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We sew a fashionable coat without a pattern!


How to sew a summer, winter or demi-season coat without a pattern by yourself? Follow the instructions and get a stylish thing in the wardrobe!

Sewing a coat is quite rightly associatedWe have complex patterns, darts, processing lapels and pockets, in short, with a variety of tailor tricks that the amateur simply can not shoulder.

I have an idea? Embodiment!

We sew a fashionable coat without a pattern!However, everything is not as difficult as it might seemFirst glance. Moreover, the product can be sewn at all without a pattern! At the same time, its elegance, style and quality will not be inferior to standard things of this type.

And you will feel amazingOriginal, possessing an original image, unique from no one side. This style is offered and top couturier: on modern podium displays, now and then flashed models in ponchos, asymmetric coats, cloaks, reminiscent of medieval cloaks.

Do you want to be the most fashionable young lady and be in a trend? We will show you how you can sew an outer garment element with your own hands, without wispy drawings, markings and templates.

It does not matter which coat you sew - summer, orDemi-season. Pattern is not required in all cases. In addition, fashionable dense fabrics are easily amenable to sewing, so you can not be afraid of the very technical process of sewing.

To sew a beautiful coat without a pattern, youYou need some skills, or trivial accuracy. Of course, if you approach the case irresponsibly and impulsively, it is unlikely that you will get a quality and visually appealing thing. So get ready for some calculations and adjust yourself to proper care. Otherwise, you can just spoil the fabric and be disappointed in your handmade abilities.

Shaped preferences

The easiest way to sew a coat with your own hands without a pattern is to choose an asymmetrical shape. The finished product will look like a cloak with a deflated shoulder.

We sew a fashionable coat without a pattern!This thing will be relevant everywhere: On the city's New Year tree, on a cool summer evening, on a warm spring day in the center of the megalopolis. A pattern for this model will not be required, and you will only need some measurements.

In addition, it will be necessary to select a qualitativeA fabric that would correspond to a specific time of year. Do not take wool, because if you are an amateur in sewing, processing it will seem like a very difficult task for you.

Remove from your figure such measurements:

  • Length of the product (here it is optimal to navigateOn their own taste preferences in this matter, however, as practice shows, the coat best looks to the middle of the thigh; You can also consider "mini", Especially if you wear tunics and leggings);
  • Half-girth of hips and neck;
  • The length of the sleeve and its width;
  • Length of the shoulder.

All measurements are taken and compiled in the familiarMode, excluding the length of the sleeve. It should not be measured from the shoulder itself, as they do when sewing other products, but 10 cm below it. Since this style is the most free of all existing, as a basis you will need the greatest value of the semi-grip.

Usually in women it is the hips, but maybe the chest. Calculation of consumable material also almost does not differ from the usual.

If the width of the cut exceeds the total volume of the hips, 15-20 cm of fabric should be added to the processing of the sleeves. Modern fabrics can be cut in any direction - this is one of their key advantages.

We sew a fashionable coat without a pattern!By the way, such a product can be made from fur,Because it has the same technical characteristics. Choose an artificial fur of a leopard, fox or a tiger, and you will become not only a stunningly elegant, but also a truly luxurious woman. So, we figured out the shape, which will become the most relevant for sewing without a pattern. Now we have to arm ourselves with all the necessary tools that we will need in the process of creating a fashionable thing.

You will need such materials and tools:

  1. Cloth for lining (specify with the seller-consultant, when you decide on the main material);
  2. Sewing accessories: ruler, centimeter tape, scissors or clerical knife, threads in the tone of the main fabric, pins, needles, tracing paper, etc .;
  3. Non-woven fleece glue;
  4. Insulation (if winter or demi season is planned);
  5. Exquisite large buttons.

All listed materials are needed only forWarm products. If you are thinking about how to sew an attractive summer coat without a pattern, they will not be useful to you. In addition, in this case, you can select any fabric and focus on any shades. For a light version, much less tissue is also needed. And the sleeve can be made short, or?.

Step-by-step sewing without a preliminary pattern

We sew a fashionable coat without a pattern!How to sew a coat without a pattern? First of all, calculate the amount of material. After that, cut off the part that will be removed for the sleeves. Put the base on the table with the wrong side up.

After that, find on it an average share thread. Draw it with a horizontal line (this can be done with a pencil or a remnant). After that, bend the two sides to the middle of the back, so that they go a little behind your line.

All that remains will be the width of the clasp. Now lightly press the fold lines, but do not overdo it. On the fold lines from the upper sections, measure the width of the future sleeve. Put here "Identification marks", Or secure with pins.

Further, from the top of the base make straight cuts to these points. Half-seizure of the neck, divided in half, set aside on both sides of the median line.

The same meaning, step back from the corners of the front halves. Mark the line of the cut to your own taste, but keep in mind that it should be somewhat deeper than the back.

Carefully twist your workpieceInside out, combine the lines of the throat marks and sweep the shoulder seams. If a heater or lining cloth is provided, perform the same manipulations with them. The most acceptable option as a heat-insulating sheet is a sheet of sintepon. If the coat is summer, no action is necessary with additional material.

After you have prepared the main part of the workpiece, start working with the sleeves.

To do this, take two rectangularParts of the same tissue. In principle, the sleeves can be made from other materials, but here everything depends on your personal preferences in style and image. Anyway, the length of each rectangle should be the length of the sleeve, and the width - respectively, its width. Fold your workpieces in half along the length, the front side of the fabric inside. Gently sweep the longitudinal seam. Stitch the received stitch and iron the allowances. If your product has a lining or insulation, do the same with their lining "Sleeves" Parts.

Finish the assembly to the state of the finished item

You have successfully coped with all the blanks, and now, we came to the most crucial moment - the assembly.

How to produce it correctly?

  • We sew a fashionable coat without a pattern!On the main part of the product, open the sub-cut fasteners for the fasteners and collar;
  • Fix the details with adhesive fleece;
  • Align the sides of the future coat, folding the beys with its main part;
  • Sweep, and why attach the beiki, cut off excess tissue, turn out;
  • Open the edges and bend their folds;
  • Now try on the coat you received and estimate thatAt you left. If it looks too loose or hides the dignity of your figure, it's time to adjust the thing right now. Try to strive for the ideal style, which looks best on your adorable figure;
  • In the same sequence, sew the sleeves;
  • Perform identical manipulations with the heater;
  • You should have three products that you just need to connect;
  • Synteponovy layer put into the base of the coat and attach the sewing pins. Cut the allowances. Lower edges of a heater and a lining sew an overlock;
  • The case for small - make slits for buttons andSew the latches themselves. To do this, try on the coat again and mark the locations of the buttons. Now form slits or loops, focusing on your own preferences. Sew the buttons;
  • Your coat is ready! But no one limits you to fantasy and creativity, so some of his decorating remains at your discretion.

This thing will be useful in both women's andMen's wardrobe. In addition, your children will be happy to wear a coat of this kind, so you can sew such a simple and beautiful thing not only for yourself, but for them. If you have a daughter, do not forget to decorate your coat, because girls so love accessories and sparkling little things from childhood! And the boy will be very stylish look like this thing with a picture in the cage.

Be stylish and irresistible!

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