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Chemical attack


Today there is probably a man who would not use cosmetics and products for personal hygiene. Nonetheless.

It is the acquisition of such goodscarefully read what is written on the labels. After all, they can find a list of these components, which are undesirable for potential uses and applications for our body.

These components can not only be dangerous andtoxic, but may also interact with other ingredients used, thus creating even more noxious and toxic substances bringing harmful organism.

As a rule, the average consumer on a daily basis25 subjects used to cosmetics and personal care products that contain more than 200 chemical components, while not knowing how they may be dangerous.

Although this list and is quite large, however, let you look at just those components that cause the most concern among representatives of health.


Such chemical components such as flavoringsuccessfully get into all the loopholes the legislation because of the manufacturer's products for personal care does not require transferring the components make up the flavors.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that these componentsThey can not be counted one hundred. Besides fragrances frequently contain substances such as - neurotoxins, and in fact they are part of the five most important in the world of allergens.


To date, there are several types of glycol. But, nevertheless, considered to be the most common - PEG (polyethylene glycol).

According to experts it is a substance capable of facilitating the skin barrier crossing to other chemical components could easily get into our bodies.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact thatpolyethylene glycol compounds present a sufficiently large number of pollutants which also may include ethylene oxide, which is generally used for production in which various toxins produced, including mustard gas.


Such substances like parabens are generally used to effectively prevent the growth and development of microorganisms in various products, and it's worth noting that they are carcinogenic.

For reference - Posts on Breast Cancer Fund, that the biopsy breast tumors detected by a measurable amount of a variety of parabens.

To date, various forms of these harmful substances included in the composition of many products, including those which are quite expensive.

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