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How beautifully cut jeans


From jeans annoying easy manipulation of scissors made new pants, trousers with cuts. They are decorated with a variety of small things, giving free rein to the creative impulses. Learn how to beautifully cut jeans

Each wardrobe has a pair of jeans in the wardrobe. Some of them have grown old, others have rubbed, and still others have gone out of fashion. Such clothes can be given a second life, doing with them simple manipulations.

How beautifully cut jeansAt home, using improvised means it is easy to make fashion cuts, scrapes, holes of different shapes and sizes. Old trousers are turned into shorts, breeches or simply shortened to the required length.

How to spend a large amount of money on fancy things, try yourself in the role of a designer, inventing original solutions for out-of-date clothing.

How to make ripped jeans

Foreign celebrities almost every dayWear ripped jeans. This is not surprising. After all, they look spectacular, stylish and relevant in the summer, as they allow the body to breathe. Not any jeans can be torn.

Too thick trousers are not suitable for suchManipulation, in addition, the lining will look ugly. Of thin fabric, they will quickly tear to shreds literally after the first wash. The average density of matter is an ideal option.

In order to cut jeans beautifully, you will need some tools and materials:

  • Directly jeans. You can size more, they will be in the style of boyfriends;
  • A sharp knife. The most suitable is clerical, he will cut the fabric well;
  • Nail scissors. Their blades are sharp, they make it possible to make the incision accurate and necessary;
  • Tweezers. For pulling threads from the material;
  • A chalk or a slice of soap. It will be necessary for the drawing of strips on the fabric, which later turn into tears;
  • Thick board. To put in the middle of the pants, so as not to cut her back side;
  • The usual kitchen grater. It will be used to give places with breaks a more natural look;
  • Chlorine. If you need to whiten jeans in some places;
  • Emery or pumice stone. To create an effect of abrasion.

If you want to whiten your jeans in some places,Put a solution of bleach on them and leave for a while. Then wash the thing, dry it well and lightly iron it. Put the trousers on a wide table or on the floor. Determine areas for abrasions. Insert a thick board inside the trouser leg. Using nazhdachki or pumice begin to rub the fabric, pre-moistened it lightly from the spray.

How beautifully cut jeansInstead of the plaque you can put a grater, with simple manipulations on the trousers, there are patterns in the form of small ragged holes. Mark the places of horizontal incisions with shallow or soap.

Measure your jeans and make sure that tears,Holes and rubbing will be in place. With a stationery knife or manicure scissors make beautiful cuts. When they are ready, using tweezers, pull vertical threads from each break.

Grate, pumice stone or nazhdachkoy wipe the place with holes. Such actions are performed not only over the pants, but also in the area of ​​the back or front pockets, on the belt.

On the trousers are made holes of various sizes and shapes. A cut piece of material is removed or sewn on the pocket, on the pants. After the done manipulations, you need to wash your pants.

Shorts from jeans

From any jeans it is easy to cut out both beautiful shorts and breeches. For this, it is necessary to have a chalk, a ruler and sharp scissors.

How to start:

  • Put on trousers intended for alteration, and with the help of chalk or soap note the desired length on the front and back of the trousers. Do not make them too short, you'll always have too much to spare;
  • Remove the pants and use a straight line to connect the straight line markings. To the fabric is better suited to drawing and pruning - first iron your pants;
  • Cut one galoshes along the intended line. One layer of denim is easier to cut, so do not put it together;
  • Connect the two galoshes by carefully straightening them, and note the length of the straight line cut on the uncircumcised trouser;
  • Cut off extra galoshes and trim the edges, if necessary;
  • Measure the received shorts and make sure that the length is suitable. If they are long, perform the procedure for measuring and shortening again.

Trim jeans underneath shorts or breeches, as it turned out quite easily. Now it remains to process the edges of the bottom and decorate the new clothes with various trifles.

Cutting the edges of trimmed jeans

When the jeans are already beautifully cut, it remains to figure out how to process the edges.

You can use one of several methods:

  • Leave the trousers not hemmed, with a disheveled fringe. Take tweezers and raise the threads to enhance the effect. Rub the bottom of the shorts with a sandpaper or pumice stone;
  • Sew off the cropped jeans or just tuck it. To do this, wrap the edges twice, the same on both pants. Smooth them with an iron, and they will hold on. In order not to torture yourself each time, walk with a thread with a needle or sew on a sewing machine. You can attach buttons or rivets on the sides, on which twists will be kept;
  • There is another way: Centimeter measure the volume of the trousers and cut out from any, cute fabric two ribbons of the same length and width of 6-10 cm. Fold the edge of the fabric and the bottom of the product with the front side, swipe with a needle and thread. Wrap the other end of the tape to the wrong side of the shorts, sweep again. Using a sewing machine, scrape the bottom of the material and smooth it.

Shorts, like trousers, can be cut in different places, making them even more effective and fashionable.

How to decorate trimmed jeans

Pants made of pants or breeches will give a zest to all kinds of jewelry.

In this fantasy business there is where to go for a walk:

  • How beautifully cut jeansGet special lace in the store, attach them to your pockets and iron with a rag. Lace from old things gently sew or glue with glue;
  • Any bright pieces of material attached to the shorts. It is possible to cut them in the form of a diamond or heart;
  • Glue the different beads, the beads to the product. In a chaotic order or in the form of a flower;
  • Draw a drawing with special paints or simply decorate;
  • Glue any available coins, balls, pebbles.

Make from old jeans New things, this occupation is exciting, useful and will save the budget. And maybe inspire interesting ideas, how to turn old pants into something new and fashionable.

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