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Atkins Diet or Ducane diet - it is better to choose? Real reviews slimming


What diet to choose - the Atkins diet or the Dukan Diet? Table comparing the Atkins diet with the Dukan Diet on the individual parameters of the power system will help you in the right choice.

Atkins Diet or the Dukan Diet

To date, there are several low-carbohydrate diets - they are very similar in nature, but they differ on the methods of achieving the goal, the food program. What is the difference The Atkins diet by not less known and popular Dukan Diet? What diet to choose for you? Let's investigate.

Comparison of the Atkins diet and the Dukan Diet

Atkins Diet or the Dukan Diet

What is better to choose - the Atkins diet or the Dukan Diet? Real reviews slimming

Honestly, I do not see the difference between thesediets. She sat on the Atkins diet, and on the Dukan Diet, and on the Kremlin diet. The most effective was the Kremlin diet, according to her, I got rid a day for 700-800 grams.

No wonder that "Kremlevka" became effectiveDukan Diet and Atkins, because it is not the system, it is easier to perform. My work involves constant traveling, and the Kremlin diet it was easier to stick to than the Dukan Diet and Atkins - simply calculates the amount of carbohydrates per day, that's all.

I Atkins diet seemed softer, or something. The Dukan Diet, I could not stand the alternation of days: I want to protein foods, and to eat salad, constantly feeling hungry.

I have not tried Dukan Diet, but the Atkins diet for-favorit me as soon as it has helped relieve accumulated after giving birth 17 kilos of excess weight, without any discomfort, hunger and stress. I affirm that the Atkins diet - a miracle! Other diet she did not leave a chance to try.

I am interested in the low-carbohydrate diet hasquite a long time ago. I start to perform the Atkins diet, and here I were disappointed. The abundance of protein and fatty foods exacerbated cholecystitis, which I did not even know! It turned out that I have a stone in the gall bladder small there. After the treatment, I still wanted to get rid of the extra kilos and began to perform Dukan Diet - it just is not recommended to use very fatty foods and vegetable oils. When I felt that my deteriorating health, I was a little stop in the diet, take a break. Frankly, Dukan Diet purely my own diet can not be named, because I applied to her own rules, on the basis of health status. Weight loss was not so fast, but eventually I got rid of 8 kg of excess weight. Weight loss continues!

It is interesting that the Atkins diet ginger prohibited,like kindling appetite. And I very much like ginger tea, and I know that it is very conducive to the breakdown of fat and improve body tone. Therefore, I choose the Dukan Diet! Not only because of ginger. The Dukan Diet seems to me reasonable to limit consumption of fatty foods that are very good for health.

Our goal, the girls - not just to get rid ofhated extra kilograms, but also improve their health. None of us wants to be thin, while sick? Before the diet, it is necessary to visit a doctor. I, too lightly to this point, but a friend insisted. As a result, I have found a significant contraindication for such diets - kidney disease, which I did not even know. I would like to try these diets, but no luck.

I chose Ducane diet, because itIt recommends a minimum intake of fats. The abundance of fatty foods on the Atkins diet I, frankly, scary. I do not understand - how it can be used on a diet shoplifting mayonnaise? A steak with fat pork? What becomes after this our liver?

Marina, I heard that the Atkins diet is revised- It was reduced fat and carbohydrates were added, making it softer. But in any diet is necessary, first of all, focus not on the weight that you have set as their goal, and their own feelings, to return the body.

I tried the Kremlin diet, then, ascontinued, I decided to perform the Dukan Diet. What I can say on the Dukan Diet weight goes much faster! Perhaps this is because it is based on a strict diet system, and the Kremlin diet - only in the calculation of carbohydrates in the diet. My weight was difficult to move from the "dead spots", because I had gained as a result of hormonal treatment. Currently my ideal weight of 55 kg is reached - it still need to lose 5 kg. But 12 kg is already behind us, and I am very, very happy.

Website warns: all the information is given for guidance only and does not constitute medical advice. Before use, the diet should consult with your doctor!

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