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We make a Doll-Zernovushka with our own hands


Doll-Zernovushka or Motanka - ancient talisman according to legends bringing to the house good luck, abundance and well-being. Make such a mascot, and it will become an original decoration of the interior

Doll Zernovushka is a symbol of prosperity andProsperity, reigning in the family. And the more fat and well-nourished it will be, the better lives the inhabitants of the house. Do this guardian is taken in the fall, when there is a general harvesting, since it is customary to use "stuffing" gathered from your garden to make it. The base of the pupa is a linen bag filled with croup, and all of it should be dressed in national clothes with patterns symbolizing the sun and water.

Traditions and Rites

Zernovushka or motanka was considered an ideal offering for festivals such as Christmas and Harvest Day. Since its inception, the craft was carefully stored in a red corner, next to the icons.

We make a Doll-Zernovushka with our own handsIt was believed that in this way the grain is gaining a newStrength, and the coming harvest will be better than before. The sowing year was started by seeding the grain in the field that the motanka had taken so long. After the new crop was harvested, Krupenichka, as Zernovushka was also called, was again filled with wheat, buckwheat, peas or oats just collected from the fields.

The story of the homemade Zernoviska doll says that the herbs stored by her are charged with a huge vital energy and strength that can be transmitted to a person.

In addition, women have a similar craft for the purpose of becoming pregnant in the coming year.

Producing Krupenichka on its own,It is recommended to simultaneously ask her for help in certain cases and undertakings, to show a burning desire to change for the better her life and style of existence of the whole family.

Which cereals can I use?

Obereg Krupenichka (Zernovushka) can be filledLiterally any cereals and mixtures of them. It is inadmissible to use crushed or defective grains, flakes and other products that have undergone industrial processing.

Most often such a guard keeps the following components within itself:

  • We make a Doll-Zernovushka with our own handsCorn is a symbol of family understanding and cohesion, children's health and continuation of the whole family;
  • Bean cultures - the personification of prosperity, satiety, material well-being;
  • Peas, which means friendship and peace;
  • Coin - bringing success in all endeavors;
  • Any grain, as a sign of harmony and peace in the home of the newlyweds;
  • Dry berries and spikelets - symbols of a good future crop;
  • Millet, preventing the evil eye and spoilage;
  • Seeds of pumpkin, guaranteeing the fertility of the soil;
  • Sunflower seeds, as a prototype of the sun, giving energy;
  • Acorns and nuts that prolong youth;
  • Pearl barley is a sign of satiety;
  • Oats - the personification of strength;
  • Beans - a sign of the birth of a new member of the family;
  • Buckwheat - wealth, fertility, a comfortable existence.

How to make the amulet for your family?

So that you have a full and nice doll Zernovushka in your house, try to make it yourself, especially since there is nothing complicated in this.

To do this, simply follow the instructions given:

  • We make a Doll-Zernovushka with our own handsInitially, get a rectangular piece of cotton or linen cloth. Fold it in half and sew on the long side, leaving one end of the long end of the thread, centimeters that way 20-30;
  • Sew a better seam Back needle And make it double. From the edge should retreat 1-1.5 cm;
  • After reaching the end of the rectangle, thread the end of the sewn Tubules, After which it is tightened tightly and fixed;
  • Then the future motanka turns out on the front side, is filled with grain, it is rammed, and you can tie a bag. It is important that there remain small sharpening edges;
  • Such folk dolls are usually worn inNational clothes. For the lower skirt you need a thin fabric, for the top and the apron - the material is denser. In addition, a rectangular piece of woolen textiles will be needed, so that a zhupan, a kind of winter apparel, appears at the motanka. Still need to stock up a beautiful braid, a colored fabric triangle for a scarf and red for an acolyte;
  • Initially, you need to make a lower skirt, for which a rectangle of fine matter wraps around the amulet, a smell is made behind it, and all this is bandaged, but not sewn!
  • Then follows the poneva - dense skirt. It is made of dense matter, only the rectangle should be shorter than the lower skirt. Dresses the ponies in such a way that there is a small space between its edges;
  • Then hands it is necessary to tie an apron and to fix it with a beautiful tape-belt;
  • At the rectangle of a dense fabric intended for warm clothes, we twist a tube with both edges, and the cut itself is fastened to the doll, forming such a zhipan;
  • It remains only to tie the guard over the head of the red hedge, again fix it with a patterned braid, and on top of all this put on a nice warm kerchief.

Another, more simple version of how to make a cute doll Zernovushka with his own hands looks like this:

  • We make a Doll-Zernovushka with our own handsFind an unnecessary child's socks of decent appearance;
  • Then fall asleep in the toe of the groats, and tighten it, do not stitch it!
  • The sock should be tied up with threads so that the head and the little body appear;
  • Rectangular cut fabric folds diagonally, on the formed tips knots-cams are fastened;
  • Matter is covered with a pupa-pupa, in the neck region the fabric is bandaged with braid or ribbon;
  • Next, it remains to simply dress up the guard according to the principle described above.

Remember that one-sided, lean or saggingKrupenichka will not bring anything good to your house. Moreover, it will symbolize poverty, sloth and hunger. Never paint a motorcycle face, do not embroider it with threads and do not stick special toy eyes on it.

Zernovushka is not only a symbol of prosperity and well-being. This is a wonderful addition to the interior of the kitchen and dining room, especially, and if you make a couple in Bogach, then the bedroom.

Try to spend half an hour of your time on a similar craft, and check how true the old traditions.

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