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How to tie spokes mitts?


Mitenki - a kind of analogue is very popular in the past gammash, they only put on their feet, and on their hands. How to tie this accessory yourself. Our review will tell

Митенки is an interesting knitted accessory,Who has long been fond of young women of fashion. From ordinary gloves or mittens, he has open fingers and a fully warmed wrist. In fact, these are the same gloves, only with trimmed phalanxes, the length of which can reach the elbow, although it is preferable to shortened models that do not interfere with the comfortable wearing of warm outerwear.

Since it is difficult to meet such an accessory in direct sale, the girls have mastered a few schemes of how to tie favorite mitts with knitting needles.

It is not difficult to do this, the main thing is to decide on the yarn, the pattern of the weaving, and whether the final product with partitions between all the fingers, or will be connected in the form "Pipes". In the latter variant, knitting involves separating the thumb from all the others, which will not be delimited by the yarn.

From what to wear?

How to tie spokes mitts?Before deciding to weave mitts with knitting needles,Determine whether there is anything to wear them in the future. The fact is that this accessory should not touch the edge of the sleeve of the outer garment, otherwise ugly mounds and creases form. It turns out that it is better to combine it with a coat or jacket, which will have short sleeves. In cool weather mittens can be worn with tight golf.

Such a set will attract attention to the wickerAccessory, especially if it is additionally decorated with a bracelet or stripe. Depending on the yarn used, mittens can be worn at any time of the year, creating romantic or hooligan images. The main thing is not to supplement them with rings, otherwise the bow will come out vulgar.

How to tie in your own strength?

Openwork or dense mitts, knitted with spokes,Will definitely love the owners of modern gadgets with touch screens. Such circumcised gloves will simultaneously warm your palms, and will not interfere with work on the tablet, phone or other device.

So, a step-by-step guide on how to tie beautiful mitts with knitting needles for beginners looks like this:

  • The required number of loops is typed on the needle, the approximate number of which is 46 pcs. Again, this indicator depends on the density of knitting, the grasp of the brush, the thickness of the yarns and even the chosen pattern;
  • The entire first row must be connected with the front one, not forgetting that the first loop (edge) is always tied to the wrong one;
  • How to tie spokes mitts?Next, the simplest knitting of warm mitts on twoKnitting involves a knitting of a rubber band 2 * 2, which lasts 6 rows in a row. For beginners, we explain that all these rows should be taken in turn to pair a pair of facial and purl loops, not forgetting the edges;
  • For the next two series, that is, the 7th and 8th,Only the facial loops are attached, whereas in the 9th there comes a time when you can weave a thread of a different color to make the accessory more original and beautiful. Again, you can not do this if you do not have enough experience, and just knit the mitten with the front loops until it's the right length, and you do not get to the point where you need to add loops to expand the blade in place of the thumb hole ;
  • The scheme of knitting mitts with two spokes assumesAdding loops of the right product at the end of its last bound row, and for the left one at its beginning. For a couple of loops before the end of knitting (with the edge), you need to make a crochet, tie the next loop, and again throw a loop. Only then is the edge banded, and in the subsequent row the mantles necessarily twist, so that there are no holes, and knit according to the pattern;
  • Further the scheme assumes one more row withNakidami, which is knitted as follows: for 4 loops before the end of the weaving (taking into account and the edge) is made a knit, knit 3 loops according to the pattern, the thread is again threaded and the edge is tied;
  • The subsequent series is tied according to the recommendations given in paragraph 5;
  • If you carefully examine each completed seriesScheme, it becomes clear that each successive series is increased by a pair of loops located between the napkin. In this way, you need to add 12 loops, which will be enough to grab the right finger;
  • How to tie spokes mitts?Then the canvas splashes up until the moment whenIt will be necessary to begin to throw off on the auxiliary spokes the loops intended for the big finger. Do not forget about the distribution of patterns, so that the weave looks neat;
  • 12 newly created loops need to be removed to the auxiliary spoke, without adding the corresponding number of the right product to this number, or by tying and dropping 12 loops, when it comes to the left;
  • Then everything is simple: openwork or solid trimmed gloves knit to the required length, and ends either a crossed rubber band, or simple closed loops, but slightly assembled;
  • Now about the loops dropped for the thumbs. They can simply be closed, or to bind half-pins from them, and close in the same way.

It may seem that everything is very difficult andIntricately. In fact, a warm and original accessory really weave literally for a couple of evenings. He will be pleased with a stylish teenager, a small child and an adult woman, he will decorate the autumn and winter dress, especially if he is worn with a snuff or clamp of the same color and pattern.

Beautiful patterns and warm Mitinec!

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