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Crochet hooks of multi-colored thread


In free from work and home hassle, tie up cute and useful things - crochet hooks. They will look great in the kitchen, which we adorn with special love

For any hostess such a premise in the house asKitchen, is the place where she spends the most time. Therefore, women try to equip it with the most convenient and modern furniture and equipment, as well as fill with useful and beautiful accessories.

Crochet hooks of multi-colored threadOne of the most popular and oftenUsed items are pothooks for the kitchen. Unfortunately, these necessary items are often dirty and burn, it quickly disables them and forces the landlady to buy new ones again and again.

However, not always bought in the store or onMarket products meet the requirements and serve as impeccably as we would like. Therefore, many mistresses-needlewomen try to make practical potholders for the kitchen with their own hands. For example, you can tie beautiful, bright and such necessary hooks hooks.

Knitted kitchen accessories - it's beautiful and practical

Linking potholders for the kitchen yourself, youYou will be sure that at the most crucial moment they will not break. In addition, the process of knitting itself will give you a lot of joy. To tie hooks for the decoration of your kitchen is not at all difficult. Very often complex at first glance, the models are very simple to perform.

In order to work quickly and bring only pleasure, you must prepare all the necessary tools in advance, namely:

  • Yarn;
  • pins;
  • hook;
  • scissors.

All items are spread out within reach so that they can be taken and connected at any time.

Light model "Square"

For beginners, the easiest option is to squeeze a square crochet hook.

Immediately agree on the abbreviations in the description:

  • VP - air loop;
  • SBN - a column without a crochet;
  • SSN - a column with a crochet.

Crochet hooks of multi-colored threadKnit a square is very simple - you need to knitChain of 8 loops, close it in a circle. Then tie the first row of 15 RLS into the middle of the chain. Knitting of the second row occurs according to the following algorithm: 3 CLS are fastened (one in each column of the lower row), two STS in one column (repeat the combination 2 more times), 3 CLS. There should be 4 corners.

To ensure that the product has immediately acquired the correct formSquare, watch the tension of the thread during the work, from time to time straighten the knitting to see how the process is moving, whether it is necessary to tighten it tightly or, conversely, to weaken the binding. Control the needlework right in the process!

Next, knitting follows the same pattern, onlyThe number of columns in the corners is increased to three in each. Knitting continues until the product has acquired the desired size and shape. You can knit with threads of the same color or make a motley combination, even from multi-colored yarn remnants.

Square potholders for the kitchen can also be knit not from the center, but simply in rows. Only after finishing the work, the tack must be tied around the perimeter.

Pothold Flower Claw

You will need a yarn of three shades. First you need to dial 9 VP and connect the resulting chain into a ring. Then tie 18 RLS into a ring and proceed to knitting "Petals". They are knitted as follows: a chain of 23 EPs is fastened and attached in the same place from which it began. This will be the first petal.

Next, we tie one bar without a crochet in a circle and begin to knit a second petal of 23 EaP. Next, all the petals are knitted similarly to the first and all of them should be 9.

When all the petals are connected, the stage beginsStrapping all the petals with columns without nakidov in several rows. In the fourth row, each petal should have 25 RLS. In the fifth row, the petals are tied according to the following scheme: 12 sc, and from the central loop - 3 sc, and again 12 sc. The sixth and seventh rows are tied with the second color, the eighth and the ninth - the third.

Try to knit identical in size loops,From this depends on a neat and presentable appearance of the future product. Who knows, maybe there will be a desire to present such a gift to a friend or mother-in-law - so try your best!

In the process of tying the petals begin to fancifullyTwist that looks very interesting. After each petal is tied with three colors of threads, they should be carefully wrapped and tied for connection in a single whole.

To do this, turn "flower"And tie the petals in the other direction. In this case, for each petal should fall on 15 RLS for each row of strapping. At the end of the last row of straps, an eyelet is tied.

Stitching "Spiral"

For a spiral tack with your own hands youNeed a thread of at least two colors, although it is best to look for potholes for the kitchen with their own hands in the technique of a spiral bound of four threads of thread. The principle of its creation consists in the sequential sequencing of circular rows with several colors simultaneously.

First, a chain of 8 EPs is mated and joined inring. Then, alternately, the first round row is knitted with the selected colors. If yarn of four different colors is chosen, it is necessary to tie in the first row 4 CZN with each color.

When the first row is tied and a dense multi-colored ring is obtained, knitting continues in turn with each color until the item "will increase"To the desired size.

The main difficulty of this knitting is The need to constantly put on and take off markers (pins, clips, rings) on the eyelets of threads of other colors with which work is not done to prevent the loosening of the already connected loops.

Crochet hooks of multi-colored thread

Now you know several options for creating Beautiful and elegant hooks, which can also be used as a stand for hotter. By the same principle, you can tie small stands under hot mugs, pots, pots with plants.

And if the pen is so itching to make something,With the help of a hook and a few balls of colored threads you can create a lot of useful and beautiful things that will decorate your kitchen and make it special. For example, stitches for kitchen curtains, curtains in a rustic style, holders and covers for hot mugs, small holder-caps for pens pans.

Dare and decorate your interior with intricate products!

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