffness, and so on.
    Orthopedic mattress with foam

    It all depends on the cost and thickness of the mattress.

  • Fayberlyuks
    It combines the properties of the spring and springless mattresses, thanks basis - material consisting of tiny springs.
    Orthopedic mattress with fayberlyuksom

    Benefits: a quick return to the original shape after the collapse of the mattress, a long service life while maintaining the shape and general appearance, moisture resistance, breathability.

  • Memory Fom
    The elastic material, porous structure with micro-springs. Invented by NASA.
    Orthopedic mattress with Memory Fom

    Benefits: adapts to the shape of the body, evenly relieves the spine, Self-ventilated, the ability to maintain optimal temperature.

As intermediate layers between basic fillers (sometimes combined) is usually used spunbond, thermofelt, felt, wool, c / b batting, abaca.

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