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Sling: convenient and necessary assistant to the modern woman


Often young mums have to take their children with them for shopping or drive them to the clinic. For a long time to wear on your hands is not particularly easy, so was coined Sling

Many modern women aspire to the businesscombine a successful career and raising children with an active lifestyle and travel the world. And for many it does work! There are plenty of tools to help young mums if necessary everywhere to take with your baby.

Sling: convenient and necessary assistant to the modern womanOne of the most popular "assistants"Is a sling for carrying infants, which makes it easy to transport your baby while leaving your hands completely free.

Buy a desired device can be in many stores, but you can make a sling with his own hands, and then you will not only convenient, but also the original "assistant".

Types of slings

There are several types of slings,production of which is slightly different. In addition, each of them has its pros and cons, which manifest themselves in the course of its operation. Therefore, before embarking on making sling for babies with their hands need to determine what type of product is right for you.

The most practical and comfortable recognized as such varieties:

  • Sling-scarf - just perfect formonthly transport kids and for socks-year-olds. The only drawback of the original device can be considered some disadvantages when it is equipped for the first time since to tie it required skill and dexterity;
  • Sling-pocket - a very simple and easy to put on her mother, and also easily allows you to extract the baby and "pocket", It takes up little space. This handling can be used to transport kids older than 4 months;
  • Sling on the rings - a fairly simple and easy-to-handle device, like excellent for hiking. At present, carrying with rings are the most popular;
  • May-sling - perfect for carryingKids older than 6 months at a position with his back to her mother, which allows them to freely examine all around, not just your mother, and various decorations on the neck, beads and so on. Sling with your hands will help your child learn about the world.

Sling Sew their own hands will be able to even those moms,who had not seen in his special abilities to needlework. Ideally, for this you will need a sewing machine, but you can do without it. The most important thing - a great desire to make their own fashion and comfortable baby sling.

Necessary materials

In order not to get lost in the store tissues andaccessories and not buy a lot of unnecessary and sometimes simply not suitable for the manufacture of the materials you need to decide exactly what you want to sew a sling, what time of year you plan to use it, what is the child's age and other factors.

In order to quickly make a sling with your hands, you'll need the following materials and tools:

  • Fabric - when it is selected should be in addition to its colorpreferences and season into account such parameters as the density of the fabric, its strength and durability, and ease of washing. The ideal situation for the sling material is dense knitted fabric, calico or calico;
  • Threads - of their choice should be given special attention. They should be durable and wear-resistant. This is perhaps one of the few cases where their preference should be given to synthetic Threads;
  • Chalk or remnant to mark, if required;
  • Tailoring scissors and needles for sewing basting or if there is no sewing machine.

If you decide to make your own hands sling with the rings, then you still need a strong metal ring in the amount of two pieces.

Sew sling-scarf

Sling: convenient and necessary assistant to the modern womanConsider the simplest method of makingSling with your hands. Many moms choose exactly sling-scarf because it can be fastened in various ways by placing a child in various positions. In addition, it is suitable for newborns, and for the year-old children. Sew their own hands Sling scarf is very simple, it does not need to have any special skills.

To make sling scarf, you will neednot less than five meters of fabric width of 50-70 cm. The best way to make him whole-cut matter sticking to the seams are not rubbed and do not interfere with the child. Such a scarf for transporting a child can have multiple forms, it all depends on your personal preferences. The simplest and most common form is a rectangle, but this "carry" may have an oval shape or a parallelogram shape.

The first thing to do - cut out clothSling your chosen form width 0.7-0.8 m and 5.0-5.5 m in length. Next, you need to treat the edges manually or using a sewing machine. Then you need to wash the product, dry and iron the iron. That's all for carrying baby scarf ready, it remains only to learn how to tie it.

How to wear it?

Tying this option to carry a child requires some skill. So for starters, you can work out a soft toy or pillow.

Tie-scarf sling should be as follows:

  • Fold the scarf in half, and then attach it to the middle of the abdomen. The fabric of this should be straightened;
  • Throw one end through the back to the opposite shoulder, the same repeat with the second end;
  • Ahead on the belly should form a kind of pocket and on the back of the cross made of cloth strips, the ends of which should hang from the shoulders forward. The lower edge of the pocket should be at the level of the navel;
  • Sling: convenient and necessary assistant to the modern womanTake the kid (and better toy for training), attach it to the shoulder, then gently lower it into the pocket on his stomach. Wherein the legs have to be spread apart, they are arranged symmetrically.
  • Next, you need to spread your pocket so that the top edge was held at the level of the armpits, and the bottom - at the level of the priests;
  • Tighten one end of the scarf to hold it under the baby's ass, and the opposite leg. Similarly, you need to drag, and the other end of the scarf, of which the cross is to be formed under the booty;
  • Now you need to tie the ends into a knot behind his back at waist level.

That's all! You can go with the baby for a walk! Enjoy your sewing and comfortable use of this super-assistant!

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