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Winter knitted hats for the girls and their parents


Winter hats for girls and adults knit on machines and by hand: crochet and knitting needles. Knitted hats in the season 2014-2015 are a fashion trend

Winter women's crocheted crocheted hatsAnd spokes, the main trendy trend of the winter season 2014-2015. If before knitting was taken from the impossibility to acquire the necessary thing, now it is done to emphasize the individuality, and also to have in your wardrobe women's things "Haute couture", As well as inimitable products for a boy or a cute girl.

Always fashionable knitted things

Winter knitted hats for the girls and their parentsModern materials for needlework are yarnsDifferent structures: from pure wool, flax and cotton, natural and hygroscopic materials, to the thread, with various inclusions, thanks to which the product tightly encircles the head.

Once the inclusion of synthetics in a thing made itUnpleasant to the touch, and the female things are rather rude. Modern synthetic fibers improve the properties of the product, make them denser. At present even yarn with water repellent effect is produced.

Knitted winter hats for girls, boy orWomen's hats this season are made of strips of fur and yarn of different structures. In the favor of women and children's models, made in the form of animal heads, or simply decorated with ears or eyes.

Designers of famous fashion housesDemonstrated even men's fashionable winter knit hats. True, the general public of Europe did not appreciate the novelties of men. As a sporting option is still popular tight knit headdresses with geometric and Scandinavian patterns, but the fur knitted mens berets in their wardrobe the representatives of the stronger sex have not entered.

But women's and children's winter hats forBoy and girl in the trend always. With the help of needlework, mothers and grandmothers show their love to the kids, they give warmth. In addition, babies grow quickly, and self-made hat can be bandaged.

The purchased one will soon become small andBuy a new thing for a baby or a boy. So children's winter self-knitted hats - it's not only beautiful and warm, it's also economically profitable.

Fashionable hats for young women, as well as children

Women's hats, on which the ears are tied, are the most fashionable in this season. They look tenderly at children of an early age, playfully - on teenagers, sexually - on young women.

You can tie a similar product yourself, and you can buy the model you liked and have already attached or tied the ears.

The use of pompons in the role of ears is veryThe original decision of a fashionable image. Choosing a model, you should give preference to those who have paws in addition to the ears. They are then wrapped around the neck, getting an equally fashionable scarf.

Ears that are tied in winter knitsHats for girls or boys, can be quite small, but can be done separately by crocheting and then sewed to the right places. In addition to the ears, the headdress is decorated with eyes and antennae.

Preparatory stage for the binding of the headgear

Winter knitted hats for the girls and their parentsFirst you select the image of the beast that you wantbring. It is decided whether the shape of the product will correspond to the head of this animal or to further stylize. Only the ears will be tied up, or there must be a place for the muzzle on the headdress: the peephole and the mouth?

The best way is to draw a sketch of the model. This will help to more accurately pick up the yarn and determine how to further knit. Excessive number of ideas, in the end it can damage the process of making a fashion thing.

The yarn of the right colors and qualities is chosen. Kids to the face need to pick something softer, not causing irritation. But on the ears, it is advisable to take the hair more rigidly, so the ears will stick out better.

Removed the measure. It is necessary to know the girth of the head, a measuring tape to determine this size is laid with the capture of the auricles at the level of the cheekbones, and the depth of the product. For this purpose, the distance from the lower part of one ear to the other through the crown is measured.

Winter, crocheted or knitting hats, soThey are good that tightly fit their head, they create a reliable protection against cold. Therefore, it is required to determine exactly how long to start knitting in a straight line. To do this, remember the geometry lessons and use the formula for determining the circumference, which is always 2PiR. The length of the circle is the coverage of the head.

Pi = 3.14. The obtained number is taken away 1 cm. The distance from which a straight knit is obtained is obtained.

All caps crochet begin to knit from a flat circle, which is tied to the top of the head with columns without a crochet. Adding is done so that the crown is covered fairly tightly.

Caps with knitting needles can begin to knit from the bottom and withLapel, as it is more convenient. If the headpiece starts from the bottom, it is better to take the circular knitting needles or 5 spokes and act, as when knitting socks. Loops are added at the edge of the spokes, so that the bottom of the cap takes the desired shape.

I would like to get a round cap - flatThe circle should be large, and the even part small. If you need an elongated cap - the bottom should be small in size. When the ears are planned to be tied up, a place for them should be outlined in advance.

Knitted hats

An example of fashionable winter knitted hats for boys, girls and girls can serve as a frog-cap.

Children's hats, crocheted,Are made as follows. For a child from 3 to 5 years, it is necessary to take from 100 to 200 g of green yarn. Begins knitting of a flat circle with 5 loops.

Then they take 12 stakes without a crochet and knitA flat circle of the correct size according to the above scheme. Without additions, knit a circle to the desired depth of the cap. If you want to loosen the ears, they are also tied in a column without a crochet.

In order to tie the protruding ears with a hook orNeed to tie a case from under the kinder-surprise or a wine plastic stopper. Tied cases are sewn to the cap in a pre-marked place. For a very small boy and girls on the hat, you can also tie your eyes.

Hats for girls knit even more simply thanfor boy. The best versions of the ears, when the headdress is knitted in the form of 2 rectangles in the style of sports men's caps, stretching corners. After the assembly of the product, it is desirable to decorate them with brushes or pompons.

Men's hats, if they are not designed forBoys of younger age or on shocking teenagers, are not decorative stylized. Men's models are knitted mainly with knitting needles, not with a hook, starting with a lapel, according to standard patterns. Experiment only due to the pattern and pattern.

First, the lapel is tied. Where it will bend, outward or inward, does not matter. Then it is knotted without adding or subtracting 14-16 cm in height for the 55-57th size.

Further loops are reduced in the front row. Approximately the first reduction should be 35 loops. The cone should decrease smoothly.

Winter knitted hats for the girls and their parentsCloser to the top of the picture it is desirable to change: for 2 purl and 1 facial - so it will be easier to tie the bottom. When there are about 60 stitches left on the spokes, 3 rows of stocking are done.

The reduction of the canvas is further intensified: 3 facial in one, 2 facial, again 3 rows of stocking knitted. When the bottom is completely ready, the remaining loops stretch the thread, fix the product, strengthen the seam.

If you knit a hat, why not tieA whole set, complete with a scarf and mittens? The children's set, designed for girls and boys, artificially crocheted or knitted, looks exactly this way. Scarves kids have to tie, even if the cap is connected with the ears.

A knitted winter set is an excellent gift for any holiday. If it is intended for a beloved man, it is enough to include a hat and scarf.

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