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Skirt-chetyrehklinka - how to cut out and sew?


Skirt-cheyrehlink, tight hips and expanding to the bottom - an attractive wardrobe item, which is easy to make by yourself

A skirt is a wardrobe item thatAllows you to create a lot of interesting images, reflect the mood of a woman, and even her social position. The simplest, and at the same time, popular style, is still considered the skirt of a four-piece, consisting of 4 cone-shaped tissue fragments. It has a rather peculiar form, since the finished product very strongly wraps around the waist, but it greatly expands in the lower part.

For beginners, let the fact thatThe construction of a pattern for their first-ever skirt-four-skirt will be the simplest exercise: it will only be necessary to determine the circumference of the waist, and the length of the overall clothes.

Who is allowed to wear?

Skirt-chetyrehklinka - how to cut out and sew?This model has one feature, which is its universality.

Four-clay can be an ornament of the elderly andA young woman, hide too narrow hips, emphasize the waistline, balance the too wide shoulder line and smooth the steepness of the thighs, if it comes to a plump owner.

Of great importance is the length of the pattern of the futureProducts. Short, it attracts the gaze of the stronger sex to slim female legs, down to the knees or below - suits business and formal events, but the long one - extends the silhouette, adds to it sexuality, freedom, comfort and ease at the same time.

The pattern of such a skirt can become the basis for making clothes on a coquette, especially suitable for the full-grown ladies and for those who associate the figure with an hourglass.

If you sew a new skirt-four-piece from the fabric withTransverse bands, it will expand the figure, but remove the growth, while the longitudinal lines create completely opposite visual metamorphosis. Well, the fabric with oblique lines - this is a separate conversation, because the finished outfit will make the figure refined and elegant.

But the most hit option is leather orDermatovenous four-wedge, with patch pockets and a tucked-in waistband. It does not need to be ironed, often washed or afraid to tear / crumple, and therefore sew it - a great idea, which must immediately be translated into reality.

How to sew yourself?

So, the construction of the pattern begins with the removalMeasurements. Measure the length of the product, the waist and hip circumference, on the basis of which the pattern of one wedge is drawn. As you already know, there will be only four of them, they are absolutely identical, and therefore the pattern will be only one. The waist line for one wedge is calculated as follows: the entire measurement of this part of the body is divided by 4 (the number of wedges). Similarly, you need to do with the hip line: the common circle is divided by 4. The length is chosen arbitrarily, its meaning and relevance is written above.

As soon as the pattern of the homemade skirt-four-skirt is drawn, begin to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Skirt-chetyrehklinka - how to cut out and sew?Place the wedge on the fabric so that the material is used sparingly. In fact, it needs to be outlined in a checkerboard pattern, turning the pattern one by one, then down, then up;
  • Belt, whether it is on an elastic band or pritacchnoy,It is covered only by shares of strands. The length should be increased by 8 cm, making a greater waist circumference, and the width to choose depending on their taste preferences;
  • Then you need to sew a skirt, that is, sew the sides of all the wedges, not forgetting to leave an undelivered place on the back seam, which will be inserted lightning fastener;
  • The custom belt is attached as follows: Its front side is applied to the outside of the future skirt, it is sharpened, the seam is cut as close to the formed line as possible, and all allowances are pressed together. Then he will be left to turn inside out, sweep, detach from his face so that he can catch the curved allowance left from the wrong side.

In the same way, a four-piece skirt is sewn, as well as a product consisting of six, and even eight wedges, on an elastic band, an ordinary prival belt.

Also, a pattern is made for a child analog that has a minimum length.

From what to wear?

The existing models of self-made skirts-four-blades differ only in their length.

Skirt-chetyrehklinka - how to cut out and sew?It freely varies from bold mini, to romantic maxi, beloved by women who value comfort and self-confidence.

Depending on what is the purpose of the sewingThe product, whether it will hide or, on the contrary, emphasize, the waist's volume, the fullness / thinness of the legs or the volume of the hips, can be worn literally with all that is already available in the wardrobe.

The four-piece looks great with beautiful blouses and pullovers, tucked inside or loosely topped, shortened jacket, fur vests and blouses on buttons.

Of shoes - solely heel, no tankersOr platforms. With such a skirt, it is customary to wear shoes, ankle boots, stockings-stockings and just boots, but only on a heel, thin or medium-thick. If growth allows, supplement the image with ballet, but do not get carried away, since the usual convenience will steal the sexiness, which gives a skirt of this style.

The most daring fashionable women recommend combining a four-wedge with matt dense tights of bright or muted color, shortened tops and turtlenecks "In the guise".

What will you wear? It all depends on your sense of taste and tact, because such a skirt is ready for any experiments. Stylish and bright images to you!

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