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The essence and the basis of the Kremlin diet. Reviews on the Kremlin diet slimming


The essence of the Kremlin's most effective diet for weight loss power supply system, not the recommended products. Reviews and recommendations slimming allow to choose and adapt to the Kremlin diet.

The essence and the basis of the Kremlin diet

Do not tense debate about the Kremlin diet - Russiananalogue of the Atkins diet (Atkins diet), which was originally conceived for the US military and astronauts. Currently, the Kremlin diet is recognized as the best and most effective of all low-carb diets because it does not limit the diet narrow range of products. What is the Kremlin diet at its core - a closer look at in this article. See also, how to find help if the Kremlin diet for you.

History of the Kremlin diet - a mystery that has become known to all

The essence and the basis of the Kremlin diet

The primary source of the Kremlin diet, the Atkins diet has been created in 1958 to prepare and supply the US military andastronauts. I must say that this system is in the power range of the astronauts did not survive, but very much later was successfully received by the readers of the American magazine about health and immediately taken up by showing excellent results in reducing body weight. Later, in the 70s, this diet has come to Russia - she began to use the well-known politicians and public figures. For a wide range of this diet for a long time it was unknown, and later there was even a legend that it was classified. That is why the diet is called "The Kremlin diet". I must say that the Kremlin's diet, which was originally the Atkins diet, has gained further its power system - more simplified than the original version, and so now it can be called independent power system for dieters.

How does the Kremlin's diet? The essence of the Kremlin diet

The essence and the basis of the Kremlin diet

Paradoxically, the more overweight a person is, the more effective the Kremlin diet works for him. For a small weight loss of two to fivekilograms is better to choose other types of diets, but for a man, once weighing more than 5, 10, etc. kilograms, the Kremlin diet will be most welcome. The more you extra kilos - the faster they disappear. Subject to the Kremlin diet can lose weight up to 8 days at 5-6 kg per month and a half, you can lose 8-15 kg.
The essence of the Kremlin diet It is that in a very limited entry of carbohydrates into the body, it begins to burn those stocks that had accumulated earlier. Eventually, body fat melt before our eyes, This despite the fact that a person's diet is quite varied, with the inclusion of meat, fat, some vegetables and some kinds of pastry. Each product in the system of the Kremlin diet has its "price" or a "weight"Which expressed glasses or standard units. Each unit of product - is the amount of carbohydrates in it for every 100 grams. Thus, using a specially composed for this diet tables "price" of products and dishes, you must

The essence and the basis of the Kremlin diet

eat daily not more than 40 conventional units carbohydrates. Using these tables, easy to make your diet or to evaluate new dishes, determining the weight for yourself. Experts say that at the beginning of the Kremlin diet the day people should eat no more than 20 standard units of carbohydrates, and then transfer this amount to 40 units - so slimming effect will be noticeableAnd the body gets a good push to decreaseweight. When the diet is complete and the desired weight has been achieved, it is necessary to maintain the body in the former regime, and to eat foods and products on a daily basis no more than 60 conventional units. It is necessary to remember all the people who observe the Kremlin diet if they will continue to eat each day more than 60 conventional carbohydrate units, it again will lead to weight gain.
Thus, the Kremlin's diet - it is well designed system, mathematically calculated benefits for the body, which helps to quickly and without much stress to get rid of the extra kilos. Wanting to adhere to the Kremlin diet, you need to tune in to the duration of the diet rules that define

The essence and the basis of the Kremlin diet

for themselves range of products, are well acquainted with the dishes that can be cooked on this diet. It is best to start special notes, Which record the date on the first pagestarting the diet and their body weight. Every day should be recorded in a notebook those meals you eat, defining their "weight" in the conventional units - so it will be easier to count the number of carbohydrates per day to control it.
Do not assume that the indiscriminate absorptiona large number of protein products and the restriction of carbohydrates lead to weight loss. If the human diet significantly exceeded the threshold of entering the proteins, the body produces a large amount of nitrogen that is detrimental to health and leads to even more weight gain.

Products that are not recommended for use on the Kremlin diet

  1. The essence and the basis of the Kremlin diet

    Sugar and sweetsConfectionery, chocolate, honey, fruit juices, puddings.

  2. Sweeteners, Sweeteners: xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol, glycerol, fructose.
  3. Sausages, sausages, canned meat or fish, Smoked meat and fish specialties. Allow only dietary ham without fat content.
  4. Vegetables high in starchPotatoes, carrots, parsley, artichoke, celery, beets, turnips.
  5. Some fruits, and fruit juices.
  6. Margarine, mayonnaiseTrans-fats.
  7. Omega-6 fatty acid: They contain Sammy sunflower, corn,cotton, soybeans, almonds, poppy seeds, canola, tomatoes, safflower, peanut, sesame, flaxseed oil, walnuts, apricots, rice bran, grape seeds, wheat germ, black tea.
  8. Milk: Cow, soy, rice, acidophilus, goat, almond, walnut, etc.
  9. All products from soybean, Soybeans, soybean milk or tofu.
  10. Yogurt - It causes an increase in lactose organism Candida fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms.
  11. Whipped cream in cylindersReady creams and fruit cakes - there are trans fats in them.
  12. Cereals: Wheat, rye, barley, maize, millet, oats, spelled, rice. You do not need to eat as bread and bakery products.
  13. Preparing breakfast, chips, semi-finished products, Crackers, soups, pasta, biscuits, waffles, dumplings, popcorn.
  14. Products made from potato - Chips, french fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes.
  15. bean products: Beans, peas, peanuts.
  16. bananas - They are very high in calories.
  17. Solid varieties of yellow, orange cheeseAnd cottage cheese, cream cheese.
  18. Any fat-free products. To preserve their taste, their manufacturers are added to starch, sugar, vegetable fats.
  19. "Soft butter" with vegetable fats.
  20. sodium Glutamate in any product.
  21. carageenan in products.
  22. Yeast and yeast pastriesAs well as fermented products (some types of cheese).
  23. any mushrooms.
  24. Vinegar, Including apple vinegar and lemon juice.

And you helped the Kremlin diet? Reviews slimming

Diet is just wonderful! In the first week I lost 5 kilograms, with abundant diet and low limits. But I had to take a break, stop for 60 conventional units a day, because it became very hurt the stomach, felt pain in the liver.

In the first week dropped 3 kg, had onlyorganize their diet according to the Kremlin diet. I must say, I had not really fond of the sweet and bakery. But it turns out - their complete exclusion from the menu leads to such brilliant results, is commendable!

I began to follow this diet, not really into itbelieving. In the first week I lost 2 kg. Then I decided to study the supply system more carefully to understand - why the weight loss so small. It turns out that diet is prohibited cereals, and in the morning I leaned on cereal porridges - oatmeal, buckwheat without salt. Replaced cereal piece of boiled chicken with herbs - in the second week already said goodbye to five kilograms.

After birth, weighing 85 kg, could not assumelook in the mirror. Breast feeding is not so in 3 months after the birth of the village on the Kremlin diet. What can I say - the results are stunning! Two months dieting - and no 15 kilos! Since my goal - 60 kg, this is not the limit. What I noticed - the skin hardly droops, is selected - apparently a high content of proteins contributes to this.

If you want to lose weight, any diet willmeaningless without exercise. Kremlёvka - is not a panacea, if you do not make an effort. I have 1.5 weeks rid of 6 kg, but this is only the beginning. My weight exceeds 90 kg, so tune in long mode.

My friend was sitting on the Kremlin diet, lost weightquickly - 2 months have thrown off 12 kg. But, unfortunately, he landed stomach - acute gastritis, was in the hospital. The point T st, it is not only restricted carbohydrates, but generally the amount of food. In the end - it turned out that she was just hungry, and this despite the complete absence in the diet of vitamins, fruits and vegetables. We should all know that the Kremlin diet requires a reasonable relationship to it, and fanaticism will not lead to anything good.

The beauty of this diet is that, losing weight, notYou feel hunger. At work I used to have a bite of chips, cookies with tea, rolls, nuts. And now I collect a container with which I put a piece of boiled chicken or fish, as well as greens, fresh cucumber. Such a snack allows you to get enough, and do not feel hungry until the end of the day. I look - my colleagues started to pull me up, they also take meat and greens for work.

I'm already over forty. After thirty, when she gave birth to her son, she became very strong. Then I was on a diet with full restriction of bread, sweet, potatoes. Has grown thin up to 64 kg, and on this weight kept long time. After forty weight crawled upwards - now I'm sitting on the Kremlin diet and I'm glad: there is no famine, but I lost 13 kg in a month and a half.

Website warns: all the information is given for guidance only and does not constitute medical advice. Before use, the diet should consult with your doctor!

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