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Pictures from coffee beans - we draw with improvised materials


What crafts can be made from coffee beans? Pictures from coffee beans - a panel of a cat. Panel of grain and seeds. Paintings from grain, made by own hands

Many people decorate the interior very muchResponsibly and try to make your home look like a cozy family nest in which it's nice to spend time in the evenings, where you want to go after the end of the day where you visit happy thoughts. And not the last place in the interior is occupied by decorative objects - paintings and panels made with own hands using improvised materials.

Pictures from coffee beans - we draw with improvised materialsThey are appropriate in any room from the bath to the living room. And imagine a picture in the kitchen made of cereals, seeds, coffee beans, which emits a weak coffee aroma ...

After all, everyone knows the properties of coffee, which invigoratesAnd tones the person and therefore the coffee panel very organically will be entered in a kitchen interior and not only, and everywhere where there are warm coffee or beige shades.

What crafts can be made using coffee beans?

There are lots of options, choose any:

  • Decorate photo frames, mugs, candles, any objects;
  • Panels and paintings of coffee beans;
  • Decoration of magnets on the refrigerator;
  • Coffee trees, Christmas trees, hearts in the form of topiary;
  • Decoration for the tree, etc.

Pictures of their own made of coffee beans

In this master class, we will discuss how to create a panelIndependently, by the example of a picture of a cat made from coffee beans. She can decorate her house or give to friends who also love the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Prepare to create it:

  • Dense cardboard;
  • A piece of light colored fabric, preferably of linen;
  • 120-150 grams of coffee beans;
  • Thermo gun or PVA;
  • Acrylic lacquer, brushes;
  • Elements of decor, twine.

Draw a background of the picture of the grains. For this, the glue is applied to the cardboard and a piece of cloth is put on top, it is smoothed and placed under the press. The edges of the fabric are drawn onto the panel rotation, pasted and the press is also installed on top. Keep it until it dries completely.

The contours of a cat are applied to the fabric with a pencil. If you use a carbon paper, you need to be careful not to get a dirty cloth.

Using a thermo-gun, the grains are glued along the contours of the pattern. Apply to the fabric flat side. After the contours are laid out, the inner surface of the pattern is filled.

Create a frame - pasted the grain in three rows along the edges of the panel. We decorate the corners with bows of twine.

The panel is covered with a layer of acrylic lacquer and left to dry.

Paintings created from grain and seeds

By creating a coffee panel with your own hands, you canUse not only coffee grains, but also other natural materials, cereals and seeds, which are practically in every house. It will be a huge plus to attract creativity to children, especially small children. After all, during such lessons, not only creative imagination develops, but also small motor skills of the hands, which helps the child to develop speech.

Pictures from coffee beans - we draw with improvised materialsTo recreate the picture will come in handy drawingsPatterns, butterflies, flowers, animals, leaves, natural landscapes. Your creative imagination is unlimited. Materials will require coffee beans, seeds - persimmon, melon, sunflower, watermelon. Various cereals - rice, millet, barley and corn, semolina, lentils. Seasonings - pepper and nutmeg ground, others.

The cardboard is also pasted with a piece of linen cloth andUntil completely dry, put under the press, and then apply the selected pattern. After that, with the help of glue, different groats are applied. Previously, they can be painted with food colors or acrylic paints in different colors.

Consider the process of creating such a panel in the example of the figure "Butterfly". We will make a beautiful picture using the available material.

Create a butterfly's body, using two pumpkin seeds, attached to each other with rounded parts.

Next, the inside of the two wings is glued together. This is done with black rice, previously colored with an acrylic helmet. The rice is glued to the top seed, and then the fan diverges from the picture. Approximate number of 4-5 rows. Then the rim is laid out from one row of white rice.

Using corn grits and ground red pepper, we paint patterns on the wings. In the middle of them lay out lentils and beans.

We decorate the edges with lace strips sprinkled with ground nutmeg.

We make a background of the panel with semolina, colored in different colors. And we place on the canvas of various insects. Moths and ants can be made from watermelon seeds and lentils.

And the last stage will be applying to the canvas a panel of acrylic lacquer.

Such pictures of grains and cereals will become fullDecor of any room. And by the way, not always noticeable from what they are performed. In this master class, we filled the empty spaces of the picture with semolina, but for this you can use acrylic or other colors, as shown in the following example.

Paintings from grain, made by own hands

To create such a panel you need beans (orLentils, or beans) of different colors, acrylic paints, glue, a piece of cardboard or plywood. Before choosing a picture, be aware that beans are a large material, so it will be convenient if the pattern does not have small parts, it will be large and simple enough. To complex creations it is better to pass, when behind a back already there are a dozen pictures created from cereals and seeds.

Pictures from coffee beans - we draw with improvised materialsThe plywood is translated drawing. If artistic ability is not enough, use a copier. Draw the contours with paint to ensure that the panel in the future there are no empty spaces left.

Then the adhesive is applied to the contours and appliedBeans of different colors and gradually they fill the entire surface of the panel. The difference between paintings from the available materials from conventional ones is only one, instead of colors, here seeds, cereals, coffee grains and others are used.

As you can see, pictures of coffee, cereals and seeds can beMake yourself, using the maximum imagination. You can depict anything you like, because even the simplest drawings turn out to be rather unusual and creative. We offer to succumb to the creative mood and imagination, and today start to create a magnificent work of art.

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