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Wedding invitations


little things play a big role in creating a unified image of modern, stylish wedding. We are talking about the wedding attributes

Everyone knows that for every girl's wedding -It is a kind of fairy tale, in which everything must be perfect. Exquisite, flawless makeup, a stylish haircut, good room. This, of course, all very important, but also the little things play a big role in creating a unified image of modern, stylish wedding.

Wedding invitationsWe are talking about the wedding attributes, which completes the uniform style.

I remember my wedding, and my heart stops of excitement and trepidation that have been invested in training is complimentary, book Wish, Glasses, candles and guest cards.

I want to talk about his preparation for thisremarkable event. Let's start with the invitations. Wedding invitations can tell a lot about the upcoming celebration guests. They will give the importance and the thrill of the upcoming events in your life.

And if they are also signed by hand, guests will appreciate your concern about each of them. Make invitations to the wedding with his own hands, it is not difficult.

We need:

  • thick cardboard white or beige (can be embossed)
  • paper with a delicate pattern, white
  • white tulle can Glitter
  • Feed pink - coral color, 2 cm thick.
  • gun with plastic rods small
  • ruler
  • sharp cutter
  • black mascara
  • pen fine for texts
  • PVA glue

How to do:

  1. Wedding invitationsFirst, prepare the substrate. Under the need to put a paper plate, so as not to spoil the furniture in the house. Cut the cardboard with a ruler and cutter boxes 14h9 cm This is the optimal size, and not too big, and fit tex invitation.;
  2. Then, from the beautiful patterned paper, cut a rectangle the size of 13h8 cm on each side of a small box must be different from the big to 0, 5 cm.;
  3. Then, while we are not stuck on the substrate nothingyou must sign them. It is more convenient to do it now, because the invitations are ready to be bulky, and this would be problematic. The text should prepare in advance and it is better to write on a piece of paper;
  4. If you've never wrote a pen, it is better practice. You say too much hassle ?! But it's worth it! The invitation, signed by the pen, looked extremely nice and original;
  5. Then we cut the ribbon of 16 cm 3see more than the top of paper with a picture. So, 1.5 cm on edge. You can just bend the edges of the ribbon and iron iron. Then it will be smoother and better to fall on the paper;
  6. On the left edge on the front side with an adhesivepistol we catch the ribbon to the paper. Overturn the paper inside out and using PVA glue edges of the ribbon to the paper. Then it is best to put the workpiece under pressure, so that it is uniformly stuck and not deformed;
  7. Wedding invitationsAfter harvesting dried up, we stucksigned to their substrates. Make sure that at each end of the substrate performed at 0.5 cm. It got very interesting invitation to the wedding. It is best to glue using PVA;
  8. Evenly smeared paper with ribbon and attachon its substrate. Again, we put all the press. It is better to do in a pipelined manner invitation, especially if they are many. On our wedding was about 100 people. I initially signed a one hundred substrates, then done a hundred pieces, and so on in stages;
  9. Now make the "skirts" of tulle for ribbons. Cut ribbons 20-30 cm long and 2 cm wide. Vdev white thread a needle, pick a ribbon on a thread before the end of the tape. Then, tighten and fasten. These are nice "skirts" are obtained;
  10. Making bows. Cut the 12 cm pink - coral ribbons and tying a bow. Singeing lighter or matches the tips to the ribbon is not blossomed;
  11. Bows should not be too large, they should be included in the "skirt", and it is better if they are a little less. Now with the help kleya- gun sits on the bow "skirt" and presses;
  12. And the final stage, with glue - gun, glue bows to the left side of the invitation. Just where we grab the ribbon. That such receive invitation to the wedding.

Color ribbons you can pick your own. We selected it in the color of the shirt of the groom and the bride's bouquet. Wedding invitations handmade - it is fashionable, modern and elegant!

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