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Wall panel: options for making your own hands


The wall panel, made of a variety of materials, can revive a dull and familiar interior. If desired, you can make it yourself

Such an element of the interior, like a wall panel,Allows you to breathe new life into the room, allow it to play with new colors without having to do a cosmetic or overhaul. And even if the area of ​​your apartment does not have to experiment, it will always find a small corner that can be used and dilute the boring and familiar interior.

Today, a panel on the wall can be found not onlyIn the living room and bedroom, but also in the hallway and even in the bathroom. Why not? The main thing is to choose the option that suits you according to the characteristics, size and image.

Wall panel: options for making your own hands

A classic textile panel can perfectly complement the interior of the bedroom or hall. It can be depicted flowers, steps leading to a flowering garden, the coast of the sea, etc.

The simplest variant is to pull a suitable fabric on a wooden frame, fix it with small studs and immediately show it on the wall.

And you can fantasize a bit and make your own wall panel "Tree of Happiness".

To do this, you will need rags of cloth of differentColors, a board, glue PVA, a brush and scissors. You can bring to the process of making a child who can then proud of himself and show the result of his work to friends.

Stages of implementation:

  • Cut out of cardboard or paper a leaf pattern andRepeatedly wrap it around the fabric of a suitable color - green, red, yellow, etc. As a result, a tree will appear in the fall leaf fall period. For convenience, you can fold several pieces of fabric together;
  • Now on the brown fabric you need to circle the child's hand and the parts of the brush. It will mimic the trunk of a future tree with sprawling branches;
  • Wetting a brush in a glue, covering all the leaves and trunk, and then transferring them to the board to make the autumn plot.

Embossed panel

Wall panel: options for making your own handsEmbossed wall panels will bring a zest to anyInterior, and they can be executed from the most seemingly inappropriate materials. Look around you, look through the shelves of cabinets and chests of drawers. Many people keep such things, about which everyone has already forgotten, but it is also pitiful to throw them out.

The frame can be placed glued to the baseShells, buttons, feathers, corrugated paper, folded into intricate patterns, sequins, beads and much more. You can attach to the wall the usual plugs from under alcoholic beverages, laying out of them some drawing or map of the world.

A set of buttons of very different color and sizeYou can use in the production of a whole landscape and portrait and thus decorate the room with one of the relief wall panels made by yourself. The same can be done from a wire of different colors, cutting it into small pieces.

And if you do not know what to revive the interior of the kitchen andAny other room and make it more comfortable, get busy making wall clocks that will attract attention and become the envy of the guests.

manufacturing stages:

  • On a board of thick cardboard or chipboard you need to glue a beautiful motif of cloth or paper that will echo the color scheme of the interior;
  • Next from the cork tree you need to cut a circle andAttach it to the base on liquid nails. The central part of the circle can be decorated with two circles of cloth of different colors superimposed on each other;
  • To designate the dial suitable officeButtons or conventional buttons. As an ornament of the bottom part of a panel it is possible to use artificial flowers, forks, spoons, twigs of trees, cones, seashells and another depending on the basic subjects. Forks and spoons can be made of cardboard and covered with gold or silver paint;
  • Now it remains to attach the working clockwork and hang the panel on the wall.

Ceramic wall panel

Wall panel: options for making your own handsIf you are looking for a place for a future panel, you can not go wrong choosing a kitchen for it. This part of the house is often decorated with a panel of ceramics, especially often choose the place of its placement kitchen apron.

If the surface of the wall panel of ceramicsWith cats and other animals and plants in the plot will get oil, soot, grease and other dirt, they can easily be removed with a sponge and detergent.

Such decorations-panels are chosen for the bathroomRoom, which can be made not only from tiles, but also glass and stained glass mosaic, horny fabric, polished metal and other materials. The composition, acquired or made by own hand, will give your interior an individuality and will adjust to the appropriate mode. Beautiful to you interiors!

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