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White knitted coat: knit scheme of clothes for girls


White knitted coat - a great solution for both adult women and a little girl. It can be associated independently with the help of needles

Perhaps, of all the things done by hisHands, it is the white knitted coat that will make all passers-by turn around after you and give you confidence. It is due to the elongated silhouette model will not fill, but on the contrary, to build and rejuvenate. Brunettes will look just stunning in it, and blondes, successfully combining coats with other things, will be able to rejoice at this replenishment in their wardrobe.

Knitting Patterns for the Top and Back

The easiest way to create first knitted whiteCoat with knitting needles for a girl, and only then, after a little training, go to the execution of clothes on yourself. What you need: two skeins of yarn. It is desirable that both of them consist of 50% wool and 50% acrylic, but they had different names. They need to be combined together and proceed to the top of the wardrobe.

White knitted coat: knit scheme of clothes for girlsBefore the armhole begins, this segment must be knitOne canvas. Pick up on knitting needles 3,5,212 stitches and 9 of them to tie with garter stitch, 2 purl, and 24 times rapport loops to execute according to the scheme the same garter stitch as the first 9.

In this case, only the front rows are shown in the diagram, while working with the purlins, one should follow the pattern. After 14 cm from the set edge, it is necessary to go to the division into shelves and back.

To get a backless knitted white knitThe coat needs to work on medium 12 ornamental rapports. To obtain an armhole from each edge in each even row, close 1x3 loops, 1x2 and 3x1. To get the neckline, retreat 29 cm from the set edge and proceed to close the middle 34 loops, and then finish the two halves separately.

The chamfer is obtained by closing withThe inner side is 1x3 and 2x2 loops. Leaving 32 cm from the edge of the set, close the remaining hinges of the shoulder in one order. The second half is symmetrical to the first.

Knitting patterns for shelves and the bottom of the coat

White knitted coat: knit scheme of clothes for girlsKnit a coat for a girl is not tedious, butEach fitting will bring the baby joy, and she will live in anticipation of a beautiful new thing. To get the left shelf you need to make an armhole the same way as on the back.

To get a neckline, step back fromThe set edge is not 29 cm, but 24 cm and shut in each even row of 1х9, 4х3 and 6х2 loops. Closing the remaining hinges of the shoulder is done 32 cm from the set edge. The right shelf is symmetrical to the left, on the lath of 4 loops.

To get the lower part of the coat, start knitting with the spokes of the upper half of the set edge. Pick along the bottom edge of the 212 loops and perform an elastic 1x1.

After 4 rows from the right edge make 1 loop. After completing 9 rows, continue to work garter stitch. To expand this outer garment to the bottom edge, it is necessary to add one after another 15 loops, that is, one of two.

Measuring the growth of the girl, continue to be guided by the received figure to get the coat of the desired length.

Knitting patterns for sleeves and collars

White knitted coat: knit scheme of clothes for girlsSleeves perform from the armhole. In the center of this product, connect 1 rapport with ornament according to scheme No. 1.
Make shoulder seams. In this case, 10 loops need to be selected so that the shoulder seam passes in the middle of the typed loops. Proceed to the set from the front of the product. Rotate the mating and perform a series of purl loops. At the end of this row add 2 loops. Similarly, after finishing the next front row.

Such a scheme should be guided to the end of the armhole, not forgetting to take in each row 2 loops each. The latter perform garter stitching.

Having reached the armhole, proceed to the execution of the sleeveFlat or can be reduced by about 6 loops on each side of the sleeve, guided by the size of the child's body. Finish the work by making 1x1 rubber bands and sew the sleeves. To obtain a collar around the edge of the neck, select the loops and make a dressing gown, adding through each 15 loops.

The height of the collar is also determined at will. Such a knitted white coat can be made and crocheted. Everything depends on the skills of the master, the thickness of the yarn and the selected pattern. Products made by the crochet are made more delicate, delicate, weightless. Such a coat can be used as a cape in warm weather. And on the knitting needles, you can tie a thicker product, which you can wear in the beginning and middle of autumn.

Try to perform such a coat for your daughter, and reward you will be a joy in the eyes of the child. Good luck!

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