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A set of exercises for the figure after childbirth - video exercises after childbirth


What kind of exercise after giving birth can be done to restore the figures? Read on list of exercises for women after childbirth. Watch the video of gymnastics after birth

Female body is designed so that not recoverit is simply impossible. Weight - the same rate of mother and baby's health, such as tests, so for weight gain and nutrition of pregnant doctors observed. Women may have different attitudes to the recommendations of the doctor, until the full compliance of diet while waiting for the baby.

However, the postulate of "face - and I lose weight immediately, as soon as I will" may not work, and therefore need gymnastics after birth.

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Exercise after childbirth

Terms of gymnastics after birth for women - when and how to do the exercises for the figure after giving birth?

  • Stretched abdominal muscles, fat accumulation, the need for women who are breastfeeding - all this is the basic problem of appearance. But the most unpleasant - longer to delay its decision, the more difficult it will be to regain the old harmony and appeal.
  • Elementary set of exercises after childbirth, with which doctors recommend starting a class, take up quite a bit of time and they may well be combined with a walk or run, when the baby is next to you. Do not neglect them - in spite of its apparent ease their regular fulfillment within a few months will give quite tangible results.
  • Exercises for women after childbirth is important to choose a way that exercise beneficial effects on the entire body, not only improves muscle tone and contributed to the maintenance of body fat. Improved circulation will entail strengthening the processes of metabolism, normalize metabolism, which means - more rapid return to normal weight and well-being, and most importantly - without harming the general health of the woman.
  • Exercises are performed after birth in multiple stages - At a time when they can begin to do. And remember: if the birth took place with a complication and you stitchedIf carried out cesarean section - The first four weeks of any sports you load strictly contraindicated!
  • Even elementary exercise should begin to perform only after doctor's permission!
  • If the birth took place for you to painlessly and without complications begin to engage with the doctor's permission It can be in the hospital.
Exercise after childbirth

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So what exercises after childbirth can and should do to women, and when?

Effective exercises after childbirth - Video: What exercises for women immediately after childbirth can be done?

The first stage of training - exercises that are recommended to begin to do after a day or two after the birth of a baby.

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Video: A set of exercises after childbirth to restore the figures

  • The most effective in this period is considered to Kegel exercises.
    Running it is very simple: should be ten seconds to strain muscles of the perineum and anus - should be created a feeling that you draw them yourself. Then relax. This exercise must be repeated at least twenty times for each approach. During the day it is desirable to make two to three approaches.
  • Very effective breathing exercises for the figure after giving birth.
    The first three are performed lying on your back, the fourth - on one side:
  • The right hand - on the abdomen, the left - on the chest. Slowly breathe in the nose, exhale mouth do through weak-open lips. Slowly exhale longer do.
  • Bend your elbows, resting his elbows on the bed, lift the chest, while making breathing. Drop down on the bed and relax all your muscles and exhale.
  • Holding hands on the head of the bed, straightenlegs, squeeze them tightly together. Turn on your right side, then on the left side, back to the starting position - on the back. Perform this exercise you need a calm, smooth and rhythmic breathing.
  • Bend one leg at the knee, pressed her hand to her stomach, breathe. Lower the leg and pull, with movement making the exhale. Rolling over on the other side and repeat the exercise.
Exercise after childbirth
Exercise after childbirth

Physical exercise for 4-5 days after birth: the second phase of the exercises after childbirth

The second stage of exercises after childbirth, you can begin to fulfill the fourth or fifth day. Getting more difficult exercises, check whether you have distaza - Discrepancies recti. Classes can complicate and continue only if you do not have distaza and only with the permission of a doctor!

  • A set of exercises for the abdomen and perineum for 4-5 days after birth
    The first exercise is performed lying on your back, the second - prone, third and fourth - in position on all fours on a solid surface.
  • alternately Bend your knees, leanfeet on the bed and lift the pelvis, pulling the stomach and crotch to, as well as squeezing the buttocks. Lie down on the bed and turn to straighten his knees, taking a starting position, and then be sure to relax.
  • Hands holding on to the edge of the bed, raise your rightleg up, be sure to watch out for, so that the leg was straight, then return to starting position. Same again left leg, then raise and lower both legs.
  • Embroiling himself in the stomach and crotch, bend the back and Freeze in this position, straining the muscles for a few seconds. Relax, after returning to the starting position.
  • Raise your leg (required to make sure that the leg was not bent at the knee), and take her back up and bend, pulling the abdomen. Return to the starting position, repeat with the other leg.
  • At this stage should include exercises for the chest and back
  • For breast: his face turned to the wall, put your feet shoulder-width apart. Push-ups on the walls - slow and making sure that your elbows positioned strictly parallel to the body.
  • To the back: lie on your right side, pull your right leg forward. Left hand - on his right knee, then your right hand pull back in the best possible position to turn the head and shoulder. Repeat five times in each direction.

What exercises for women after childbirth must be performed later in the postpartum period?

A variety of gymnastics is not difficult after birthfind a video, for example, the famous wheels Cindy Crawford, as well as many other complexes of physical exercises, which are designed for the later period, when the condition of the woman's body does not affect the choice of exercises.

Basic exercises that includes the third stage, and you can perform after menarche (If you do not feed) or after the cessation of breastfeeding, include abdominal exercises, and on different muscle groupsWho are responsible for fit and slim figure.

Video: Exercise after childbirth to restore the figures

Video: Exercising after childbirth

A set of exercises after giving birth in a few months will help you transformed, to feel beautiful and slim, feel betterIt allows every day to get the charge of good mood and cheerfulness.

Website warns: all the information is given for reference and does not constitute medical advice. Before performing compound exercises after childbirth should consult with your doctor!

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