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We celebrate a tin wedding: how many years of living together and what does the celebration symbolize?


Every year the family grows older, therefore, stronger and friendlier. Tin wedding is an important period in the life of spouses. There are a number of traditions that mark this day

Marriage day is the starting point for startingJoint life of the spouses with all its joys and sorrows. It is in everyday life that people check how much they are willing to tolerate each other's shortcomings, to support a partner, to become a friend and support for him.

In a married life there are a number of crises, and a tin wedding falls on one of them.

We celebrate a tin wedding: how many years of living together and what does the celebration symbolize?In connection with this, the celebration of this day has a double meaning, because if the couple are still together, then they have managed to overcome another crisis period in their life together.

By this time, they have long been "Got used to" To each other, have solved not one problem, bring up children.

But life and routine can overshadow the relationship, which means that a variety is needed, which will make the celebration of this important day.

Why tin?

There is this celebration and another name -A poppy wedding, but tin it is called much more often. Hearing about this holiday, many are interested, but how many years of marriage are celebrated in a tin wedding. This day the family turns 8 years old. Sometimes the perpetrators of the celebration wonder why this day is called that way.

Most often, the name of this holiday is associated with one instructive parable. Once in
Mountain top, two brothers discovered a treasure -A bag in which they found a staff made of tin, and gold. The elder brother decided to take a bag of gold, and the younger one got a staff. When the brothers descended from the top, it was hard for the elder to carry their burden. But the younger one was able to overcome the descent easier thanks to the staff.

We celebrate a tin wedding: how many years of living together and what does the celebration symbolize?The moral of the parable is that, how much gold there would be in a man, it can be a heavy burden, and tin, which has a brighter shine than a noble metal, can help.

Why is this parable associated with the celebration?

By the time the spouses live together for 8 years, they already have time to understand how reliable a person is nearby, because by that moment a lot has been passed together.


Many of them came to us from the times of Rus. They are honored and honored until now, although they are supplemented by modern traditions.

Here are some of the old customs:

  • We celebrate a tin wedding: how many years of living together and what does the celebration symbolize?On the day when the marriage was celebrated for 8 years, the woman's outfit was decorated with tin pieces, on which, as a rule, patterns were struck;
  • On the night before the holiday, a sheet was placed in the stableTin, and if in the morning it was found on it a trace from a horse's hoof, it meant that the family will have a good mood and understanding for many years. In order for this omen to be fulfilled, the piece where the imprint was made was cut out and kept at home;
  • In the courtyard of the house, where a tin anniversary was celebrated, they put a bucket of vodka with a mug and a ladle made of tin. Everyone who wished could drink for the happiness of their spouses. They paid for a coin;
  • Often there was a couple who was not invitedThe originators of the celebration, but they were present at the celebration. They could not be evacuated from the feast, if they were dressed in the bride and groom and put on a ring of tin. True, for their presence uninvited guests had to Entertain guests.

Today, these traditions are notAre respected or observed in a modern adapted version, as well as the idea of ​​what can be donated to a tin wedding. For example, it was previously customary to bring a bucket of kvass to a celebration, which is now unlikely.

In ancient times on the table must have beenThere are pies with poppy seeds. Prepared, they should be solely the culprit of the celebration. You need to pay attention to the table setting. The dishes on it should shine, and in its appearance it should resemble a brushed carefully tin.

What do visitors give?

Of course, this question will interest you if you are going to attend such an event. Usually such celebrations are given thematic gifts. But a poppy anniversary does not always require this approach.

We celebrate a tin wedding: how many years of living together and what does the celebration symbolize?In addition to the barrel of kvass for a gift, the couple hasOther ideas, including comic. For example, his wife has long been given 8 cans of preserves, stew, wishing that the house was prosperous. Eat this gift was laid for 8 days, so that the wishes of the guests come true.

In turn, her husband was given 8 vessels with various drinks. Usually they were excruciating, but if you decide to take on "Armament" This idea, choose a drink with a small degree, since a man will have to drink them too for 8 days.

Modern guests often choose beer as a drink. In this case, does not hurt and very original "bouquet", For example, fish.

Thinking over what is usually given to a tin wedding, you can do without jokes, and present something necessary.

Nevertheless, do not forget that the main ideaThe gift should be to make the life of the spouses easier and more joyful. He must make their life easier, brighten up the gray routine. It can be items of technology, interior, furniture.

A good gift will be building materials, whichUseful for repair. If you are thinking not only about what you can give your husband, but also want to make a gift for a tin wedding in a joking manner, you can present only one construction tool, thus making a hint of repair. It is worth saying that such a gift will be more appropriate if the wife herself gives it. The thematic gift will be anything that can somehow be associated with the gesture. Even sweets, coffee or tea, packed in a box made of tin, will be an appropriate gift.

Also, you can give spouses kitchen items made of this metal.

What do the spouses give each other?

The simplest option is to give something you want or what you want, but pack it in
Corresponding metal. Some spouses fit creatively to this issue and make tinplate or ordinary foil medals, handed to each other for some special merit.

We celebrate a tin wedding: how many years of living together and what does the celebration symbolize?A husband can give his wife homeUse of this material. But it will be appropriate only if the spouse really wants to receive such a gift. Otherwise, the present can cause disappointment or even resentment.

A romantic gift will be a dinner for 2 persons inA good restaurant. This gift will be appreciated by both spouses. By the way, it can present each other not only the culprits of the celebration, but also the guests. Whoever was a donor, one must remember that the tin should shine, and not be dull.


We celebrate a tin wedding: how many years of living together and what does the celebration symbolize?They too can be unusual or thematic. You can find congratulations with a tin wedding in different versions, in verse or in prose on the pages of postcards and the Internet. If you do not like reading the finished texts, you can say congratulatory words composed independently. Their main idea should be the desire of unquenchable love and passion.

This period of marital life is to some extent a turning point, and routine can have a destructive effect on relationships.

Therefore, to wish the family to celebrate it is necessary to innovate,Diversity. A greeting card with congratulations you can give to the perpetrators of the celebration personally or send it by courier, as is customary in the modern world.

Whatever gift and congratulations you choose for the celebration, wishes of guests and spouses to each other should be sincere, so that the family for many years was happy.

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