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Book a wedding wishes


Book wish with their own hands - a perfect gift, which made difficult, and give joyful moments as you and newlyweds

The book wishes, one of the most relevant andinteresting attributes of the wedding. Can you imagine, many years later, you open it and read the wishes of their friends and relatives, once remember the exciting day - your wedding!

Of course, I want to, and she was in a single stylistic direction triumphantly.

We need:

  • book requests in beige (regular book, you can buy in a wedding shop)
  • white tulle
  • white paper with a picture
  • glue gun
  • ribbon width of 2 cm, pink - coral
  • PVA glue
  • ruler
  • cutter

How to do:

  1. Book a wedding wishesWith cutter and ruler, paper with a pattern,cut a rectangle, so that it was less than the book wishes to 1 cm on all sides. For example, if the book is 20x15 cm, paper-cut 18h13 see no need to use scissors, straight edge, you'll get only by a cutter.;
  2. Cut the ribbon size of 3 cm more than the toppaper with a pattern. So, 1.5 cm on edge. You can just bend the edge of the iron and iron. Then it will be smoother and better bumagu.S fall on the left edge on the front side, using a glue gun we catch of the ribbon to the paper. Overturn the paper inside out and using PVA glue edges of the ribbon to the paper;
  3. Then it is best to put the workpiece under pressure, so that it is uniformly stuck and not deformed;
  4. Now make the "skirts" of tulle for ribbons. Cut the ribbon 20-30 cm long and 2 cm wide. Vdev white thread a needle, pick a tape on a thread before the end of the tape. Then, tighten and fasten;
  5. Then we cut off 12 cm pink - coral ribbons and tying a bow. Singeing a lighter or a match ends, the tape does not blossomed;
  6. Bows should not be too large, they should be included in the "skirt", and it is better if they are a little less;
  7. Now with the help of glue-gun sits on the bow "skirt" and presses;
  8. Take the paper with a ribbon and a good coat with her white glue on the back side, put the book wishes, so that each end left by 1 cm;
  9. Well smoothes and the press. After half an hour, get a book, and with the help of glue - glue gun bow on the ribbon on the left side.

This book wishes for a wedding, ready! As a result, we turned out such a beautiful book that's wishes with his own hands! Create and raduyte yourself and your loved ones!

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