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How to observe the Kremlin diet? Fundamental rules


You want to lose weight on the Kremlin diet? Learn about the most important rules of nutrition, menu preparation. Tables conventional units, important warnings losing weight, the recommendations of experts.

How to observe the Kremlin diet

If you have firmly decided to use for weight losswell-known Kremlin diet, you must first become familiar with its rules. Any initiative in this important issue, as the diet, or do not give you any significant results, or even cause health disorders. Kremlin diet show resultsTo bring joy to millions of women.

General recommendations of the Kremlin diet - what you need to know in advance

  1. How to observe the Kremlin diet

    The main requirement of the Kremlin diet - however, like any other, in front of her compliance you must consult a doctor and undergo a full examination. Well, if you can get advice a professional nutritionist - It can adjust your diet on this diet, based on the state of your health, physique, presence of chronic diseases, allergies etc. If you have any disease, persistent violations of health, weakness, vague symptoms that indicate the presence of some health problems, can not use the Kremlin diet, up to clarify all the circumstances of the attending physician, Passing the full examination, treatment.

  2. Due to the fact that during the Kremlin diet youwill consume much more protein foods, for the stable operation of the kidneys, the cardiovascular system, the intestines, as the prevention of kidney stones, You need to drink every day a lot of clean drinking water (Non-carbonated, without additives and sweeteners). The volume of water for drinking should be at least 2.5-3 liters daily. Water for drinking bottled is better to take, or drink water from a household filter.
  3. For the Kremlin diet should not be treated with fanaticism, trimming the calorie content of their menuSimultaneously with reducing the amount of carbohydrate consumed. Food should be delicious, nourishing in the measure that you did not have a constant feeling of hunger.
  4. The amount of carbohydrate in the diet and It should be no less than 40 conventional units per dayOtherwise it may be a decline in health.
  5. Carbohydrates are best taken nuts, berries, seeds, fresh vegetables. Sometimes you have to let yourself cereals, fruit and potato dishes.
  6. It is not necessary for a long time to endure hunger - You need to eat as soon as you have a desire to take some food. Long experience of hunger usually leads to disruptions in the diet.
  7. It is necessary to prepare food only those products that allowed the Kremlin dietAnd to refrain from the use of illegal products.
  8. From bread and bakery products, which include white flour, you should abstain completely.
    When buying products, semi-finished products in the store, peruse composition - Whether they "hidden" carbohydrates, sugars, flavorings and colorings, trans fats. Do not buy ready-made sauces, ketchup, pickled vegetables, meat semi-finished products.
  9. Following the Kremlin diet, you should eat more foods rich in plant fiber: Flax seed, leafy green vegetables and herbs, avocado. You can also take fiber in the form of food biologically active additives.
  10. Due to the fact that the subject Kremlin diet in humans may be due to vitamin deficiency reducing consumed amount of fruit and vegetables, need From the first days of the diet to take vitamin and mineral complex (preferably domestic). On the choice of vitamins, consult your doctor.
  11. Because the body is very important norm coming from food vitamin C, You need to eat more foods that arecontain it in significant amounts: sauerkraut, lettuce, liver, currants, citrus fruits, tomatoes, sorrel, raspberries, radishes, strawberries, gooseberries.
  12. Do not forget do physical exercises, Move actively in the implementation of the Kremlin diet. It is necessary for the revitalization of the intestine and urinary systems, as well as for the acquisition of the skin elasticity and tonicity.

Where to find the weight of carbohydrates in foods? Tables conventional units

How to observe the Kremlin diet

To the adherents of the Kremlin diet it was easy to navigate in the world of products, selecting for her only the most useful diet, composed special table of the Kremlin dietWhere you can see and the carbohydrate content of the most popular foods and their calorie content. The amount of carbohydrates in the Kremlin diet tables show in conventional units (1 gram of carbohydrates per 100 grams of product).

A large list of products indicating the points (arbitrary units)

How to observe the Kremlin diet

Table carbohydrate content in the berry (calculation of the glasses)

How to observe the Kremlin diet

Table of permitted and forbidden foods, foods for the Kremlin diet

How to observe the Kremlin diet

We prepare the menu. Terms of supply on the Kremlin diet

  • As we mentioned, the daily consumption of carbohydrates for the person wanting to lose your excess weight, should be limited 40 conventional units.
  • For a man who has lost weight, but wants to keep the index reached its weight, the amount of carbohydrates consumed daily should not exceed 60 conventional units.
  • Most strict limitation in regard to the Kremlin diet sugar, sweets, foods rich in carbohydrates (White bread).
  • If a portion of meat, meat dish - a zero conventional units on the table, it does does not mean that you can have any number of its, Up to several kilograms daily. The same should be aware of and about alcohol - it can take, but in moderation. Moreover, alcohol often causes increased appetite, which invariably lead to diet failures.
  • Over time, you will notice that the feeling of hunger is significantly reduced, and reduced the number of products eaten per day. Keep a diet, following the rules, but in any case - do not cut them further.
  • For meals you did not seem fresh and tasteless, add them to a small amount of greens, ginger, mustard, garlic, onions, and various peppers, horseradish.
  • As snackingAccording to the Kremlin diet, you can use a small amount of nuts and seeds, olives, boiled eggs, chips of fried cheese (no flour), boiled meat with cucumber and greens, shrimp, cracklings of fat, raw vegetables.

Sample menu for a week at the Kremlin diet

How to observe the Kremlin diet

How to lose weight fast on the Kremlin diet, and how long it should be observed?

Losing weight on the Kremlin diet may be 5 to 8 kg per week. But such a system, the power must beattitude is very reasonable, not trying to force things, and greatly restrict your diet. Very dramatic weight loss is fraught with health. In addition, the rapid disposal of extra kilos It does not allow the skin to acquire toneAnd it may just droop. the most sensible weight loss Kremlin diet - from 2 to 4 kilograms per week.
Before the diet is necessary to weigh, record your weight in notebook. Weighing must be carried out every day in the morning after the morning toilet, recording data in the same notebook. Daily weight loss should not exceed 300-400 gramsOtherwise the diet would be harmful to health.
How to comply with the Kremlin diet in time - it is a question of an individual, and it is no simple answer. It depends primarily on Have you reached your ideal weightOr still are on the way to it. It also depends on your state of health, health. In general, a healthy person without any contraindications can use this diet to maintain their own weight as long as he wishes. Proper execution of all diet recommendations to avoid complications and deterioration of health. An example for the Kremlin diet followers can serve known doctor, heart surgeon Leo Bokeria - for more than twenty-five years, he has fed on the Kremlin diet systemAnd it feels great, with a good physique, high efficiency and excellent health.

Important warning followers of the Kremlin diet

  1. Your body gets from food for many yearssupply a full range of nutrients, including a large amount of carbohydrates. Due to the sharp limitation of this conventional amounts to 40 units per day, the body can respond weakness, lethargy, fatigue, tendency to depression, tearfulness, passivity. But as soon as the body gets used to this diet, everything will return to normal.
  2. This diet is not as harmless as it looks at the very first glance. The fact is that in the digestion of proteins in the body produces a large amount of ketone bodies. These bodies can cause intoxicationthe body, and their significant accumulation in the body can cause significant harm to health. Poisoning ketone bodies - ketosis, which are signs of the appearance of the characteristic odor of acetone and taste in the mouth. If you notice the presence of a constant smell of acetone in the mouth, you should stop this diet, and be sure to go to the doctor.

Website warns: all the information is given for guidance only and does not constitute medical advice. Before use, the diet should consult with your doctor!

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