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We create rugs from old things


Rugs from old things can become a real decoration of the room, if you approach the process with fiction. But at first it is desirable to master the simplest technology of weaving rugs

As in recent years there has been a noticeable increase inInterest in Slavic design in the design of the apartment, you can use simple tricks to emphasize the ethnic orientation of the interior. But even in the absence of interest in a certain style, you can make the room much more comfortable by doing mats yourself from old things.

Maybe the rug is simple, but how cute it is!

We create rugs from old thingsUse of old T-shirts, knitted things,Worn jeans will significantly save on the interior. If there is not enough experience in making objects with your own hands, it is recommended to start with the simplest models.

To weave a rug from strips of tissue,Purchase a special canvas. Outwardly it resembles a nylon or plastic net with rather large cells, through which a thick crochet hook will easily pass. In the absence of knitting skills, it is possible to pass strips of tissue through the mesh with your hands.

However, crocheting will allow you to cope with work much faster:

  • Taking out of the closet old and unnecessary things,It is desirable to select from them those that match each other according to the color palette and material. Straighten the seams and dismantling the wardrobe items into separate parts, they are cut into strips, the thickness of which varies within 5-7 cm;
  • To tie a small mat you need toStock up around 20 square meters. M. Of fabric. If your own unnecessary things were not enough, you can make an audit of your girlfriend's wardrobe or cheaply buy suitable blouses in the second hand;
  • The advantage of making a rug from strips is that all work is done "By eye"And even an aspiring needlewoman can easily cope with it;
  • Ruthlessly cutting all the objects into stripsApproximately the same thickness, you need to divide them into pieces 12-15 cm long. This preparatory stage does not end there. Now you need to wash all the cut material, even without the use of powder. You just need to make sure that the strips curl, forming a kind of tubules. Otherwise, the crocheted crochet of old things rug quickly razlohmatitsya;
  • We create rugs from old thingsIt remains to manually weave all the prepared "Straws". The grid is laid on your knees and the process is started. Since the work takes a long time, you can combine it with watching someone show;
  • Weave starts from the central part. «The pipe"Placed under the net and using a hook, both of herThe ends are pulled out so that there are 1-2 grid guides between them. Outside, tie up the ends in a tight knot. Thus, the whole area is processed, moving in a spiral or straight line;
  • If you need a small mat on the size, the excess mesh is cut off. The edges are processed with strips wider. By the way, if there is a fabric of contrasting colors, it is not difficult to perform an object with a geometric pattern.

It is possible to significantly simplify the task if we weave a rug from a rope. In this case, it will be enough to cut into small pieces. A wonderful option - to paint the ropes in different shades.

How to weave a patchwork mat with balls

Of course, you can make a traditional matRound form, crocheted, which many in childhood saw in the grandmother's room. But in this product it is difficult to achieve originality. It is much more interesting to bring a little creative into the work, creating a funny mat of balls.

Especially like these things babies:

  • We create rugs from old thingsPlashevka cut into circles of the same diameter. Each scrap is made in the form of a ball, putting in the middle pieces of sintepon or cotton wool. From below the balls are firmly sewn with kapron thread;
  • It is better to use a shawl of different colors. In this case, the mat turns out to be surprisingly bright and attractive;
  • Prepared balls are fixed on a grid. If there is no network, do not get upset, as a basis you can take any dense fabric;
  • The edges of the grid can be, like the previous version, treated with thick strips of old things.

By the way, traditional rugs of round form will look much more interesting if you perform them from ropes or strips of cloth braided with pigtails.

How to make a mat out of old things pigtails

The set of necessary things to create this model changes slightly. You will need a twine, an adhesive gun and a cut of twine.

For a meter board you need about 70 meters of twine:

  • The string is cut into 3 parts and weaves an even pigtail. The ends of the braid must be fixed, for example, with a hair band;
  • Unlike knitted from old things of a rug, a grid and a hook will not be necessary. You just need to fold the pigtail carefully, carefully watching to make the coils evenly;
  • Every 4-5 cm on the bottom of the product pass a twine, which will hold the desired form of a rug;
  • When the pigtail is finished, its end is tucked inside and fastened with an adhesive gun. Being skilled to weave rugs of the round form, it is possible to diversify work and to make rectangular.

We create rugs from old thingsIf it is useful for mother to do needlework,Creating a knitted floor mat or a rug from the shreds for comfort, the child also will not interfere with mastering the simplest technique, developing the motor skills of the fingers. That's just for work the kid will need sheets of colored paper.

A sheet of paper of the same color is cut with scissorsLine, not bringing them to the edge. It is desirable that they are approximately the same distance from each other. From a sheet of contrasting color, strips are cut, the width of which is equal to the distance between the lines cut on the first sheet.

Each strip is weaved into the base, alternately taking out the outer and inner sides. In order for the weave to hold well, you can glue the edges of the strips near the finished rug.

Weaving the paper mat becomes funEntertainment, which can grow into a real hobby. Who knows, perhaps, from a little girl, with a passion for weaving the simplest pattern of colored paper, will eventually become a real skilled needlewoman?

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