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Making a rug of wine stoppers: a sequence of actions


The manufacture of handicrafts from cork by own hands is carried away by more and more people. The most popular product is a rug of wine stoppers. How to make a beautiful mat with your own hands?

Amazing properties of cork oak cortex byNot only producers and wine lovers appreciated the dignity, but also fans of hand-maid. The natural features of this material allow it to equally well preserve and enhance the taste of the wine, and effectively remove static electricity from the legs, preventing vasospasm and limb spasms.

Making a rug of wine stoppers: a sequence of actionsIt is very convenient to use mats made of cork fromWine in the bathroom, in the hallway near the high chair, on which the shoes are removed and in the toilet, and if you make a massager and roll it with your feet after a day's work for 5 minutes, you will lose fatigue by hand.

Cork corks from wine can alsoUsed to make beautiful and practical gizmos that will help decorate and diversify the room, make it individual, and the decor is memorable.

This can be children's crafts in the form of little animals, panels and pictures of cork from wine, as well as a vase for dried flowers and housekeeper, a box for small items, a stand for hotter and much more.

We make a mat

In order to make a comfortable, practical rug with your own hands that can be used both in the bathroom and in the corridor, the following tools and materials will be needed:

  • A lot of wine stoppers;
  • Cutting board (better wooden);
  • Sharp knife;
  • sandpaper;
  • Glue gun;
  • A new rubber mat or a piece of old oilcloth for the base.

Making a rug of wine stoppers: a sequence of actionsTo begin with we are determined with the size of the futureRug and prepare a cut of oilcloth and rubber base of the right size. It is desirable in advance at least approximately to calculate the necessary number of traffic jams (with a small margin).

This is to ensure that in the midst of the work did not have to convulsively somewhere to look for blanks and prepare them for work.

Calculate the required number of traffic jamsFrom wine is very simple: the most common average plug has a size of 2.0x3.5 cm, simple arithmetic calculations can easily determine the required number of elements. For example, a mat of 60 * 40 cm will require about 170-175 pieces.


When all calculations are made, and materials are collected in a heap, you can start preparing workpieces for work:

  1. Cork should be cut in half along the cutting board with a knife;
  2. Then cut the slices with sandpaper;
  3. Half of the workpiece may differ slightly in length, but this can be corrected during operation;
  4. Making a rug of wine stoppers: a sequence of actionsAfter preparing all blanks, you must make a preliminary fitting of the plugs to the substrate;
  5. You need to lay out one vertical and oneA horizontal row of blanks along the edge of the base in order to evaluate how well they fit into the dimensions of the rug. If everything goes well, you can start gluing the workpieces to the base;
  6. It is recommended to start the workpiece fastening byPerimeter of the future rug, to get something like a frame. This will create even edges of the product, and all the blanks that do not match the size can be adjusted and laid inside the composition;
  7. Apply a layer of glue evenly on theFlat part of the workpiece and after tightly pressing it to the base, you do not need to glue the workpieces together. In a similar way, you need to start laying out the pictures from the cork from the wine - from the edges to the middle;
  8. To place the workpieces inside the rug can be anything, everything will depend on your patience and imagination. These can be even rows, intersecting lines or complex artistic composition;
  9. After all the workpieces are stacked and fixed the rug can be considered almost ready for operation, it remains only to open it with a layer of PVA glue or matte lacquer.

A similar rug can be made using as a main material cork from champagne, only to cut them it is necessary across two equal in height, but differing in diameter, a circle.

Other handmade crafts

Making a rug of wine stoppers: a sequence of actionsIn addition to warm, environmentally friendly and pleasant atTouch the rugs for a bathroom or a corridor, you can make a lot of useful and creative products from cork from wine, which will decorate the interior of any room.

So, sliced ​​in circles with a thickness of 1 centimeter, wine corks can be used to decorate a boring wooden casket, a picture or a conventional stand under the hotter.

The use of decor from the cork from wine willStylish addition in almost any interior. Stylish and comfortable housekeepers from traffic jams from wine will help to always be at hand keys to the apartment or car.

Stand for cups will save furniture from the appearanceDivorce, watches, zadekorirovannye beautiful mugs of cork, will make the interior stylish and unique, and vases of cork from wine of different diameters can easily become the highlight of the whole room.

Fruitful needlework and beautiful products!

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