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Women's secrets: how to walk in high heels and not feel pain


How to walk in high heels without the pain? Read on tips on how to avoid the pain of heels. Learn what to do if difficult and painful to walk on his heels. Learn how to walk in high heels

We women are very strange attitude to heels -and love and hate. We love for what they suddenly turn us into an elegant and sexy girls, like a catwalk. For a certain sense of celebration and superiority, with the admiring glances of men. A hate for all the discomfort that is associated with them: fatigue and pain in the legs, and in the forecast - problems with bones and veins.

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How to walk in high heels and not feel pain

Oh, how elegant they look in a shop window, and it's nice to look at her reflection in the dressing room, trying on high heel shoes! However, starting in the street War between beauty and comfort.

Of course, high heels will never be the same comfortable, like ballet flats or sneakers. But by the following advice can be get rid of the pain when walking in heels, learn walk on his heels without feeling tired.

  • Look closely at the model.
    When buying pay attention to the strength and stability. Strong robust shoes are more comfortable to wear.
  • Use orthotics, soft "pads" or silicone lining.
    Always put something soft under the heel. So you'll feel more comfortable.
    How to walk in high heels and not feel pain
  • Keep fingers rested on the toe.
    During socks shoe toes always slide down. It is important to consider and choose a size such that the toe is not squeezed his fingers.
  • Choose a "platform."
    The recent trend in the world of fashion - shoes on a highplatform is ideal for those who want to visually overestimate its growth. They are much easier to "studs" and are more comfortable when walking on rough roads.
  • Please note the correct size of your foot.
    Never buy shoes that are small orgreat even half a size. Not comfort themselves raznashivaniem or insoles, these shoes in the future can take for you to just torture and unjustified waste of money.
  • Lower is better than above.
    Yes, it is difficult to resist the graceful10-inch heels on shoes. But in the future, your feet will thank for this lack of pain from high heels. Also, if you find it hard to walk in heels is better to start with a medium heel, gradually developing endurance. Gipervysokie heels can be left for special occasions, where the majority of the time you can sit and enjoy its charming legs.
  • Correctly walk on his heels.
    Yes, many women simply do not know how to walkOn high heels. Experts advise not to forget about posture and correct step. Landed foot on all foot and lift - from the heel. Step should be small, and the legs are fully extended. Hands should not be hidden in pockets, as they help in maintaining balance. While walking concentrate not on the legs and on the press.
  • Frequent rest.
    Carry a lightweight removable shoes with flat soles. At every opportunity (on the road to transport or at the table), let rest his legs. This will be an excellent prevention of leg disorders.
    How to walk in high heels without the pain
  • Engage in simple gymnastics.
    Outstanding free time - mash the feet. Pull the sock on her, then away, rotate the foot or rising on tiptoe. Such movements improve circulation in the legs and remove fatigue.
  • Take a relaxing foot massage.
    After a warm bath do massage for the legs and hold them in the raised position.

For your information:
Many are afraid of the risk of getting anydiseases after high heels, but scientists from the UK have already announced that the high heel and foot diseases are not always interconnected. They tested 111 ladies after 40 years of the presence of osteoarthritis of the knee, a popular women's disease. As a result, women who regularly wore shoes with high heels turned out to be less prone to this disease. But the problem of excess weight, bad habits and knee injuries can really trigger the development of osteoarthritis.

Follow the above rules and affects the lungs sexual gait shocked eyes of men!

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