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The original belt dress


The belt for the dress, made with his own hands. The choice of this accessory is given shape and dress the model. Manufacturing techniques and beautiful original product yourself

Belt - an amazing clothing accessory, withthat can be used to emphasize the dignity of the figure. However, if it is to choose the wrong, he, on the contrary, it will show all the flaws. Beautiful accessory to transform waist dress and figure, will make it more slender, feminine, graceful, complement or set off the color palette of attire.

It so happens that the finished belt for the dress,bought in a store, does not fit the color, style, texture of fabric. In this case, you can make it yourself at home, having at hand the necessary tools and materials. The belt for the dress, made with his own hands, will be original and unique, give the image of a certain zest.

The belt for the dress, as it is to choose the right

The original belt dressWhen it is necessary to focus on selecting the accessorystyle clothing, especially the figures, model dress material. No less important items are shoes, handbag, jewelry, because it must be in harmony with them, too. First of all, its choice will depend on the type of shape, and then from the style of clothing. The right accessories can accentuate the silhouette and hide flaws. If the shape resembles an hourglass (small breasts, waist narrowish, hip wider waist), the product will suit any shape.

If the silhouette is similar to a pear (too narrow shoulders, chestsmall part of the broad pelvic), it will look nice wide view of product. If the belt resembles a triangle (the shoulders wider than the thigh portion), harmoniously fit slim remeshochek with a fluffy skirt.

Belt Model will also depend on the style of the dress:

  • narrow straight - if it fits the silhouette, accessory must choose an average width. If the clothes are waisted and sewn from flax and cotton, will look pale narrow remeshochek;
  • volume luxuriant - a full skirt need a thin belt, if the product length maxi, suit a wide elastic strap or braided option in ethno-style;
  • dress-shirt, tunic - here you can use any strap, thin, wide leather. Slim will emphasize the waist and pulling a figure, allocate the buttocks.

The belt must be in harmony with flowersensemble, with at least one of them. Beige, coffee color are combined with blue or pink sarafan. It is not necessary to allocate it strongly, it should complement the image. But if you decide to allocate, the main color of clothing must be monochrome shades.

The original band with their own hands

How to sew a beautiful dress for the most times? The answer to this question can be found on the Internet, which offers many different options. The product, sewed their own hands, will always look original and unique, the second such precisely nowhere to be.

  • Sea style

Sea theme recently popular as perfectly combined with different materials and styles.

To make such remeshochek will need:

  • The original belt dresstape with a strip of white and blue;
  • not very wide white rope;
  • thick fabric flap;
  • universal glue;
  • Braid with sequins presence.

Sew a product is not difficult. On the ribbon, it is necessary to define the middle, glue flap it felt, drape, can be another dense material that keeps its shape well.

The preform is put on a flat surface and glue the rope coils in this case will be placed in a spiral from the center. The rope should be glued to the fabric and tape.

After you have carried out a large ropecircle in the center, on both sides need to do two laps less from him. The coils tightly put together. When the workpiece is completely dry, it is necessary to decorate each spiral with a narrow ribbon sequins, glue or sew the top of each coil of rope, but that they are imperceptible.

In the center you can put beads, pearls, on a path spirals cut the excess fabric, the edges can be stuck to the underside. Wear at the waist, tying a large bow.

  • Network

Wum products are in demand, especially inthose who wear popular style, however, and they are suitable for evening dress. It can be a beautiful braid made from yarn, leather, cloth. Elegant looks a product made by a macrame technique.

A simple variant of weaving, is a braid of several strands, preferably 5-7 pieces.

The technology of weaving is as follows:

  • Align threads, fix beads with glass or wood beads.
  • Weave, until the end is 10 cm;
  • Repeat the same actions with other strands, you can return the lock back in the same way;
  • Take a lock on the left, hold it over the second, then under the third and top over the fourth, etc., it must go to the right;
  • At a distance of 10 cm, tie all the pieces into a knot and hang on a nail;
  • Cut off the string or cord pieces (length should be several times greater than the planned length of the belt);
  • Belt-corsage

It is considered one of the favorites of avid fashionistas. Simulating with your own hands a wide belt for a dress is easy, but, however, very nice. It is suitable for many styles of clothing, will create a unique image and emphasize the waist. It can be worn not only with a sarafan, but with trousers on the blouse from above.

Sewing technology:

  • The original belt dressAttach the ties to the ends of the middle part from both sides, sew;
  • The ends of the product should be folded up to the width of the strings. Mark bend points at a distance of 1.5 cm from the edges, combine and glue the folds;
  • The middle part with flizelin should be placed on top of theThe second is the same, the wrong side to each other. The highest part should protrude 1 cm. Glue the sections with glue. The edges that protrude, bend inward, glue and stitch, cutting allowances;
  • Tie the folds of 2 pieces in reverse to each other. One end of each tie is cut off a little obliquely. Sections sew, distance 0.5 cm from the edge, cut allowances, leave from the line 2 mm;
  • Pattern attach to the wrong side of the fabric and circleWith a pencil. Cut the upper part, leave 1 cm for the seams, cut the inner contour without allowances. To cut out 4 details for ties, length 120 cm, width 4 cm, allowances are not needed. Cut out the part from the nonwoven for a wide part of the product. Use an iron to glue to the middle part;
  • Material. Leather, suede, thick fabric;
  • Pattern. Draw two lines parallel to each other, slightly concave, 60 cm. The distance between the lines should be equal to the size of the belt (12 cm).
  • Belt crocheted

The original belt dressYou can update the summer wardrobe by tie a belt with a crochet, it will make the image more gentle,
Feminine, refined. Belt crochet tie for a dress simply, if you know how to use this tool.

Openwork accessory with tapering edges, worn at the waist or hips, there is a buckle in the form of a flower. Beautifully it will look on a summer sarafan, jeans, thin trousers, skirts, tunics.

For the production of 100 g of thin melange yarn from cotton (500 m / 100 g); Artificial yarn of golden color, 50 g (100 m / 50 g), the tool itself is 2 mm thick and buckle.

Technology of implementation:

  • Fold together a thread of melange and 2 yarns of golden yarn;
  • Execute the chain - 5 air loops (2 century and 3 years of growth), then knit according to the scheme, only swap pineapples in the pattern as indicated in the diagram.
  • After the resulting 7 pineapples, take this: 10 scs in a row, 6 cm in length on one side, 10 scs in a row, 9 cm in length on the other.
  • The end with a length of 6 cm folded in half, pass into the end of the buckle and sew on the wrong side.

Apparently, to make an original belt forClothes is not difficult, you just have to be patient, find the right materials and choose an accessory model so that it fits with the shape of the clothes and the silhouette of the figure.

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