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Patterns on clothes, obtained by Chinese techniques


Technique of dyeing Tai Tai Dye allows you to get original patterns on the fabric. If you want, you can master this technique yourself, there is not much that is required for this

Tai itself, the technique has more than one hundredYears and its birthplace is Ancient India and China. The movement of the hippies in the last century breathed new life into it and now many modern clothing brands use this technique for painting manufactured products. However, by buying an expensive branded T-shirt you can save money and easily create a masterpiece of famous equipment at home.

Variety of patterns

Patterns on clothes, obtained by Chinese techniquesHow many people - so many opinions and the same number of options Coloring clothes On the technique of Tai give. It's about the options for obtaining patterns, and the colors of the colors, their concentration and mixing with each other can be any.

Here are some of them, we'll start with the most popular:

  • Spiral - to get this classic andThe most popular pattern of t-shirts, taiyou give, clothes should be placed on a flat surface, and then put the thumb in the center and, assisting the index, begin to wrap it around. Fix the resulting pattern with threads or elastic bands;
  • Vertical or horizontal strips - forThis T-shirt should also be placed on a flat surface and rolled into a tube, starting from the bottom. Use the rubber bands to intercept it in several places. Their number will determine the number of horizontal strips on clothing. If you wrap the shirt in a tube not from the bottom, but from any side, you can get a pattern with vertical stripes;
  • Peas - this pattern is very easy to get,It is enough in any arbitrary places to intercept an elastic band on a T-shirt. If you twist them a little by the spiral principle, you will have several circles of the corresponding shape;
  • How to do Tai give a T-shirt on the technique,Assuming the placement on it of a pattern in the form of a rose? To do this, you need to make three protectors next to each other and connect them together with a rubber band. The more protectors you have, the more detailed the result will be a rose;
  • If you do not know what pattern you want to get, just question the shirt in a lump and wrap it with elastic bands. As a result, you will get a bruising effect;
  • Folds - to create folds, the shirt must be folded in the form of a fan. As a result, you get horizontal or vertical strips, as in the second type;
  • Patterns on clothes, obtained by Chinese techniquesLightning - this technique for Tai Chi clothing is consideredOne of the most difficult. To obtain a pattern of lightning, it must be folded in half and along, so that the line of inflection passes through the center of the throat. Now make two creases so that its seams are formed in the letter "and". There are several layers or folds that can be made, the main thing is to keep a distance of 5 cm between them. Do not forget to intercept the product with elastic bands: the more they are, the more detailed the lightning will turn out.

We paint clothes on technique

For coloring at home, youYou will need a plastic container or basin, paint and salt. Paints for textiles can be purchased at any specialized store, although some users successfully paint things with ordinary acrylic paints.

If you plan to work with several colors, you will need an appropriate number of containers, otherwise you will each time have to wash the pelvis and inject a new solution.

Proceed according to the following algorithm:

  • Dilute the color composition according to the instructions and addIn it a tablespoon of salt, which will help him to better fix on the fabric. Note that the more water you add to the tank, the paler the color will turn out;
  • Patterns on clothes, obtained by Chinese techniquesBy typing the paint in the syringe or simply dipping into itBrush, apply the ornament on the fabric. If there is neither one nor the other, the solution can simply be poured on a cloth. If you plan to use another color of the color solution, do the same;
  • Leave the T-shirt to dry for one day: it is necessary to permanently fix the pattern on the fabric;
  • Now it's time to wash the product in warm water and dry it at room temperature.

Interesting patterns and bright things!

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