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Playpen with their hands


Manege for a child is useful not only in the apartment, but also on the road, for example, on the train. We will tell you how to make a cozy and reliable playpen for your child with your own hands

At the moment when the baby begins to crawl andIndependently to rise on legs, it is necessary to think of its safety. In this situation, the ideal way out of the situation will be the construction of the arena. Such designs are simply irreplaceable helpers for parents who do not have the opportunity to hire nurses who are monitoring the safety of the child.

But before making an arena for a small child with your own hands, it is worth considering the main types of structures. And only then determine the optimal variant of the arena for assembly by one's own hands.

Types of constructions

Children's playpens are distinguished by such parameters:

  • Playpen with their handsConfiguration;
  • Type of fencing;
  • Destination.

It is from these parameters that the shape of the future design will depend.

Children's playhouses come in the following forms:

  • Rectangular;
  • Polygonal;
  • Square.

By the type of fencing they are classified as follows:

  • Mesh. In such devices, a special net is stretched around the perimeter, which during the fall of the child protects him from getting injured;
  • Latticed. As a rule, the lattice along the perimeter is constructed of wooden rods. They also limit the space for the movement of the baby.

By function:

  • Game. Such adaptations are used for the development of motor skills in children, which allows them to be more stable on their feet and orient themselves in space. In this case, the bottom of the crib itself is made of rubberized fabric, the fall on which does not pose any danger to the child;
  • Inflatable. Made of rubber or plastic. Such devices are convenient to take for family travel to nature;
  • Temporary. They are made in the form of portable screens, which simply indicate the available space for the movement of the child;
  • Children's playgrounds. These devices are used not only as arenas, but also as beds where the baby can sleep. Usually the height of the rims is regulated, which makes it possible to use cribs for children aged 6 months to 4 years.

Assembly of the classical arena

How to make a classic arena for a growingA child with their own hands? To do this, first of all, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the future design. It is important that it is not too small, otherwise the motor reflexes in the baby will develop badly.

To design a classic device you will need these materials:

  • Playpen with their handsWooden bars with a diameter of 5 mm;
  • 8 brusks with a diameter of 30 mm;
  • drill;
  • Drank wood;
  • roulette;
  • sandpaper;
  • Lacquer and primer;
  • Latch or hook;
  • Metal hinges.

When creating a children's arena, special attention should be paid to the height of the future fence.

For a child of 1 year, it is desirable to make a heightGratings up to 100 mm, with the optimal distance between the rods being 50-70 mm. Experienced specialists also recommend assembling structures from fairly heavy wood species, which will ensure the stability of the device.

To construct an arena, you need to perform the following stages of work:

  • Playpen with their handsUsing roulette make markings of rods and bars;
  • Saw off excess parts of construction materials;
  • On horizontal slats with a drill, make blind holes. In them, in the future, rods for the grid will be inserted;
  • Then the workpieces are thoroughly ground to ensure that no roughness remains on their surface;
  • At the next stage all the wooden parts are covered with a primer, and then with varnish;
  • After the elements of the arena have dried, the rods are inserted into the upper and lower strips;
  • The side posts are bolted together, so that the construction can be disassembled and moved to another place at any time;
  • Then it is necessary to connect pairs of adjacent walls of the arena by means of pendulum loops;
  • On the back of the device, a latch or safety hook is mounted.

In the end, after two hours of work, you will get a nice playpen:

Railway for children

Sewing an arena in a train for a small child with their own hands is quite simple.

This will require:

  • Dense raincoat;
  • Mesh for tailoring;
  • Slings;
  • 10 rings for fixing belts.

The cutting of the future arena is presented below. According to the specified parameters it is necessary to cut out all the details of the workpiece.

Tailoring process:

  • Playpen with their handsFirst of all, the mesh details on both sides need to be sewn to the main fabric. Then
    The inside of the workpiece will be inside;
  • In the same way, it is necessary to connect the side parts of the raincoat with the net;
  • After that it is necessary to cut out pockets and sew a rubber band;
  • Then the ready pockets are sewn to the side parts of the product from the wrong side;
  • Only after this, the side parts are connected to the base. In this case, the middle of the long edge of the base is connected to the middle of the lower edge of the side element;
  • Next, you need to sweep away the corners of the workpiece, reaching the very end of the mesh fabric;
  • In the same way, the parts are assembled on the other side, as a result of which a fabric house without a roof is formed;
  • At the next stage from the outside "House" Fasten slings on the top edge of the product and along the closed edge of the sides;
  • Similarly, the lower ends of the sling are sewn, which ensures a secure attachment of the home-made arena to the seat in the train.
  • As fasteners that allow you to adjust the height of the product, metal rings are sewn onto the ends of the straps, which work according to the principle of usual fasteners on backpacks.

Playpen with their handsAs a result, you will get such a pendantA design that will ensure the safety of the baby during sleep. To take on a train such arenas is simply necessary, because this convenient invention will allow you to rest on the road not only for your child, but also for his parents.

The playpen is a safe place for developmentMotor skills of your child, as well as his rest. Since the inquisitive fidgets are always trying to escape somewhere, parents have to use space limiters that will protect children from getting injured. It is quite possible to build an arena for your child yourself.

At the same time, the homemade construction will not yield to the purchase price for any parameters, but the material costs for its construction will be several times smaller.

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