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How to make an original lamp from the bottle?


The lamp from the bottle easy to prepare with his own hands, the main thing - to stock up on containers of glass or plastic. You can make sconces, floor lamps and even an entire song using Christmas garlands

The lamp from the bottle can be a highlightinterior. If you have a beautiful bottle of wine or brandy, do not throw them away: they will be the basis for sconces, floor lamp or chandelier. You will need quite a bit of improvised means, most importantly - that it was the desire and free time.

How to make a lamp from the bottle

How to make an original lamp from the bottle?You can make a whole song from the lamps and for this you need two or more identical bottles.

manufacturing stages:

  • remove labels by hot water and a sponge;
  • rinse thoroughly and dry well empties. At a height of about 1.5-2 cm from the bottom to mark the place where it will be made a hole to enter the wires;
  • you need a power tool equippeddrill with a diamond crown. With it, you have to make a hole in the workpiece, but the pre-knead a cake of clay and dense layer, apply it to the drilling site;
  • at least occasionally work poured into the hole the water that will cool the drill bit and the glass itself;
  • do not hurry, do everything very carefully, and the resulting hole sanded, so as not to injure yourself when filling bottles Christmas garland;
  • if you have three bottles, accordingly, youIt needs three Christmas tree garland. Put a garland of glass inside through opened. Outside leave only a segment of wires to connect;
  • if you wish, you can seal the opening rubber seal: not only does it protect you from injury, but also to give the composition of lamps of glass bottles more aesthetic appearance;
  • now it is necessary to connect the lamp to a power outlet and enjoy a wonderful spectacle.

I must say that this is the easiest method of making. Some go further and inserted into the neck of the bottle candle decorated with composition ribbons, artificial flowers, and others.

Using glass adhesive can decorateseashells, beads, buttons, in general, everything that comes to you by the arm. You can paint the base paint lamp, but also to put into a picture or any picture. It all depends on your imagination and skill.

How to make an original lamp from the bottle?If you have finished the old lampshadelamp, or did you do it yourself of two rings of different diameters, ribs and cloth or paper, you can make your own hands lamp from the bottle in which the latter will act as a support for the lampshade.

According to the principle described above, the bottom of the drillempties the hole, insert the wire, one end of which is used for mounting a cartridge with a lamp, and the other will end with a fork. Alternatively, use for decoration decoupage support, painted with acrylic or lacquer.

Master class on making the lamp from the bottle

Crafts from plastic bottles appeared in the homes of our citizens with the advent of the sale of drinks in that container.

Craftsmen have realized at once that it canIt is an excellent material for the manufacture of various masterpieces of craftsmanship and immediately started to create on its basis vases, candlesticks, ornaments for the garden and even rattles and other toys for children. The most popular lamp made from plastic bottles.

manufacturing stages:

  • the basis of our chandeliers will be oneplastic bottle of 2.5 liter. For its decoration will take a container from which you have to cut the leaves, flowers, butterflies, etc. It does not matter if the workpiece will be obtained twist - it will give even the naturalness of the total composition.;
  • How to make an original lamp from the bottle?ready to paint the figures required stained glass paints. If you do not want to mess around with paint, advance purchase colored stained glass film, plastic paste over it, and only then cut out from it blank;
  • Now with glue "The Dragon"Located around the perimeter of your bottlecolorful blank. Can some of the leaves and flowers mounted on pieces of wire and fasten to the bulb. It remains to hang the chandelier from the ceiling, and enjoy the light from the lamp-bottle.

You can make a chandelier from the glass ceiling. To do this you need to cut off the neck of the bottle and the bottom with a diamond glass cutter, and then collect them in a beautiful composition.

As can be seen, in the manufacture of bottles fixturesno big deal. Having the only glass containers or plastic blank, you can decorate your country home an original masterpiece. With them your design and the interior sparkle with new colors in the truest sense of the word.

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