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Bases of proper nutrition for your health and beauty


The essence of proper nutrition, the basics of a healthy diet. Learn principles of proper nutrition. To your attention - list of products, table, books on nutrition

Proper Nutrition for Health and Beauty

Want to be beautiful and healthy, you need tolearn the basics of proper nutrition. If you do not watch your diet, eat sandwiches, canned and dry breakfast, can later cause serious health complications and digestion. While malnutrition in the body accumulate a large amount of fat and sugar, causing over time, the most common disease of the 21st century - atherosclerosis and diabetes. Read: What are the symptoms point to diabetes? With an excess of these products, most of them are deposited in the cellulite and fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. necessarily learn how to make the right healthy menuTo find out the principles of proper nutrition and the basics of a healthy diet.

Proper nutrition - the essence and the basis of a useful diet

  • Proper nutrition - the basics

    Eat small portions 7 times per day. This will not stretch the stomach and do not overeat, but in time you will toe all day well-fed and happy.

  • Dinner should be light and not later than 20:00. The main meal is necessary for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.
  • The break between lunch and dinner must be 12 hours.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be at least 40% basic diet. They contain essential vitamins and minerals needed by the human body.
  • Include in the diet of cereal products and cereals. It is proved that these products act as absorbents and are able to cleanse the body.
  • Eat nuts, seeds and legumes. They contain unsaturated acids, dietary fiber and potassium. Nuts eaten without salt in raw form.
  • Milk products in nutrition

    Eat more dairy products. They contain lactic acid bacteria, that restore a healthy intestinal flora.

  • Protein spoon the meat and fish. On the day the body needs only 60 grams of protein.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water everyday. Water - it is a real source of beauty.
  • Observe the acid-alkaline balance (PH). He is responsible for the biochemical processes withinorganism. From this balance depends oxygenation of cells. Violation of the acid-base balance leads to the weakening and the oxygen neusvaimosti imunniteta.
  • 80% of the diet should be schelocheobrazubschie products. This fruit, vegetables, yogurt, milk and some types of nuts.
  • Foods rich in potassium

    useful products with a high content of potassium: Dried apricots, prunes, grapes, apricots, peaches, raisins and potatoes.

  • Replace high-calorie foods on low-calorie.
  • The number of calories per day should not exceed 2000 kcal.
  • Eliminate from your diet foods that contain preservatives and a large amount of fat. For this study the composition of the products.
  • Forget about semi-finished products. They seriously ruin the beauty and health.
  • For breakfast, eat porridge. They contain large amounts of fat and glucose, which allows for a long time to saturate the body. You can add fruit to cereal.
  • Limit consumption of fried foods, Replacing them with baked or steam.
  • Compote, tea, juice in nutrition

    Eliminate from your diet soda. Instead drink natural fruit drinks, fruit drinks, teas and juices.

  • Stop eating white bread and confectionery products. Instead of white bread, eat whole-grain bread.

Table of proper nutrition

Table of proper nutrition

Table of proper nutrition

Table of proper nutrition

How to make a correct diet - step by step instructions

How to create a healthy diet

Drawing up the menu for a certain period will help to balance the diet, count calories and enrich the body with essential substances.

Step by step guide compilation of useful diet

  • Make a daily food scheme. Start your day with breakfast by measuring its caloric content. Include more carbohydrate breakfast (2/3 by volume daily), proteins (1/3) and fat (1/5).
  • For lunch, there must be first and second dishes.
  • Dinner should be low-calorie. If you during the main meals snacks do, include them in his scheme.
  • Basics of good nutrition

    Shall describe all of its menu. The diet should be balanced and fortified. On breakfast Eat porridge of cereals, add fresh fruit or dried fruit. You can prepare cheese quiches, cheesecakes, or just have a cottage. If you like eggs, replace it with a steam omelette. On lunch You can eat a couple of fruit, nuts or dried fruit. Dinner It must be wholesome and nutritious. It must include soups, salads, fresh vegetables and fruits, fish or meat with a side dish. Alternate meat and fish dishes. As a side dish is better to eat boiled or steamed vegetables and rice. Once a week you can afford mashed or pasta. On dinner load can not, therefore, give up the garnish. Eat steam meatballs, steamed vegetables, fish or chicken. You can make a vegetable salad. Before bedtime You can eat yogurt or drink a fermented milk drink.

  • Plan your meals on the clock. Eat at the same time, trying to stick to the regime.

Books about proper nutrition can help arrange diet properly

There are many books about nutrition, which will allow you to organize your diet properly.

  • Adiradzha das "Vedic culinary arts"

    The book is interesting in that it has a real tour of nutrition. It is full of pictures and competent explanation. The author knew what he was writing.

  • Gubergrits AY "Health food"

    AND I. Gubergrits one of the brightest representatives of the Kyiv School of Internal Medicine. In his book about nutrition, she pays particular attention to the basics of good nutrition, nutritional and biological value of products, as well as leading principles of the construction of food rations. The doctor provides detailed reasoning about the fasting days and diet.

  • Vydrevich GS "Salt-free diet"

    The book talks about the dangers of salt. Reduced maintenance diet is the basis of many therapeutic diets. The book contains examples of a plurality of salt-free diets and their principles. Readers will be able to find a diet according to your taste and health.

  • Vydrevich GS "50 rules of healthy eating"

    The book presents the basic principles of a healthy andproper nutrition. Nutrition helps preserve youth, health and beauty. Also, here are recipes for delicious and healthy dishes that you can just cook at home.

  • Paul Bragg, "The Miracle of Fasting"

    Here are the correct principles of fasting,which helps to cleanse the body of toxins and lead slag. You can keep your heart healthy with the help of fasting, and the body young. Paul Bragg says that adhering to proper fasting, you can live up to 120 years and more.

  • V. Brezhnev "Kremlin diet - salads, snacks, desserts"

    Kremlin diet helped lose weight many celebrities, diplomats and politicians. At present, such a diet can also be used for ordinary people. With its help, you can get the figure of your dreams, throwing off a couple of kilos. The book describes the main principles of the Brezhnev dieting has many recipes for salads, snacks and desserts.

  • Heston Blumenthal "Science or cooking molecular gastronomy"

    This book offers a modern cook simple recipes for a healthy diet. They are distinguished by their unusual cooking technology, but all the same dishes can be prepared at home.

Proper Nutrition for Health and Beauty

Proper nutrition - a pledge of beauty and health. Few can boast of good health, eating hamburgers and cola, so watch your diet and you will live happily ever after!

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