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Crafts from sausage balls: what you need to know about working with material


Types of balls for crafts. What you need to know about the material for modeling. The process of inflating the balloon-sausage. Nuances of working with sausage balls

Now more and more you can meet the original andAttractive compositions of inflatable balls that decorate the walls and facades of buildings for holidays, showcases of public institutions, wedding corteges. The art of making crafts made of balloons for decoration of halls, shop windows, facades, stages and festive tables is called aerodisign.

Crafts from sausage balls: what you need to know about working with materialThe subset of this art is twisting - modeling from balls.

Where to begin?

In this case, not only conventional balls are used,Filled with air or helium, but also so-called pellets-sausages. From the latter you can create almost any thing, only you need to learn how to correctly create basic figures, and then connect them with different techniques.

In addition to the standard sausage balls for the formation of simple crafts and complex compositions, in aerodesign other balls are used, which are classified according to materials and appearance.

The most common types for decorating rooms and decorating individual objects are vinyl, latex (rubber), plastic, foil and PVC materials:

  • Latex, or rubber products can haveA variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Basically, the work uses round ones. Skillful masters can combine very elegant compositions in the form of flowers with bizarre petals. The surface of rubber balls is also diverse - there are transparent, matte, pearlescent, with metallic and golden tint, etc. The most common dimensions used in aerodisignment are 13 cm (5), 23 cm (9), 30 cm (12), 33 Cm (14);
  • Felted (milar) balls are differentGreater durability and durability. They hold helium better, so artifacts filled with air or helium will keep their shape from 3 days to 3 weeks. The raw material for such products is a special metallized film with high strength;
  • Plastic balls do not cause allergies, soSuccessfully used to create children's compositions. They are transparent and have a rounded shape. In addition, their essential difference is longevity, which is unusual even for milar balls. Very often this material is used by designers of premises for decoration and decoration of those.

The best option is the usual latex. You can learn how to twist many different colors and other shapes from them. In addition to the common "sausages" today offer linkoluny (links). These products are distinguished by the fact that they have tails that allow connecting the details of the composition without problems.

Crafts from sausage balls can be allVarious - flowers, children's typewriters or dolls, jewelry, little animals, etc. Products for modeling can be twisted into almost any shape. Very fond of such crafts children. They adore watching the bubbles of different length and colors being twisted, fixed in the construction and a real miracle is obtained.

Simulation is monosyllabic and multisyllabic. The first option involves working with only one element, for example, when creating a flower. The second - with two or more. Some masters prefer to inflate balls independently, but for a long and constant work it is recommended to purchase a special pump.

Material for modeling

SHDM, as mentioned above, are specialBalls that look like a tube and a neck for inflation. They are offered in a large assortment, differ in size, color, shades, quality. Choose and distinguish them, based on three criteria, as an example: SHDM 350.

The first figure indicates the diameter of the already inflated product. The second and third are length. That is, this ball has 3 inches in diameter and 50 in length.

There are SHDM for both amateurs and professionals.

Professional are sold in packs of 100 piecesAnd more. They can consist of a single-colored material or different shades. Amateur is released in small sets. In these, as a rule, there are standard pumps and small instructions for twisting.

Inflating of crafts made of balloons

Crafts from sausage balls: what you need to know about working with materialBefore you start working on the materialBe sure to stretch, holding the tip. Also this stage is mandatory when creating compositions with metallic and pastel materials, otherwise they will inflate unevenly or burst.

If there is a special pump, then the article is wornOn its spout. The latter must be clamped between the index finger and the thumb. The other hand supports the body of the device and makes it progressive-return movements.

With the help of the pump, the body is inflated with the required length,This leaves the stock of material at the end. The tail of the product is intercepted first with the right and then with the left hand, which makes it possible to purchase a length convenient for tying it. After that, it is fixed with the usual single knot, which needs to be tightened a little.

It should be noted that inflated to the desired size and well-tied ball is the basis for successful modeling. That's why beginners should train a lot.

Secrets of creation of crafts from balls-sausages, air and helium

Do not completely inflate the product. It is better to leave some material in the tail. During the simulation, the air will move towards the end. The longer the remainder, the more bubbles will turn out. It is recommended first to determine how long a tail is needed to form an element or composition.

Release air to relieve pressure onWalls. When the inflated ball experiences a lot of air pressure on the walls, it will be much harder to work with it, especially for beginners. After it is inflated with a special pump, some of the air is released and then it is already tied up. With experience, this need will disappear.

Tie the knot closer to the neck.

Begin the simulation from the neck and gradually approach the tail. The first bubble will contain a bundle and a throat. At the same time it is constantly held in his hand.

Joints are made by rotation in opposite directions. Only by this method can they be formed. This process is similar to squeezing water from the laundry.

The material should rotate in only one direction. Make a lot of bubbles on one ball can only be when they are twisted in one direction, that is, in the same direction.

Crafts from sausage balls: what you need to know about working with materialReady-made bubbles must be kept in your hand. We can say that they are original bricks from which articles from balls are collected. After the bubble is twisted, it must be held still or fixed, twisting in twist.

During the twisting, you must do at least one360-degree rotation. Joints are formed only if the ball is completely squeezed. That is why it is important to perform a sufficient number of revolutions.

Mash the place of twist. Beginners can stretch the product slightly before the process, but do not get too involved. Very soft material can not be held twisted, because the main fixing element in the twist is friction.

The joints of the elements of the figure are twisted with the simultaneous pulling of the bubbles to the sides.

It is recommended for beginner twisters to practice on twisting, for example, a flower from one ball, and then proceed to more complex compositions and handicrafts. Have fun!

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