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Should I buy a pareo


Gathered at sea, but in stores there is no such pareo that would ideally fit your swimsuit? Read our article and you will learn how to sew it yourself

Going to the sea, you must takeWith a pareo. It is useful not only for you on the road from the beach to the hotel, but also for sunburn, which is very harmful to your tender skin.

Should I buy a pareoBut when buying pareos, we do not always find thatWe liked it at first sight. And here the torment begins: go to the sea without a handkerchief at all, do not buy anything in this store and go look for another one or buy the first one.

Of course, you can buy what you absolutelyDo not go, hoping that the people at the resort see you for the first and last time. But every woman wants to look amazing every day, regardless of whether she is at home or on vacation.

If you could not choose anything inShop, then we suggest you try to sew pareos with your own hands. So you can realize your vision of the outfit, add some zest that will excrete you from the crowd.

How to sew pareo

Considering that you will be the first to sew such aThing, then you need to take the fabric with a margin. Suddenly something will go wrong, and you will be forced to remodel. And in the store you need the fabric for the second time and may not be.

So, you will need:

  • A large cut of fabric, the size of which should beApproximately 1,8? 1,5 meters. Do not save, because if you do everything right, then from the sewed pareo you can make not only a skirt for the beach, but a sarafan;
  • Approximately three meters of gum;
  • A little ornamental cord for strings.

Should I buy a pareoNow as to what kind of fabric should be. It is best to buy silk or cambric. Chiffon is also suitable. The color is better to choose bright, colorful - you are going to rest on the sea, where the bright-bright sun and the blue sea will not allow you to give way to despondency.

And when you buy everything you need forIn order to sew pareos for the beach, you will only need time and patience, because even such an uncomplicated thing requires some practice. But do not worry, you always get it, just need a little faith in yourself!

How to sew a pareo with your own hands

Now proceed to the actual sewing procedure. Before you start creating a beach accessory, you need to iron the fabric well. Carefully watch that there is not the slightest fold on the fabric, as this slight error can spoil the whole appearance.

After the tissue was left noWrinkles, you need to process the edges. If you do not, then after a while they will begin to fringe, and your beautiful summer pareo will turn into a regular rag.

After you have bent the edges, with the topHand sewing rubber. She will hold the pareo in such a way that you do not constantly worry that it will now fall. Attention! Do not make too long a belt, especially if you are a pyshnenkaya girl. So you just draw an ugly figure. Yes, and comfortable in such a beach skirt you will not.

Interesting is also the way to sew a pareo on the technique "batik". Of course, it's much easier and faster to buy ready-made fabric, but by creating a thing using such an original technique, you will only add to your personality image.

Video tutorials on "batik"Quite a lot, the only thing that you will definitely need in the process of painting the fabric is a sliding frame. On it, you pull the fabric and will work on creating your own drawing.

How to sew a tunic from a pareo

Today women of fashion around the world are actively discussingWhether it is necessary to buy a pair, if the special beach tunic is much more convenient. Firstly, she does not strive to crawl away from any abrupt movement. Secondly, you do not need to think about how to tie a knot in such a way as not to spoil the figure.

Now let's move on to how to sew a tunic. Well, first of all, it should be said that nothing is complicated in this. And even if you have never held a needle in your hands before, there are a lot of videos on the Internet, on which you will be told and show how to sew one or another model with your own hands.

Should I buy a pareoAnd if you firmly decided to abandon the pareo inUse tunic, then you can use handkerchief as material for sewing. The easiest way to create: take two pieces of the same or almost the same color and sew one to the other at the shoulder level.

Then sew the fabric around the edges, leaving the armhole. If you want to sew a small sleeve, then you need to cut it out of a similar piece of fabric and sew it to the armhole. And you can leave the tunic, as it is, without a sleeve.

By the way, if you do it all neatly,Then you can wear a tunic not only on the beach, but in the city, then you just need to bandage it with a girdle and put under it leggings or trousers.

In general, in order to sew a pareo or tunic, you do not need any special skills. Here, most importantly - the desire, the presence of tissue and time.

Do not forget that a tunic or a pareo should be chosen taking into account the color of the swimsuit, because if they are combined, then you will favorably emphasize your figure.

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