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We knit dresses on needles for all occasions


To create a knitted dress the needle does not need to have a special talent, just a little practice and everything will turn out. Detailed description and schemes can cope with this task

Knitted things have been for a long time onPeak of popularity. They are loved not only by housewives, but also by world famous designers. Thanks to the huge variety of threads and patterns, it is now possible to create original things. Using the proposed schemes, you can associate a dress for both an adult woman and a child.

We knit dresses on needles for all occasionsThe advantages of such clothes are that youYou can independently adjust the length of clothes, adjust it to the shape, and also choose the color, decorations, etc. Changing the thickness of the thread can be associated with the winter and summer variant. Do not worry, if you do not succeed, because at any time the product can be dissolved and corrected errors.

Elegant knitted dress with knitting needles

The data will be listed at 38 size. Depending on your settings, you can add or subtract loops. By exchanging the yarn for this scheme, you can also link the summer version.

For this dress you need to take:

  • 250 g of yarn, which consists of 70% mohair and 30% acrylic;
  • Circular knitting needles № 24;
  • Hook # 22;

Such a knitted knit dress with a pattern canMake even a beginner, since everything is quite simple and easy. To start, dial 184 loops and crochet in a circle, following the pattern. When you have a canvas with a length of about 70 cm, divide it equally into the front and back.

Continue to work with each part in theSeparate. Let's start from the back. To form the armhole, subtract 3 loops from each side - 1 time, then 1 time - 2 loops and 2 times 1 loop. When you reach a length of 75 cm, to make the neck you need to close the middle 10 loops.

Then, to get the round part from bothSides, it is necessary to close 4 times in each 4-th row on the 1st loop 4 times. Close the rest of the hinges. The front part is knitted according to the same pattern. Now go to the sleeves. Type 68 loops and knit, following the pattern.

When the canvas reaches a length of about 20 cmIt is necessary to add on both sides 6 times 1 loop each 4 rows. To make the sleeve of the sleeve, close both on the same side and 1 time in 3 loops, 2 times 2 and 12 times 1. At the end, fix all the remaining loops.

Below is a diagram of this knitted dress. To get the final result, it remains to collect all the details. At the end, use the hook to tie the neck of Art. B / n.

Knitted baby dress with knitting needles

We knit dresses on needles for all occasionsAll parents want only the best for their child. Therefore, they are very responsible for choosing clothes for a little princess.

For the child is important not only beauty, but herquality. More and more mothers prefer things that you can do with your own hands. To date, there are different schemes that will create real masterpieces. This option is designed for a child under 2 years old, but the size can be increased.

For this dress you will need:

  • 200 g of yarn, which consists of 68% bamboo and 32% cotton;
  • Circular knitting needles №3,5-4;
  • Satin ribbon is 1.5 m long.

To make an openwork pattern, you need to knitScheme, using the description. Begin to knit from the hem. Throw 288 loops and continue in a circle tent viscous and so 2 rows. Then go to the pattern, and in the 5th row repeat 12 repeating loops 24 times, you need to do it in width. So, make the 5-12th row, then go to the 1-12th and the 1-4rd row.

After knitting with the front face and in the front rowEvenly remove 72 loops. Knit like this: 2 persons. Loops, 2 loops together persons. And so on to the end. As a result, you will get 216 loops. When you tie about 22 cm, you need to evenly remove 36 loops, and in the 1st row you will get 180 loops.

After 11 cm, lower 44 loops, you need to do thisevenly. Then tie a 2-4 row according to the pattern. Make holes for ribbons. Then knit with the facial smoothness and when the belt will be 4 cm the canvas will be divided evenly and knit already separately.

Continue to knit a dress for girls and goon the back. 68 loops need to be tied with the front surface, then straight, then back rows. Set aside the other loops. To round the armhole in each 2nd row, close 3 times 2 loops, and 2 times 1.

In the end, you get only 52 loops. Continue to knit straight and when the distance from the waist is 13 cm, to make an opening for the throat, shift 24 loops from the middle to the extra spoke.

Then knit each part separately. To round the cutout in each 2nd row, fix the inner side 2 times in a loop, and when the distance to the waist is 14 cm, fasten 12 loops at a time. The other part of the knit also, only symmetrically.

A detailed description of knitted needles withOpenwork inserts will help to get a wonderful result. Now it's time to transfer. Return to the knitting needles previously laid 68 loops, and, like the back, bind 52 for the armhole. When it is already 9 cm from the waistline, to make the neck, shift the middle 14 loops onto the extra spoke.

The resulting 2 parts must be knit separately. In order for the cutout to be round, from the inside in each 2nd row close 1 time 3 loops, 1 time 2 loops and 2 times loop. When the height to the waist is 14 cm at a time, close the remaining hinges. Also tie the other part, just do it symmetrically.

It remains to understand the sleeves. Fit 49 loops, 1 purl need to knit with facial loops. After that, go to the pattern, using the diagram. From the 1st row, twelve repeating loops 4 times wide. Tie 5-12 rows, and after 1-4 row. To make the sleeve of the sleeve in each 2-nd row, close 1 time in 3 loops, 1 time in 2, 11 times in 1 loop and 2 times in 2 loops. You need to do this on each side.

It remains to collect knitted knitting needles baby dress. First, sew the shoulders. At the top, dial 74 loops, taking into account those that were on the additional spoke. Make a 3-row garter stitch and close the hinges. Then strip off the finished product. Now, sewing the sleeves, make 2 protectors from above. In the holes, stretch the ribbon and make a bow. A ready-made dress will please you for many years.

Knitted needles dress-sarafan for girls

This outfit is intended for a child whose growth ranges from 86 to 92 cm.

For this product you need to take:

  • 100 g of yarn of 2 contrasting colors, in which 50% of viscose and 50% of acrylic;
  • Knitting needles 2,5;
  • Hook # 2;

Pattern must be knit, using the scheme. Elastic band with an elongated loop: in the 1st row - 1 face and 1 purl loop, etc. The second row is knit like this: 1 face loop and 1 unbroken. Then repeat the scheme of the first row, etc.

We knit dresses on needles for all occasionsThe density of binding 10x10 cm will be 40Rows and 32 loops. Now go to the main part. Type 100 loops and tie the 16 rows in the above pattern. Then take another yarn and tie it in the same way 12 next. Changing the colors according to this scheme, make 64 rows.

Then tie a row without crochet, which will allowCut the width by 1/3. As a result, 74 loops should remain on the spoke. Through 20 rows, to make an armhole close on 8 loops and knit an elastic band, as described above. After 34 rows from the armhole, close the 12 middle loops and continue to knit, reducing on both sides in each 2nd row 1 time in 3 loops, 1 time in 2 loops and 2 times in a loop.

Leave the remaining 16 loops for another 18 rows. After that, close all the hinges. The back knits the same way. Hook a few flowers, using the scheme 1 and 2, and then attach them to the dress. It remains only to assemble the dress and steal it. Children's things can be changed at any time by adding loops. Thanks to this baby you can wear a dress for several years.

Remember that if you made a mistake, youYou can always fix it by disbanding part of the product. In addition, when the dress becomes irrelevant, you can use the same yarn to make another outfit. In knitting, as in other occupations, practice is important. Therefore - a little training, and you can create real masterpieces, like eminent designers. Good luck!

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