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Unusual ornaments with own hands: flowers from a ribbon


Even the most boring sweatshirt or blouse will turn into clothes "on the way out" a very simple, at first glance ornament - a flower from the ribbon. Make it simple with your own hands

Own-made flowers from the ribbon - thisA great way to decorate clothes and interior. If you consider that the finished product can have different sizes and styles, then it can be decorated with children's rubber for hair, as well as clothing, home textiles or even paintings.

What can be made artificial inflorescence?

Beginner needlewomen are sure that, except as, from the satin ribbon, the desired shape will no longer come from any other material.

In fact, you can use the following materials:

  • Unusual ornaments with own hands: flowers from a ribbonRepsovymi tapes, which have quite interestingTexture, and more often used in the role of finishing raw materials. From such a ribbon, consisting of convex and intertwined scars, elegant flowers of various sizes are obtained;
  • Brocade ribbons, giving the opportunity to doHuge and chic flowers, reminiscent of royal. The needlewomen prefer to work with ribbons, in which the edges are sewn with tiny wires, which makes it possible to quickly form the desired outlines of the flower and the shape of each individual petal. Most brocade flowers and ribbons decorate gift boxes, but their scope is unlimited;
  • Kapron ribbons, often used forHomemade bijouterie. Since it is a very durable and durable material, it is customary to make chic floral arrangements for decorative purposes, and luxurious bows for elastic bands for hairstyles;
  • Organza on the basis of polyester, which more oftenUse for sewing curtains or curtains. The craftsmen got the hang of making amazing flower sets out of it. Especially exotic are the artificial inflorescences created from organza-chameleon, organza-rainbow and material with compressed texture;
  • Velvet braid, from which it is customary to make small decorative buds, which then decorate brooches, handbags, shoes and other haberdashery.

Of course, the most popular and affordableThe material is still satin ribbons, having a different color solution, density and width. Finished handicrafts are pleased with a noble silky shine, unusual and graceful, although they are made in two counts. Some needlewomen connect individual elements with special glue, while others need a needle and thread.

Flower from satin or satin

In this case, we make flowers from a satin or satin ribbon using only scissors, and following the instructions:

  1. Unusual ornaments with own hands: flowers from a ribbonSelect the consumable material of the desired shade andTexture, cut off a piece of necessary length from it. It is better to take a 20-centimeter cut, since it is more difficult to handle with a shorter one, and unused material remains from the long one;
  2. The ribbon should be bent so that both its partsWere in a perpendicular position relative to each other. The lower element needs to be wrapped over the core, leaving the top bottom. Thus, we add the flower until the material has run out;
  3. The ends of the tape must be clamped between the indexAnd thumb, and, holding one dangling tip, pull for the rest. Folds will begin to transform into flower petals, and roses - to acquire desired contours and sizes. Do not pull too zealously, otherwise everything will fall apart, and you will need to start work from the very beginning;
  4. On the back of the craft, you need to tie a tight knot, and hide the ends of the ribbon in it.

This is the simplest version of how to make a flowerFrom satin ribbon. To make the product more magnificent, you need to take a longer cut of material, and to make it wider, you need to choose wide ribbons.

And remember: the stiffer the base, the more distinct the petals and the flower itself will be.

Simple floral crafts for beginners

Flowers of roses can really be built by using the following set of consumables:

  • The tape itself;
  • Needles and threads;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors and buttons, which will mimic the core of the flower.

The manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. Unusual ornaments with own hands: flowers from a ribbonCut off a piece of tape, about 30 cm long. A thread is threaded into the needle;
  2. The ribbon is stitched along the very bottom edge, only on one side and with small stitches;
  3. The ribbon is pulled together evenly on both sides,Then you must have a tight shuttle in your hands. He is tied up in a circle, excess threads are cut off, and the ends of the tapes are glued together, and they are hidden inside the article;
  4. The flower is put under the press so that it becomes flat,Then in the middle of the glue drips a few drops, and they are attached to a small decorative button. To create a more interesting and designer craft, the core can be decorated with pearls, a scattering of beads or a lot of tiny buttons of different colors.

Now we make a big and chic flower from a satin ribbon, which can become the basis of an artificial bouquet, a decor for a hairstyle or home textiles.

To produce it you will need:

  • Thread, needle and scissors;
  • 1.2 m of satin base, 4 cm wide.

The work process is as follows:

  1. Unusual ornaments with own hands: flowers from a ribbonWe bend one corner of the strip of satin to the middle of its width, and then sew it with a few dense stitches. The middle of the flower appears;
  2. Now the ribbon needs to be wrapped in the direction,The reverse of the sewn corner. Only 5-6 turns are made, as a result of which a narrow cylinder is formed. Its base is fixed by several small stitches;
  3. To the right of the cylinder formedTo remain a piece of tape. It should be folded down at an angle of 45 °. The cylinder needs to be wrapped inwards until the folding space becomes invisible. All layers of the formed cylinder are stitched, than we do pink petals;
  4. The previous step should be repeated until the end of the ribbon, and the last fold at the end. All the leftovers are filed, and the rose is ready.

As already mentioned above, such a flower can becomeThe basis for an artificial bouquet. To do this, you need to hide the end of the wire in its core, wrap it with the material of the desired color, weave the leaves and assemble the desired composition.

Make sure that the length of the stem is proportional to the circumference of the color itself.

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