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15 tips for nutrition in winter - how not to gain weight in the cold?


How not to gain weight in the winter? Read on about rules of proper nutrition in the winter. Learn how to not get better in the winter and keep its shape intact

In winter, the human body tend to accumulate nutrients in the waist, hips and sides. This is due to the slowing of metabolic processes and a shorter duration of daylight.

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This does not mean that with the advent of cold weather you need to move on crackers and broccoli - to save himself for the favorite bathing suit you can use few simple rules and a positive attitude towards life.

How not to gain weight in the cold?
  1. Winter menu. Food to take on, a hot opportunity. Why? Cold food (and liquid) leaves the body fairly quickly. As a result - the nutrients just do not have time saturate it. Hot food is stored in the stomach much longer time to give all the necessary trace elements evenly saturate the body and stabilize the proper blood sugar levels. Therefore, we eat porridge, soup (potato, mushrooms, vegetables), drink hot juice, juice or herbal teas. All sweets, postponed extra inches around the waist, replace the hard vegetables and fruits, of coarse flour products, and whole grains.
    Proper nutrition in winter

    Do not forget about the products, gives ustryptophan (eggs, fish, beef) - in the body it is converted into serotonin (hormone of happiness). Also remember about the products that have to be every day on the table: a clove of garlic for lunch, green peppers (flavonoids, vitamin C), beef (tryptophan, zinc, protein, iron), rose hips, citrus fruits, sauerkraut, nuts and dried fruits.

  2. What to wear in winter? Firstly, protects against colds andhypothermia. Short skirt put off for the time being in the closet and pulled out warm underwear with stockings, and properly selected for the winter wardrobe. Secondly, in order not to lose vigilance, clothes (and underwear) choose a little bit crowded (not baggy!) - To always be on our toes and feel the weight gain. And, of course, no depressive shades! Exceptional positive and good mood - the best assistants in maintaining a healthy weight.
  3. Let's move! Lie down to sleep in the TV under a warm blanket with a traycakes - the worst case scenario. The body gets used, relaxes, begins to be lazy, spreading outwards. And we want to be cheerful, slim and beautiful. Therefore, regularly go out into the fresh air, having fun with all the heart, skate and ski, throw snowballs and generally have an active lifestyle. Especially as winter activities, there is no less than the summer.
    How not to gain weight in the cold?

    Snow blind, his hands are cold, and constantly pulls at the cafe? Choose a workout for the "under the roof" of the soul and body fitness, swimming pool, trampoline and others.

  4. Water treatments. Winter - the season of baths and saunas. Bask not only a mink coat and soups - go regularly to the bath or sauna. As a last resort, to arrange a "paired" days in private. These procedures and squeegee excess fat and toxins will withdraw, and warm the body for a long time, and most importantly - will cheer up. That is, jam cakes do not have to stress.
  5. Every lunchtime - at the sun! As is known, the lack of sunlight badIt is reflected not only on the state of the soul, but also on health. Daylight - this production of serotonin in the brain, lack of winter which leads to fatigue, weakness to increased appetite and bouts of gluttony. Therefore, on 15 at lunch time we go for a walk - train the walking legs, breathe the air, absorb vitamin D, increases the level of serotonin.
  6. No fast food! Returning home from work, stubbornly ignoringinviting all advertising, the smells of chicken grill and open doors in the realm of hamburgers, french fries or sharp wings with sauces and salads. Of course, it's delicious! Who would argue - the temptation is great. But we have a problem: in the spring to get into a favorite dress and go to the beach in the summer is not small dashes to the sea, wrapped in a towel on his nose, and proudly and majestically as the catwalk, enjoying the admiring glances in our direction.
    How not to gain weight in the cold?

    Therefore, before you slam the office door andto run for the bus, a snack light yogurt and fruit. To blunt the feeling of hunger. Houses do not order pizza! A planed fast light salad and warm up, for example, a fish steak (cooked in advance).

  7. If possible, give up caffeine. For many a cup of coffee in the morning - and the need forpleasure from which no strength to refuse. This cup can be left, but with a minimum amount of free sugar and cream. All other methods of coffee per day (including cappuccino, hot chocolate, latte, etc.), Replace the reception of Morse, yogurt, fruit / green tea. The extra centimeters are added not only because of excess calories (eg, chocolate with cream - is 448 calories): excess caffeine causes the body to replenish fat resources.
  8. Find a hobby for the "long, winter evenings." Do not sit in a chair, wrapped in a blanket cocoon,does not spread on the sofa - to engage hands and brain new hobbies. And horizons expand, and the use of (any kind), and less time on the next plate of sweet. Embroider the picture, draw, write stories, make souvenirs, crossword puzzles - do not leave yourself free time to laziness. See also: How to find a hobby?
  9. Learn how to dance! Already you know how to? And even doing dances regularly? So, this option can be skipped. And for those who want to, but still can not meet, it is useful to know that the dance - the best way to burn calories, keep in shape and recharge positive. See also: The best dancing for weight loss - what dances you choose?
    How not to gain weight in the cold?

    No time and money to enroll in the studio? Dance at home, instead of a hearty dinner!

  10. Prepare your favorite dishes in a new way. Use the meal, replacemayonnaise, olive oil, instead of frying, choose an option from the baking, instead of 2-3 pieces of bread with butter - biscuits, sweet tea instead - compote. If you have a dinner of pork in batter, plus a plate of pasta with a slide, and even salad to boot - remove the pasta, half pork portions give her husband.
  11. Choose green and orange vegetables / fruits. Green - improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, orange replenish forces. In addition, the orange products (mostly) are low calorie.
  12. Start making plans for the summer. Investigate the situation in the tourist market, find a place that has long dreamed to go, stick on the fridge picture of this paradise and start preparing.
    How not to gain weight in the cold?

    We decided to take off on the Champs-Elysees? Learn French. On the island? Take diving lessons in the pool. Just a trip? Accumulate a good camera, learn how to do photos masterpiece.

  13. Do not use heaters. Replace them warm exercise for warming - play with the kids, dance, be engaged in cleaning and so forth.
  14. Optimize your daily routine. At night - good sleep. In the morning - waking up not later than 7.30. Chronic lack of sleep leads to weight gain - the body is forced to struggle with weakness. Interspersing also not profit. In addition, healthy sleep inhibits the growth hormone levels that affect the appetite (as in lack of sleep).
  15. Drink more! Liquid (1.5-2 l / day) is important not only in summer but also in winter. It protects the body from dehydration, the sensation of hunger, normalize the bowels.

How not to gain weight in the cold?

And cook for themselves, and ride with, keep a diary of calories and their weight, often replace nutritious meals hugs a loved one - And the result is not going anywhere.

AND Keep a smile in any situation. In positive person is always more likely to succeed!

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