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A sleeping bag for babies with their hands: an irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe


Sleeping bag - great for the kid. You can sew a sleeping bag for babies with their hands and resting peacefully, without fear that the covers open or feet will slip on a child's face

If you collect a dowry for your baby orThink that to buy a gift to relatives or friends, recently become parents, pay attention to the sleeping bag for the baby. This product is an average version between a blanket and a sleeping bag, but differs much more convenience and practicality.

In it, the toddler moves legs freely, staying warm, and parents can forget about restless sleep, when several times a night you have to jump up to check whether the blanket is in place.

What is and what is good

This is a product that has nothing to do withSleeping bag, which they take with them on a hike. It is more a hybrid of a coveralls and an envelope. On his shoulders, he holds on to the straps, like sliders, fastened with Velcro, buttons or buttons, and the legs fit freely into a large, spacious pocket. Such a product will not block the movements of the baby in a dream, but at the same time there is no risk that it will slide and open the baby's bare legs. So, the baby will not freeze in cold weather.

But not only this property attracts parents when buying:

  • A sleeping bag for babies with their hands: an irreplaceable thing in the wardrobeSleeping bag for newborns is much safer than blankets. After all, when using the latter
    There is a risk not only of hypothermia, but also of more severe consequences, when the blanket is stretched on the face of the baby. With a sleeping bag the probability of suffocation is reduced to zero;
  • In addition, experts note one moreUseful property of this object: such a cocoon creates conditions that are close to those that were observed in prenatal life. The Kid feels protection around him and sleeps more calmly;
  • The only condition is to accustom the child to the sleeping bag immediately upon return from the hospital, otherwise he can resist such an innovation.

Many mothers note the inconvenience when replacing diapers.

However, the whole day the baby will not be in the sleeping bag, and the diaper worn at night will cope with its task, and it will not be necessary to change it several times during sleep.

How to sew yourself

Even those moms who are not too familiar with the sewing machine can sew a sleeping bag for newborns with their own hands:

  • To make a pattern, you can, withoutSlyly, just circle the top of any sliders, not forgetting to add a couple of centimeters from each edge to the seams, and the bottom of the product to make a straight or rounded, based on the growth of your child. When constructing the patterns of a sleeping bag with your own hands, use a large sheet of paper and note that the length of the product should exceed the child's height by 15-20 cm;
  • A sleeping bag for babies with their hands: an irreplaceable thing in the wardrobeSuitable material to sew a sleepingBag, will be cotton, wool, knitwear, flannel, etc. It all depends on the temperature in the room and the birth time of the baby. If you sew a sleeping bag for a child with your own hands for walking outdoors, then you can make a layer of some kind of insulation, such as a sintepon or holofayber. In any case, you better know what a newborn baby needs. The pattern you get will be used to cut the fabric. In this case, the bag can be as one-piece, that is, cut out from a single cloth, and consist of overhead shelves;
  • How to properly sew a sleeping bag with your own hands? All layers are sewn face to face. In the place where it is planned to insert the lock, allowances for seams should be at least 2 cm, so that it would be more convenient to work;
  • If you plan to sew a sleeping bag for your child with your own hands, you can perform it from a double layer of flannel, then it will be safer for the baby in the sense that the lock "Hide" Between layers of fabric and will not scratch the child's delicate skin. The top of the product can be treated with an overlock, and only then sew a well-knit oblique jersey from knitwear;
  • It is not advisable to use a narrow beam, because it will be hard for non-professionals to lay a flat line and not to leave the intended trajectory.

That's all - a sleeping bag made by own hands,Ready. Experienced masters argue that the back of the product is better to perform from the whole canvas, so that the baby could sleep peacefully and he did not interfere with the seams and any other elements on the fabric. But in front you can make a beautiful application or decorate the product with various embroideries, ribbons, etc.

But the main thing is what will this bag have - it's the warmth of my mother's love, which is able to warm the crumbs more than any insulation. Good luck!

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