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How dangerous chlamydia for men and women? The symptoms, consequences, treatment of chlamydia


Chlamydia can be treated successfully! Symptoms of the disease, chlamydia diagnosis, methods of detection of chlamydia in men and women. Effective treatment of chlamydia, disease prevention, the consequences of running chlamydia.

How dangerous chlamydia for men and women

The most common disease transmittedChlamydia is a sexually transmitted. According to statistics, only in our country every year more than 3 million infected. People who are sexually active. So today we decided to tell you exactly about the disease.

What is chlamydia? Features of the disease, route of infection
How dangerous chlamydia for men and women

Chlamydia - is an infectious disease transmitted through sexual contact. It is caused by chlamydia bacteriaLiving within cells. Modern medicine knows more than 15 species of chlamydia. They can hit most of the organs of the human body (reproductive organs, joints, heart, blood vessels, eyes, mucous membranes of the respiratory tract).
This infection can live in the human body for several years and absolutely does not manifest itself. But when you create a favorable environment (low immunity), They begin to actively proliferate. It was in this period may appear first clinical symptoms.
Become infected with chlamydia can during sexual intercourseAnd when passage through the birth canal an infected mother. When the lesson unprotected sex with an infected person reaches the probability of infection 50%. Household by catching the disease is almost impossible, because this type of bacteria outdoors die pretty quickly.
Women and men chlamydia can be of two forms: acute and chronic. The acute form of chlamydia affects only the lower part of the genitourinary system, therefore it proceeds much easier. And here chronic form of chlamydia developing much higher and may cause complications.

How does chlamydia? Symptoms of chlamydia

How dangerous chlamydia for men and women

Chlamydia does not have pronounced symptoms. Therefore, the disease is difficult to diagnose, and it causes a lot of complications. Even with the hidden flow of the disease, an infected person is dangerous, it can easily pass the infection to her sexual partner. After infection the first clinical manifestations may appear within one to two weeks.

Chlamydia in women - the main symptoms

  1. How dangerous chlamydia for men and women

    Unusual vaginal discharge (Yellow, brown or clear color);

  2. intermenstrual bleeding;
  3. Lower abdominal pain;
  4. soreness during urination;
  5. Pain and bleeding during and after intercourse.

Chlamydia in men has the following symptoms

  1. How dangerous chlamydia for men and women

    Violation of urination;

  2. Discharge from the urethra: Mucous and mucopurulent;
  3. erectile dysfunction;
  4. The perineum is felt discomfortWhich gives to the scrotum;
  5. pain the abdomen and the perineum.

What is the danger fraught with chlamydia for men and women The consequences for men and women

Chlamydia - a rather insidious disease. It can quite easily develop and at the same time does not manifest itself. And though you have absolutely nothing to be concerned, chlamydia is necessary to begin to heal immediately, because it can cause many serious complications.

In women, chlamydia causes

  1. endocervicitis - Inflammation of the cervix, which may lead to cancers;
  2. salpingitis - Inflammatory changes in the fallopian tubes;
  3. endometritis - Inflammation of the lining of the uterus;
  4. Salpingoofrit - Inflammatory changes in the uterine appendages;
  5. Inflammation external genitalia;
  6. Ectopic pregnancy; More of chlamydia during pregnancy.
  7. Intrauterine fruit fading;
  8. Infertility.

In men, chlamydia can cause the following diseases

  1. How dangerous chlamydia for men and women

    Inflammatory processes In the epididymis;

  2. Chronic prostatitis;
  3. Hemorrhagic cystitis;
  4. Inflammation of the urethra;
  5. Stricture Vas deferens;
  6. Infectious infertility.

Effective treatment of chlamydia: methods, drugs, duration

How dangerous chlamydia for men and women

Treatment of chlamydia should only begin After a complete examination From a qualified specialist (Venerologist, gynecologist). This process can take Three or more weeks. It is very important that the course of treatment is both partners, Even if one of them does not have this disease. It should be noted that the treatment of chlamydia can significantly affect your wallet.
For the treatment of chlamydia, antibiotic, Can also be assigned Candles and ointments. In addition to them, most often still appoint Vitamins or immunomodulators, enzymes, prebiotics, antifungal drugs. To completely get rid of this disease, you will need to pass 2 or 3 courses. At the same time it is necessary without question Follow all the doctor's recommendations And during this period not to have sex life, not to drink alcoholic beverages, not to eat spicy food.
For the treatment of acute chlamydia without complications, The following drugs

  1. Azithromycin 1d, once inside;
  2. Doxycycline, 100m, 2 times a day for a week.

In pharmacies, these drugs you can find under The following names. by price

  1. Azithromycin - Azitral - 250-300 rubles,
  2. Sumamed - 350-450 rudders,
  3. Hemomycin - 280-310 rubles.
  4. Doxycycline - Vibramycin - 280 rubles,
  5. Doxycycline-Darnitsa - 30 rubles,
  6. Doxycycline Nycomed - 12 rubles.

Website warns: self-medication can damage your health! All submitted tips - for information, but to use them is prescribed by a doctor!

What do you know about chlamydia? Comments from the forums

I was treated for chlamydiosis 4 times. Her health antibiotics just killed, but no results. Therefore, she spat on the recommendations of doctors and began to strengthen her immunity. As a result, the result of the analysis is negative. Therefore, I advise everyone to undergo treatment once with her husband, and then take up their immunity.

I detected chlamydia in about a monthAfter infection. But it took six months to treat. Doctors said that because of weak immunity. Has passed or has taken place the whole three courses of treatment. After that, three years have already passed, the results of the analyzes are negative. The partner was also treated, he managed to get rid of the infection immediately after the first course.

I also treated Chlamydia. As I recall, already in a quiver throws: antibiotics + candles + immunomodulating injections + pills for the liver. Flies all in penny. But, thank God, I was cured.

I found chlamydia when I plannedpregnancy. There were no symptoms. At this time I lived abroad, the local doctors appointed 1g Azithromycin for me in one session. A month later passed the tests, the result is negative. I do not understand why people in our country are being poisoned with a bunch of antibiotics.

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