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Crafts from plastic bottles - the tropics in your home


Palma from plastic bottles - quite simple and the inexpensive way to decorate your home with style. Create a unique tropical decor infield yourself

Practically every day at home remains plasticContainer from under the drunk lemonades, sweet waters, beer and kvass. What is usually done in such cases? Twist the bottle and send it to the garbage can. However, as is known, plastic is most difficult to eliminate, and the earth decomposes for another hundred years.

Crafts from plastic bottles - the tropics in your homeDistributing garbage cans are far fromEveryone under the house. So, a liter of kvass creates additional problems. However, there is an optimal and very original way how to dispose of this plastic garbage. After all, many have a dacha. To lie in a hammock under an apple-tree is, of course, good. But the Hollywood stars are basking under the palm trees. So why not get yourself a dado or a palm tree at home?

And to do this, you do not need to live on the ocean coast or have fabulous money to care for the tropical miracle of nature - create it yourself!

And the tare will find an application, and a palm from plastic bottles will give your summer residence and home a unique flavor.

Step-by-step guide: we create a palm tree from plastic bottles with our own hands

It is quite easy to make such a blend. And most importantly, the additional costs are absolutely zero, but the result is beyond any expectations. Let the neighbors envy!

For this miracle of hand-made, you will need:

  • Crafts from plastic bottles - the tropics in your homeLong iron bars, should be thick -Such a frame will serve as a tree trunk and will hold the whole structure. Therefore, the rod of iron must be thicker to stand firmly on the ground and not to stagger from the first slight blow of the wind;
  • A lot of bottles of two colors: salad and brown, greens for leaves, dark brown for bark, the more bottles, the higher and lush the tropical tree will appear;
  • High-voltage cable;
  • scissors;
  • drill.

The inventory is ready, you can proceed. But how to make a palm from plastic bottles? Technically quite simple, but you need to be patient and some time. There are 2 ways to make such a tropical tree.

method №1

  • We create foliage. To do this, we take salad bottles and cut them in two, however, the upper part should be slightly larger. This is what will be needed for further action;
  • The upper part is cut with scissors large along. It turns out imitation of thin palm leaves;
  • Cut the tops of clothing through the neck on a metal cable. Take into account that the cable easily passes into the neck, in diameter it should be no more than 14 mm;
  • Crafts from plastic bottles - the tropics in your homeTo make the leaves look more natural, it is not necessary to use bottles of the same shape,
    On the contrary, the originality and imitation of a real palm tree will appear;
  • In total you will need seven leaves per tree. Then "Tropical paradise" Will be lush, almost real;
  • Then we make the barrel. To do this, take the brown bottles (cavity). From the middle of the bottom cut wide strips along, almost to the very neck. So the trunk of a tropical tree will look volume;
  • We pass to the metal frame. To the tree stood on the ground tightly, it is possible to weld a metal plate to the trunk;
  • Next, proceed to collect and strengthen the palm. Install the tree trunk. Solder the leaves to the top;
  • The construction must be densely buried in the ground - about half a meter. To do this, leave the bottom of the valve empty - without bottles.


method №2

  • Crafts from plastic bottles - the tropics in your homeWe prepare plastic containers. Labels and other decorative elements on the surface of raw materials
    We delete. You can water them with water - then the paper will soften and quickly fall behind, leaving no sticky traces. Separate the brown container from the green;
  • We make the barrel. At brown bottles you need to trim the bottom with a pair of scissors or a knife with a knife. Drill with a thick nozzle, drill holes in the center. We put tightly one after another the received blanks on a metal rod;
  • We take the green container. It is desirable that the container was one and a half and two-liter, because of it you will make leaves. To make the exotic plant lush, the longer the leaves, the better. Have green bottles cut off the bottom. And then cut along the stripes of medium thickness;
  • Through the neck we pass the workpieces to the bars. Note that the leaves of the leaves should be the same length;
  • We solder the leaves and trunk. But how to make a palm from plastic bottles and strengthen it so that it stands securely?
  • Dig up a small hole for the foundation. We set the palm tree there and fill it with concrete.

The atmosphere of the African islands is ready for envy of the country's neighbors! Have a nice rest!

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