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My husband drinks. What should a wife? How to help?


Alcoholism in the family. Drinker husband: what to do? What are the treatments for alcoholism? How to cope with the alcoholism of her husband?

You began to feel so much alcoholic beverage scentrecline and watch in the corridor body that morning turns into a shabby establishment with a dull look. Set the individual qualities of the beloved wife added inexplicable aggression, temper, bothersome irritable idle talk, and many others who are as "lucky". Do you recognize?

Why is there a dependence on alcohol?

Not one family fortune was on the bottom of the bottle. If, as in the disaster, your husband vehemently addicted to drinking, it is often one Folk remedies for alcoholismYes conspiracies will not manage. Often, after watching plenty of drunken relatives (father, grandfather), the women repeated the behavior of mothers, and project their unhappiness on his life, becoming a victim of codependency and terpelivitsey.

Immediately it is worth noting that the result of yoursobs, requests and accusations will be the same as that of a soul of the film: he looked, touched, and forgot, how lit up the pipe - it vanished. Therefore, watch out nerves.

Let's see, what pushes a glass of your favorite? What is it, my dear, is missing? Try to ask him this question. In response, you will hear about this:

  • I sad, sad;
  • The world is unjust and cruel and I can not find a place in it;
  • I harassed at work;
  • It celebrates the feast of the Summer Solstice, which I note with birth;
  • I was so relaxed.

alcoholism prevention measures

So, in order to protect the wife from a green serpent try:

  1. Do not give away instead debts;
  2. Do not buy a home alcohol;
  3. Not to flutter over it in the morning, trying to cure a hangover;
  4. Do not cry and do not argue, do not cling to the little things and to talk clearly about what you do not like, and what specifically you care about what you can do to change it;
  5. Do not humiliate wife, address him disrespectfully, because in this case an intelligent and fruitful conversation will not work - my husband immediately go into protection mode;
  6. Do not pull out his glass, bottle and pour into the sink - does not help, just get angry;
  7. Do not try to reason with him drunk - try to influence him only when he is sober;
  8. If that happens at home, cause youanger, resentment and desire a scandal, then immediately evacuate themselves from the apartment - prihoroshites and go to the theater, cinema or do something that had long been planned;
  9. Do not share with him a bottle for yourself! If you sit down to fill the bitter share together, the positive effect you will not get ever;
  10. It should be clearly understood that your sobs, tears,criticism expressed with bitterness, sarcasm, anger, pain, neglect - nearly useless in a conversation with an alcoholic. In that case, if the husband gets drunk "in the wood", the next day not remember anything, try to shoot it on video. It checked that the positive effect can be achieved by this method. green dragon victim often make the decision to be treated by specialists only after they see in the video what they did yesterday, that get up and how were disgusting.

Statistics says that the majority of loving wives when a drunken husband do the following:

  • move it on the bed;
  • wash their spouse;
  • change his clothes and underwear;
  • clean "bubbles" and other consequences of drunken gatherings.

Dear women, if the next day you wantto pretend that nothing had happened, then remove all traces of pious drinking. And if you want to get a positive result, then let him see the consequences in the morning of his disgrace in full splendor. Do not forget to give your loved video evidence. Quiet horror and shock secured.

Medicine in the fight against alcoholism

So, you have already made clear that if the spouse is firmly"Ustakanilsya" that his very re practically impossible! He will be able to re-only when deemed himself: "I - an alcoholic," and he wants to slow down. Assist him in this idea is that the beloved wife will soon go away, that he ceased to be someone interesting and people do not take it seriously. The main thing is the desire to change it to a loved one without any compulsion, because if you push the result will be short and of poor quality, also in the angry spouse will be a feeling of hostility to you. Why do you need this effect, if it does not bring happiness to you?

In this case, it may help the medicine:

  • cleaning;
  • encoding;
  • doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists;
  • medications;
  • hiking in the temple;
  • support families and relatives.

psychotherapeutic coding

More focus on coding. Coding of alcoholism is aimed at ridding the patient of the craving for alcohol, psychological dependence on alcohol and blocking the possibility of receiving alcohol for a long time.

Today in medicine there are two kinds of encoding methods of drunkenness: psychotherapy and medication.

Psychotherapeutic methods are used to affect thehuman subconscious using psychotherapeutic techniques or hypnosis in order to cause the patient's aversion to alcohol. As a result of these procedures, the patient lost all desire to try alcohol. These methods are considered the most gentle. They are applied to patients who are prone to suggestion and previously coded by alcoholism.

It is widely known and practiced the following types of psychotherapeutic coding from alcoholism:

  • Coding by Dovzhenko method. This method programs the patient's mind onrefusal of alcoholic beverages, corrects violations of patient attitudes and creates a setting on a subsequent sober life. The method is completely safe, effective, does not cause side effects. He especially rezultativen in the treatment of early stage of alcohol dependence;
  • hypnosuggestive psychotherapyWhen administered to a patient in a trance and hypnosis he receives setting to refuse alcohol. The disadvantage of this method is that it works for long;
  • Reconstructive psychotherapyWhen the patient is formed inflexible attitude to alcohol as something disgusting and nasty;
  • Conditioned reflex therapy links alcohol consumption with painful sensations. The nervous system "remembers" this "bunch" and generates a negative attitude towards alcoholism and drunkenness.

Drug coding

Medical methods - The most powerful methods to the patient. They use a variety of drugs, which are standard conditions for neutral body. However, the use of alcohol, these drugs interact with alcohol to form a toxic substance that acts specifically on the patient's body and cause him vomiting, chest pain, cramps, headaches, and so on. N. Or death. On the Meaning of the procedure and the possible consequences for the body after consumption of alcohol the patient should always be warned by a doctor.

For medical coding from alcohol, there are three groups of drugs:

  • Drugs that do not allow alcohol consumption, however, is not blocking the craving for alcohol;
  • Drugs that inhibit alcohol consumption and reduce the desire to drink;
  • Preparations having antidepressant activity, blocking the possibility of the patient to drink alcohol, and eliminating the "craving".

During the medical coding patientyou must constantly being under a doctor's supervision. This is because the physiological conditions caused by alcohol consumption during the preparations described may be life-threatening.

The encoding method is selected for each patient individually by the attending physician and carefully, so how to choose the method of direct impact on patient outcome.

For coding from alcoholism you must comply with the following conditions:

  1. The voluntary consent of the patient the passage defined by the encoding;
  2. lack of patient intoxicated within a certain period (a period of abstinence is from one day with medical coding and up to two weeks at a psychotherapeutic);
  3. lack of patient lesions and diseases Internal organs and systems;
  4. Lack of mental illness and diseases accompanied by fever.

Note that coding from alcoholism is notIt means healing from him. Coding helps the patient not to drink alcohol and do not feel the craving for alcohol only within a fixed period kodirovaniya.Kodiruemomu somewhat becomes even harder, because it loses the opportunity to relax in a familiar way. Often he is eagerly awaiting the end of the coding period, to take up the bottle again. In the event of failure of the re-encoding is almost ineffective, so it's important to try to change the encoding of the consciousness of the patient, his attitudes and opinions about alcohol. To do this, after coding the patient is necessarily necessary to carry out psychotherapeutic work, so it for yourself to understand that alcohol is a poison and evil.

Rehabilitation centers

In Russia, there are a large number ofrehabilitative care centers alcohol addicted. Many of them - center based at the Orthodox communities and monasteries. Here is a list of the most famous Russian centers:

  • Orthodox rehabilitation center "Inexhaustible Chalice" in the Volgograd region. Center operates since 1998 whenKremensky Ascension Monastery. His patients are both men and women. The hospital is designed for 100 people. Rehabilitation of patients following the procedure goes: "Prolonged isolation religious bias", which includes the work of psychologists with the alcohol addicted, sports, labor activities, inchurching, and participate in the various sacraments. This course is designed for half-year.
  • Rehabilitation center "ascetic" for drug addicts, alcoholics, and gamers. Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region. The hospital center is designed for men andIt operates since 2001 at the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. rehabilitation course lasts for one year. Maximum capacity center - 25 people. In order to get to the treatment center must first be willing to come to the consultation. Rehabilitation of patients includes life skills Orthodox person. My daily routine is similar to the monastery: read morning and evening prayers, labor, obedience, read the Orthodox spiritual literature.
  • Dushepopechitelskogo Orthodox Centre in the Krasnodar region. In the rehabilitation center and alcohol addicted addicts. The hospital is designed with 30 seats for men. Rehabilitation includes participation in the sacraments, the conversation with the priesthood, labor obedience (metal workshops, construction, utility, agriculture). rehabilitation course lasts for six months.
  • Interregional public movement in support of the family clubs of sobriety. Moscow and Moscow region.
    Family clubs sobriety act since 1992.
    Used outpatient form of assistance. Working with patients is conducted according to the methodological principles of socio-ecological approach of Vladimir Bykov and spiritually-oriented dialogue Tamara Florenskaya. Dating all family sobriety clubs are held once a week. Usually talks attended by all members of the family. The rehabilitation program includes consultative and psychological assistance of qualified therapists and psychologists, interviews with the priesthood, prayers before the icon of the Mother of God "The Inexhaustible Cup, sporting holidays. In addition, it operates a theater studio, choir, cinema club.
    The effectiveness of family clubs of sobriety is more than 70% subject to regular visits. Attend club possible after appointment and consultation with a specialist.

Dear women, you are so often immersed inwife of the problem that stopped noticing, themselves become aggressive and dark, and its drooping views and complaints discourage others hunt to communicate with you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, start with yourself and reconsider their behavior, and then try to find a workable solution. And let the problem of alcoholism will never affect you and your family. Be healthy and happy!

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