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How to make an amulet with your own hands: the secrets of making


If you want to draw into any sphere of your life an increased flow of energy, then you just need an amulet. And you can do it with your own hands, the main thing is to know some rules

If you want to change your life, believe inMagic and various mystical things, then try to make yourself an amulet. And to go for this to the magicians and sorcerers do not need, you can make a talisman on your own at home. The main thing is to know the sequence. So let's talk about how to make an amulet with your own hands.

Practical advice

How to make an amulet with your own hands: the secrets of makingYou can make a talisman by yourself, but first of all you need to understand the sequence of actions.

And they will be:

  • You must select a target. It can be any. You can create an amulet to protect from the evil eye, attracting wealth, imperial and Amulet of Venus and so on. The main thing, remember that the goal should be one, specific;
  • Choose the right time to make;
  • Identify the material for creativity;
  • Clear the material from which the amulet will be made from unnecessary information;
  • The last stage is the endowment with magical power.

As you have already understood, the choice of the goal is the most important stage. Therefore, until you decide what you need this thing for, ask yourself how to make an amulet, not worth it.

After the goal of the future talismanDefined, choose the material or object from which to do it. For example, a figure in the shape of a heart or a kitten is suitable for creating an amulet of love, but not wealth. But a protective object can be anything: decorations, keys, barrettes, cufflinks, etc.

You can make the simplest mascot. To do this, take a piece of cardboard, cut out a circle or square from it, apply magic symbols and pour it all with melted wax.

Once you have decided on the goal andMaterial for the amulet, choose the right time. This is very important and it will depend on what you charge your amulet for. So, for example, on the growing moon it is recommended to make amulets from spoilage, evil, evil eye, etc.

The selected item must be cleaned in order to free it from unnecessary information. The purification procedure can be carried out under running water, over a flame of fire or with the help of salt.

After purification, you can fill a thing with magical power. To do this, you need to build an improvised altar: put a chair in the middle of the room, covered with clean cloth and put an amulet on it.

Now light the candle and go around the stool againstClockwise, while repeating the goal, which you load the object. After that, take the artifact and attach it to your heart, close your eyes and listen to yourself.

Soon you will feel the response of your mascot. Everyone expresses this in their own way: some feel the warmth spreading through the body, and other extraordinary calm. In general, emotions can be different. After all these manipulations, a simple amulet is ready.

Variants of the amulets

As you already understood, you can make artifactsFor any purpose. For the fair sex the most common is the talisman for love. So let's talk how to make an amulet of Venus.

How to make an amulet with your own hands: the secrets of makingIt is recommended to make it on Friday atDawn with the growing moon. The optimal material for creativity is copper, as this metal is controlled by Venus, and a paper of a green hue. Although the paper is under the control of Mercury, but it is susceptible to influences.

So choose from these two materials, but remember that an artifact made of copper has a stronger effect than paper. But the paper is more accessible for many - decide for yourself.

The sequence of actions when making a talisman for love will be as follows:

  • You need to light a candle. It should be green;
  • Take the material you have chosen forMaking an amulet. Draw a heptagon, and on one of its sides, using red or black ink, draw a sign of Venus. On the other side of the future artifact, write your name and what you would like to receive from the talisman;
  • Ideal if the inscription youWill do on the subject, will be encrypted. It is not at all necessary that it should be some ancient language, German, French, English, in general, any one that you own;
  • If the heptagon is drawn on a piece of paper, cut it out along the contour;
  • Now take the resulting amulet in your hand and, after carrying it 3 times over the candle, repeat: "I charge you with the power of Fire";
  • Imagine that from the area of ​​your heart emanatesThe flow of energy is green. This flow must be passed through the right hand to the artifact and returned back to the chest, but through another hand. Thus, you loop your energy and load the talisman into love;
  • Now you need to wait until the candle burns.

The resulting talisman should always be carried, for example, in a purse or as a suspension on the neck. Remember that it serves to preserve love and understanding in the family, but not the man's spell.

Amulet from the coin

But not only the energy of love is attracted throughArtifacts, if desired, you can make a talisman for wealth out of an ordinary coin. For this, in days when the moon is growing, take twelve coins with a face value of 5 rubles.

Shake them in the folded palms and pour them on a smooth surface. The money that will fall "The edge"Postpone, and the fallen"Eagle"Pick up again and shake.

Perform such manipulations untilYou will not be left with one coin. It will become the main component of your talisman. Now take the thick paper and cut out of it two triangles. In the middle of the figures, make holes.

How to make an amulet with your own hands: the secrets of makingPut the money between the two triangles and glue it, it is important that the coin can be seen in the holes on both sides.

To the resulting artifact, attach a thread,Always green, and hang a talisman at home or at work. It will attract money to you. Now you know how easy it is to make an amulet from a coin.

One more thing that will bringOwner wealth and luck, is called an imperial amulet, how to make it yourself is a mystery. And even if the secret ritual is revealed, then special coins are needed to make the artifact, minted until 1916. In general, it is very difficult to make such a talisman, or rather, it is impossible.

As you can see, there are amulets that are easyDo at home, and there are those whose creation without special attributes is impossible. In any case, if you decide to create a talisman to attract one or another energy, then try it. There is nothing in this difficult, let luck be with you!

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