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The framework for a bouquet with their hands: easy and inexpensive


The framework for a bouquet with their hands can be made from cardboard, foam, foam and other materials at hand. The main thing that it is securely fixed colors and other decor composition

Beginner florists are faced with a lot of nuancesAnd features in the manufacture of floral compositions. Not always the necessary devices and accessories can be purchased at the store, and the price for them can be quite high. You have to do everything yourself, mastering the science of making bouquets with your own hands. Very often there is a need to produce a frame, you can use for this purpose a variety of handy materials - vases, pots, cardboard, baskets and even coconut shell.

Frame for a flower bouquet with own hands

  • The framework for a bouquet with their hands: easy and inexpensiveTo get the basics, we need the cardboard,Which you need to draw a circle of arbitrary diameter. Focus on the size of your bouquet. Inside draw a circle of smaller diameter. You can circle a small cup;
  • Cut out the large and small circles with scissors and prepare floristic felt, cutting it into strips of such length, which should suffice for a complete revolution around the circle;
  • Proceed to the decor, gluing the strips to the base,Trying a little to overlap them, so that the cardboard can not be seen. Once the circle is fully filled, proceed to make the frame holder. You can pierce two holes on two opposite sides with an awl and insert a wire into them. It is better to take a green color and a sufficient length to twist the ends together from the bottom. You should easily grab for them with your hand and freely hold your frame on weight;
  • Above the felt can be decorated with artificial leaves, organza or other intended materials, and then insert into the hole a ready-made floral composition;
  • From below, the holder for the frame should be covered with corrugated paper, and to keep it, tie beautiful ribbons. Everything, the foundation is ready.

How to make a skeleton for a bunch of toys

  • The framework for a bouquet with their hands: easy and inexpensiveDraw a circle of the desired diameter on a sheet of cardboard or Whatman paper - about 14 cm. Be sure to plan the center;
  • From a twisted into a tube a rectangular piece of cardboard to make a handle. Length approximately 30 cm, and height 15-18 cm;
  • Cut a small corner out of the circle as you cut a piece of cake or pie. Remember, the larger the corner you cut, the deeper the cone will turn out;
  • Paste the ends and connect with each other. The handle tube also needs to be glued together. At one end, you need to make several cuts and bend it. In the center of the cone, cut a small hole and also make incisions. The size of the hole should correspond to the diameter of the tube, since you have to connect them with each other with glue;
  • Everything, the foundation is ready. Now it is necessary to pull the corrugation and fix it from below with glue. To ensure that it fits as nicely as possible, you can cut and overlap the material;
  • Cut out paper of the same color as the corrugation, a circle of smaller diameter than the frame and paste in the middle. Fix the bottom of the holder of the tape and proceed to the decor of the frame;
  • Making a frame for a bouquet of toysAssumes their fixation on the basis. To do this, you can glue two beautiful ribbons close to each other and tie the toy to it. To do the same with the remaining soft cubs, kittens, etc. Further decor at will.

Frame for a bouquet of sweets with your own hands

The framework for a bouquet with their hands: easy and inexpensiveSuch a basis can be made by the previous technique,In fact, soft toys in bouquets often coexist with sweets. And it is not forbidden to perform a frame on the very first technology described by yours, and after gluing to him a piece of foam, shaped like a cut cone.

In this very cone is planned to insert skewersOr toothpicks, to which are sweets. You can take a small basket, which will act as a frame. Place a piece of foam in it and use it as a candy holder.

How to make a boat frame for a bouquet of chocolates:

  • Cut out the oval of the right size from the cardboard and draw the same oval inside, having receded from the edge about 3 cm. Also cut this hole;
  • Wrap the gift paper green. Put a piece of styrofoam in the form of a small flower pot in the center so that it can hold well there;
  • The handle can be made from 4 well sharpened pencils or sharp wooden rods. They need to be inserted into the foam plastic from below and wrapped with tape or tape;
  • Now it remains to hide it all under corrugated paper and proceed to decorate the bouquet for sweets with sweets, artificial and vibrant flowers, leaves, etc.

Framework intended for a wedding bouquet

  • The framework for a bouquet with their hands: easy and inexpensiveTo make the basis yourself, you needA ball of foam and a piece of a narrow plastic pipe as a handle. Since the ball is round, the handle can be placed anywhere, first marking this area with the tube itself, slightly scrolling;
  • Now cut a hole with a clerical knife to a depth of at least 2 cm so that the handle does not accidentally fall out of the bouquet;
  • After it is necessary to chart a line on the ball, from which a sharp knife must cut a piece of foam to the handle, that is, give the workpiece a conical shape. Approximately 1/3 of the ball should be cut off;
  • Cut out of white cardboard circles of the same diameter as the pipe. Gluing it with a satin ribbon, attach the tube to the bottom. The handle itself is also wrapped around the tape and fastened with glue;
  • Now the free end should be greased with a lot of glue and quickly screw into the previously made hole;
  • The cone-shaped cut is masked with lace or other suitable occasion and along with the bride's material. Everything, the frame for the wedding bouquet is ready. It remains to place flowers and other elements of decor in it.

As you can see, frames for different bouquets are not difficultTo execute and independently, using for this purpose the most simple and inexpensive materials. After all, in any case, under flowers, sweets and toys, it will not be visible.

The main thing is that he should perform his task well and allow the composition to "live" all the time allotted for the solemn event.

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