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Nursery for wedding cards


Your guests will not go places where the crowd to sit down. Nursery cards with their own hands will look original, and beautiful

Now it is very popular to use the guest ornursery cards at weddings. It is no coincidence, since it is very convenient. Your guests will not go places where the crowd to sit down. They will find their names and rassyadutsya where and are negotiated in advance, before the wedding.

Why are these cards? Just because it is fashionable?

Nursery for wedding cardsWedding - this is not a family feast. At the celebration sometimes invited over 100 people. It is no secret that in some cases it is necessary to call people who are in that situation do not want to talk at all.

To prevent possible conflicts, guestsIt needs to sit so close were loyal to each other people. One of the solutions to the problem - to arrange about dining card devices, which contains the names of guests.

These accessories usually are part of the decoration of the hall, and in their manufacture is taken into account the overall style of the room.

With an open mind to the guests

You can order a glossy rectangles in advance and do not think about their design, but you can make a nursery card by hand. They will look original, and beautiful.

You will need:

  • printed on a white or beige paper with the names of guests cards 6x7 cm;
  • ribbon width of 2 cm, pink and coral colors;
  • glue gun.

Nursery cards for the guests, mostly made before the wedding because it was then know the exact number of guests.

Nursery for wedding cardsFor their manufacture is not too much time to sign on the hand 50-100 pieces - hard work! Therefore, for us the names will print typography.

It is better to engage in the manufacture of cards in advance, notvery close to the wedding. The most optimal time - a week before the event. At that time, you will already know how much and who will come to the celebration, and can negotiate the place where, and with whom the guests chose to sit next to. When the full guest list is ready, you need to order the printing cards with the names of about 6x7 cm format.

Better if it will be a beautiful calligraphic font, and textured paper.

After the cards are ready to make bows. Cut 12 cm ribbon and tie a bow. Singeing lighter or matches the tips to the ribbon was not disbanded.

With-gun glue stick bows oncorners of the cards. And concise and suited to the overall style. Color ribbons can choose your suitable to the general style of the wedding. You can also use holders.

Optionally, making cards in the form of traditional cards, spread out around the cutlery. Options for specifying "seats" weight.

Variations on the theme: summer and winter wedding

Nursery for wedding cardsAt this gala event guests will be offered refreshments. In this case, the mark place easily.

Business cards with names printed at the printing house, andthen each of them is fixed - impale on a toothpick to decorate a cocktail glass. Toothpicks stuck into a slice of lemon, which is almost always decorated with summer cocktails.

Guests will be very pleased if the heroes of the occasion took care of them in advance. Personalized cards can be mounted on small souvenirs, which are combined with the style design of the hall.

The banquet is held on the boat - each cardinserted in a paper boat. Winter version of the wedding - the card is attached to the fir cones, covered with silver paint. If guests in the banquet hall instead of the common table seated at tables, the following options for placement of cards can be used to denote places.

Suppose that in the middle of the table are smallsandwiches, canapés, and in each of them on a toothpick secured card. Guests will know where to place them. Sometimes the heroes of the occasion want to do more original printing cards, giving them a definite shape. Very nice look of a small butterfly.

To cut a butterfly, do not have to rascherchivateach card by hand. several cards is enough to get a stencil folded on each other and cut for a given circuit. Be sure you want to leave a few anonymous samples. Ingredients offers may change, and then enter the names will be on hand, and no one would be offended.

How to seat guests

Having made card, think about how to seat guests, so no one was offended.

The following tips will help deal with this problem is quite severe:

  • Nursery for wedding cardsWhatever the banquet hall would be decorated as ifnot seated guests - 1 table or a few - the bride and groom should be in the center, so that they can be approached freely. So it will be easy to come to give a gift, consult with toast or invited to participate in the competition;
  • Witnesses and parents seated next to the bride and groom, and try not to limit their movements as much as possible;
  • Even if the couple is very close communicate with friends, given the prerogative of al table close relatives: brothers, sisters, grandparents. Friends seated on;
  • The rest of the guests seated on the status and interests;
  • If you have children at a wedding - it is better to take a separate table. By transplanted or cards, in this case making small toy.

If you allow guests to take with me to the wedding extra souvenirs - a beautifully decorated nursery cards, they will remember the event for a long time.

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