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The shelf with our own hands: we create comfort ourselves


A shelf made by own hands is not only a useful piece of interior, but also a cost saving. Use this instruction and make a shelf yourself

Collect in own strength a shelf for books, phoneOr souvenirs means not only to build a unique interior for your home, but also to receive great satisfaction and pride from the work done.

The shelf with our own hands: we create comfort ourselvesWell, if you turn this activity into a hobby, thenYou can get an excellent source of additional income, because shelves for icons or toys, personally made of solid wood or laminated chipboard, are in no way inferior to their factory counterparts.

And it concerns not only the appearance, but also such user parameters as durability and strength.

Types of shelves

Concerning the placement in the room, the shelf for icons or books made by oneself can be the following:

  • Wall, which is attached to the wall. Usually located above a loft bed or a desk;
  • A hanging shelf for an onion or objects of decor, which is hung up by its own hands on cables, straps, chains and other devices;
  • Angled, located between two adjacent vertical surfaces. Maybe attached to both the ceiling and the walls.

If you classify independently made shelves for shoes or toys according to the material of their manufacture, then the following types can be distinguished:

  • Made of wood;
  • Assembled from metal or forged parts;
  • Constructed of glass;
  • Combined;
  • Gypsum board, MDF or chipboard.

If we talk about design features, thenKitchen shelves, made by hand and at home, can be cantilevered, without sidewalls and with those, with and without a back wall, consisting of several tiers, with straight, inclined or rounded corners, horizontal and vertical.

In reality, it is very difficult to list allVariants of how a book shelf, collected by oneself, can look like. Every national craftsman and master creates his own personal sketches and drawings, after the realization of which, a unique product appears. It fits perfectly into the existing interior of the house, performing a decorative and functional load.

Where to start and how?

The shelf with our own hands: we create comfort ourselvesDo not be afraid to start making shelves for yourAt home, because in most cases, the process itself is similar to assembling a designer. In furniture stores you can buy everything you need: wooden elements, a foundation of MDF or chipboard, accessories and stuff. Moreover, it is up to you to make some parts yourself.

So, for example, after pruning fruit treesThere is a lot of natural material from which you can make platelets and plaques. Much faster and easier to work with freshly cut branches, which are processed using an ax and a hacksaw.

Parts of the trunk are split into logs, each ofWhich is woven from all sides before the receipt of the plaque. Do not have to do too thin workpieces, otherwise the future shelf for books or other items made by their own hands is simply cracked during the drying process. The latter occurs under room conditions, and lasts no less than 2-3 months.

If there is a need to build the most simple and laconic shelves for the kitchen or bathroom, you can proceed as follows:

  • Stock up with two long and a pair of short boards, from the dimensions of which the height and length of the shelves will depend;
  • Buy at least 12 medium-length self-cutters and a couple of canopies so that your shelf can firmly and reliably hang on the wall;
  • It does not matter whether your goal is simpleA shelf for shoes or other items, they will have to work with a screwdriver and a drill with their own hands. Do not forget to buy a decorative edge band and a pair of anchors;
  • Assembly begins with the fact that individual wooden elements need to be properly set relative to each other. Transverse boards are fixed securely flush;
  • The shelf with our own hands: we create comfort ourselvesFor easier work, the shelf for the phone orShoes, built with their own hands, should be done step by step. So, for example, if it consists of two horizontal parts (as in our case), it is better to initially collect two half-regiments that will be assembled together by self-cutting fasteners;
  • At the end of the work, the shelf needs to be painted, if it is made of wood, or pasted with PVC edge, if it is a product from MDF or chipboard.

When a shelf for hunting bow or ornamentalKnick-knacks, made by own hands, completely dry, the canopies are fastened to the joints of the boards. And the screws need to be screwed into both the upper and lower boards. On the wall, in precisely verified places, holes are drilled, chopics are hammered in there and self-tapping screws are screwed.

Everything, your regiment can be hung on its permanent place and loaded with what it is intended for.

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