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Skirt trapezoid: the bases of cutting and sewing


Skirt trapezium - an indispensable subject of a wardrobe of any modern woman. The pattern of such a skirt is easy to make, having on hand a ready sketch of a straight skirt

Skirt trapezoid is a model of A-silhouette, whichTightly sits at the waist, but gradually widens to the bottom. Dreamers of such a style dreamed of the subject of a wardrobe of the 60s of last century, and even today this model does not give up its positions, occupying an honorable place in the closet of most modern women. Laconic, not tolerating any additional details, the product will be appropriate both at a party and a business meeting.

How to make a pattern

Skirt trapezoid: the bases of cutting and sewingThe pattern of the skirt of a trapeze should be started withPattern the basis of a straight skirt. If this is already available, expand it to the bottom will not be difficult. The product, tailored to the scythe, has one indisputable advantage - it sits better on the figure, creating a streamlined silhouette. She can afford to wear a girl with any parameters, and the length can be made any, ranging from mini and finishing maxi.

So, to make a skirt trapezium with your own hands,It is necessary to expand the pattern of a straight product built on its own figure, closing the dart on the waist. To do this, cut the drawing from the tops of the darts to the bottom and close them.

Expansion on the bottom is required to be made the same,In this case, the dart at the rear can not close completely. When sewing two small darts at the back will need to be stitched. Smoothly combining chalk or pencil two points down, get two almost identical parts.

How to cut a skirt in the form of a trapezoid? To cut this subject of the women's wardrobe by a scythe, you will need patterns in the unfolded form, as it is planned to lay them on the fabric in one layer.

Experienced seamstresses can do without a singlePatterns from paper, as it is unlikely to make mistakes when drawing pattern-halves immediately on the fabric. The shape of a skirt in the form of a trapezoid for beginners can be associated with certain difficulties, so these girls should not regret the paper.

At this stage, the seamstress has already acquired a back andFront detail of the pattern, each of which has a length of 60 cm. Such a drawing allows you to make both a pattern of a long skirt of a trapezoid in the floor, and a short one - a mini. It is enough to build a new bottom line. If you plan to sew a thing in the floor, then the drawing needs to be extended. Lateral lines extend downward in a straight line by the required amount.

Stages of the process of layout on the fabric

Last "Squeak"Today's fashion - a skirt in the floor. A girl who has tried on such an image adds a touch of intrigue and romance to her outfit. It's no secret that what is hidden from prying eyes excites men more than what is exposed. To make such a boggling imagination skirt trapezium appeared in your own wardrobe, you need a cloth with a width of 150 cm or any desired width to spread out into one layer, face down.

Skirt trapezoid: the bases of cutting and sewing

Having drawn the diagonal at an angle of 45?, Draw a center line pattern. If you plan to use the drawing in half size, then it must be applied to the diagonal in turn, first left, then right.

Here on the fabric, you can also make an extension of the product, but do not rush to cut until all the details are built.

Similarly, construct a second detail of thisThe subject of the wardrobe. Do not forget about the allowances for seams, and before cutting make sure that the front and back parts are the same length in the vicinity of the side sections.

The tissue consumption may increase in the following cases:

  • If the fabric has a smaller width;
  • If the future trapezoid skirt is planned more flared. In this example, for each part, the width at the bottom is 80 cm;
  • If the girl has a hip size exceeding 100 cm;
  • If you plan to sew this wardrobe even longer;
  • If the tissue is torn into a cage. In this case, you need to customize the picture.

A trapezoid skirt can not do without a belt. If you plan to make a tie belt, then you need to cut a strip of fabric, the length of which should be equal to the waist circumference plus 4 cm per clasp and seams. You can simply process the top edge of the obtachka. To do this, in the drawing, it is necessary to postpone from the waist line down to 3-4 cm, cut off, connect the darts and everything, in the hands of the seamstress will be a pattern of obtachka. It is enough to translate it on a fabric, set allowances for seams and cut out.

The final stage of work

Skirt trapezoid: the bases of cutting and sewingHow to sew a skirt in the form of a trapezoid? The most important thing is to check the length of the sewn sections before the cut. To prevent unnecessary planting of the fabric during sewing, it is necessary to fold the two parts together, take them by the upper edge and allow them to hang freely. Do not change the position, secure with needles in three or four places. After this, the product can be placed on the table, basting or directly scribbling.

An excellent benchmark for stitching seams isDrawing into the cage, of course, provided that it was matched correctly. It is enough to connect the sections exactly according to the drawing and no distortions after that are not terrible.

Like any other similar item of wardrobe,Skirt trapezium requires the sizing of the belt with a special base. Cut out on the oblique product will look better, if from below to perform a wide podgibku manually and make Blind seam.

Sew a fashionable skirt is not difficult, if you understand all the intricacies and be extremely attentive. Fashionable clothes for you and successful tailoring!

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