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Red wedding - a 100-year anniversary!


100 anniversary of the wedding, as it is called and why exactly? What can you give a jubilee? How to make this day unforgettable for the originators and guests?

A wedding is the birth of a new family,Therefore, this date can now be celebrated every year. Such a pleasant tradition has gained popularity in many countries. Almost every year lived together received its symbolic name, indicating the stages of development of family relations.

So, the first anniversary is called "Calico", The material is very fragile, as well as the relationship of the newlyweds. For half a century lived together, they are already valued "Of gold". What will be called the age-old anniversary of the couple?

What wedding is celebrated in 100 years?

Red wedding - a 100-year anniversary!A century of living together is, it would seem, the most unreal anniversary. According to the most conservative estimates, "Newlyweds"At this point should be a minimum of 116 years, and we rarely have to live to 100. And yet this date has its own name.

Red wedding is a century anniversary of the coupleLived together for a century. The name is very symbolic, because in Russia red color always meant beauty and good quality. The latter is very important for harmonious and long family relationships.

Such a name for this day came up with the first and yetThat the only heroes are Agayev's spouses living in Azerbaijan. The event was celebrated in 2012, at the time of celebration the spouse turned 126 years old, and his second half 116.

This couple deserves great respect, because you can only live together for so long together, having strong health, good patience and wisdom. And, of course, loving each other.

Red Or platinum?

As it was written above, each anniversary has its own name. Sometimes there are several. So, for example, 100 years is not only "Red"Wedding, but also platinum. The last name appeared not accidentally.

Platinum - shiny silvery-white noblemetal. Its color is so similar to the noble gray of jubilees. It is expensive, like the relationship of spouses who have lived together for so many years and have a large number of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Therefore this material is taken as a symbol.

In some sources, you can find several platinum anniversaries. It:

  • Red wedding - a 100-year anniversary!60th anniversary of joint life - the first diamond or platinum anniversary;
  • 70th anniversary;
  • 80th anniversary - an oak wedding;
  • 100th anniversary is a red date.

Therefore, probably, it will be more correct to call the centennial "Red wedding".

How to celebrate?

The tradition to celebrate the anniversary was the most widespread in the world in the twentieth century. Most of the dates and anniversaries are recommended to be spent in the family circle, according to the shortened script of the wedding.

It is desirable that there are also honorable witnesses - a friend and a friend.

Particular attention is paid to the festive toasts and wishes for "Honeymooners". The role of the toastmaster can be assumed by one of the children or grandchildren. Gifts are selected in accordance with the name of the date of the event.

If you are lucky enough to become an organizer of the celebration of the red jubilee, then it is worth considering the venerable age of the couple. «The Culprits"The celebrations should be convenient and interesting. At this age, the most valuable gifts are those associated with past memories. It can be a newly assembled album with photos of all close and distant relatives, family video.

Red wedding - a 100-year anniversary!Anniversary is a memorable event, especially ifCelebrate the 100th anniversary of coexistence. Therefore, we must take care beforehand that after this holiday there are as many photos and videos left as possible. It is best to entrust this to an individual who will be responsible for the shooting.

Remember also that spouses are elderly people and quickly get tired of noise and a lot of people. Therefore, try not to delay the solemn part of the event.

Decoration, music and treats are chosen in the same way, taking into account the tastes of the jubilees. Remember that they are at an age when any little thing can upset and spoil the mood.

Eternity lived together

100 years is a serious time to test the strength of the relationship. To live so many years is a rarity, and with "Stranger"A man for a long time. Thinking about this, you begin to understand the meaning of the phrase "Choice for life"And it does not matter if you lived together until the 100th or 110th anniversary.

By the way, what wedding is celebrated in 110 years? The names of this anniversary are not yet available, because there have not been such jubilees yet. And who knows, maybe your couple will be the first and give the name to this wonderful day!

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