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The ball of yarn - a fun decoration for the home


Master class how to make a ball of yarn. We update the old lighting: lampshade for lamp and chandelier with a new bubble with glue and thread itself

Comfort in the house is an important part of everyday life. A warm atmosphere is often created by small and inconspicuous at first glance details, which together give a long-awaited sense of coziness. And creating comfort in the house with their own hands. You can, of course, use the services of a designer. And you can create an interesting design with the help of handy things: glue and thread, giving the original color to the interior of the house. Having studied how to make a ball of threads, this is not difficult.

How to quickly make balls of thread with your own hands?

The ball of yarn - a fun decoration for the homeThe house will look nice and unobtrusiveHanging thread balls. They can be made in any color and size. They will harmoniously fit into the interior, if you hang them on the ledge or in the corner chill out, decorate the space around the dining table or on the loggia.

In addition, such an interior detail will costYou in a mere penny, and the time to manufacture items will be spent at a minimum. Such balls are a great way to quickly decorate a room for a festival. But not only from threads it is also easy to make a new lampshade or plafond to an old and boring chandelier.

Christmas decorations in the form of balls of thread and glue

A quick and optimal way to please the family andFriends New Year's atmosphere - is to create a snowman, with - absolutely without snow! So, how to make a snowman out of threads and balls and what is needed for this?

To make it yourself, prepare:

  • Threads of different colors (blue or white for balls and orange for a nose figure). Yarn can be of different thicknesses, but do not take too thin threads - it is best for a moulin or for knitting;
  • The ball of yarn - a fun decoration for the homeA jar of glue (you can gel, you can PVA, but do not take superglue, as more fingers are dirty, than jewelry will be made);
  • Balloons (small size in the amount of 3 pieces for the trunk and 2 for the handles of the snowman, but this is in case you decide to do them);
  • Colorless varnish;
  • scissors;
  • Needle;
  • Beads (to make eyes and buttons);
  • Spangles or stars (for decoration).

Step 1

We inflate balls. All three must be of different sizes, and the last two (for the hands) are smaller than the others.

Step 2

Degrease the surface of the balls so that the thread on the glue does not slip and falls well during the removal of the base.

Step 3

The ball of yarn - a fun decoration for the homePour in the bowl of glue.

Threads are dragged through it so that the entire surface of the fiber is sticky.

Gradually tightly wrap around the circle balls from all sides.

Step 4

Suspend to dry out. At this time, you can sprinkle them with sequins and varnish.

Step 5

Slowly, so as not to break the fragile construction, blow off the balls and take them out of the thread spheres. We connect them all together with glue.

Step 6

To the top of the snowman glue beads-eyes, and along the body of the snowman we catch beads-buttons.


Make your own hands Christmas decorationThe snowman is simple, but you can place it anywhere: put it on a Christmas tree, put it on a window sill, or hang it at the entrance of an apartment. Fast and original decor at no extra cost!

How quickly from a string and a ball to make a chandelier?

In addition to the snowman, with the help of glue and improvised means, you can also update the permanent decor in the house. For example, you can make a new chandelier in your bedroom or living room with your own hands.

To do this you will need:

  • The ball of yarn - a fun decoration for the homeA jar of glue for wallpaper;
  • Round ball;
  • Small capacity with edges;
  • needle;
  • Thread (thicker, knitting threads are quite suitable).

So, we make a chandelier:

  1. We inflate the ball as much as possible. The plafond will look more spectacular, if it turns out to be voluminous and not get lost on the general background.
  2. Pour some glue into the container.
  3. We thread the thread in a needle and drag it through the glue with the entire surface of the fiber.
  4. Tightly wrap the ball thread.
  5. We leave to dry in a suspended state.
  6. Blow off and separate the fragile frame.
  7. We hang a chandelier on a light bulb and, voila, a new lamp is ready!

It is worth noting that a similar chandelier can be madeNot only hinged - such a plafond looks comfortable and on the bedside lamp. In addition, ceiling lamps with several light bulbs can also be updated in the same way. However, in this case, the ceiling should be small in size.

However, there are some tips on how to make a chandelier correctly:

  • The ball of yarn - a fun decoration for the homeThe ball must be inflated or degreased, or lubricated with petroleum jelly. This is necessary for the frame to be easily removed;
  • If the lamp will hang in the living room,It is desirable to choose a large base for the plafond. In this case, the room will have an expressive accent. It looks especially good in living rooms and kitchens in a minimalist style;
  • The color of the threads should be selected not only according to your taste, but also according to the color of the space where you plan to place the chandelier. Expressive most of all, strict classical tones - white and black;
  • Note that the glue must be white and do not turn yellow after drying, as the plafond will also change color;
  • It is necessary to wrap the floss tightly, so that there are no large empty pieces left. First, it interferes with the density of the planned plafond, and secondly, it will be ugly to miss the light;
  • Pre-mark up to whatLevel will wind the moulin. Since, firstly, you will need to somehow put on the lampshade on the light bulb, and secondly, do not close the light. Because of the unusual design, the plafond will create diffused light, however, the direct beam must still be;
  • The place for fixing the plafond must be prepared: the light bulb must be unscrewed with the base, and the wire must be wrapped with electrical tape. Leaving an open wire is very dangerous;
  • The ball of yarn - a fun decoration for the homeIt is necessary to hang the chandelier gently and with an empty hole down. Make sure that the wire is straight;
  • Dry the construction should not less than a day, and fastened to the base so as not to touch the lamp;
  • Do not hang such a design in the bathroom - from constant moisture and heat it will soften quickly and lose shape;
  • If the interior of the room requires it, small decorating elements, for example, a butterfly made of thread or other material, can be glued to the plafond. They can also be made by themselves.

How to make a thread from a ball and a lampshade?

Many homes still have a good oldfloor lamp. Light radiates scattered and warm, but the shade is already pretty worn out. Buy a new expensive, and there is no point. Therefore, the most effective way to improve the old floor lamp is to use a balloon and glue to create a new lampshade with your own hands.

To do this, you still need a bit thickGlue, degreasing agent (can be replaced with petroleum jelly), a large needle, a container and a balloon (but in this case you can use not only round, but also pear-shaped.) And avid lovers of romance can take a ball in the form of a heart).

We do the shade so:

  • The ball of yarn - a fun decoration for the homeDepending on the height of the floor lamp or the bedsideLamp inflate to the desired size of the ball. Let's notice that the big round plafonds of yellowish color effectively look on high floor lamps, as they remind a street lamp in the park. You can additionally decorate with your own hands the foot of the lamp, and then certainly the romantic atmosphere in the room is assured. For bedside floor lamps, make small pear-shaped plafonds;
  • Degrease the substrate for the lampshade;
  • We thread a thread in a needle and, stretching it through the glue, tightly, without leaving a hole, we wrap the shade on all sides. But do not forget about the bottom part, which should remain open;
  • We suspend the structure and leave it for a day;
  • We dress on a light bulb and ... enjoy a warm home light!


If you use a large ball, then theThe construction can be made not only in the form of a sphere. To do this, carefully cut the already dried frame in half. We cut off the edges with curly waves. To the edges, you can also attach silk tassels, like a real retro torch.

However, in this case, you will have to take care of an additional metal structure on which the lampshade will be mounted. Between him and the light bulb there must be a gap.

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