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Secrets of the technique of products from macrame


The basics of macrame art: how to choose the right thread, where to get the materials you need, how to study the knitting patterns and the types of knots for creating the original weaving

The art of macrame has an ancient history. Etymologically, this word comes from Arabic "weaving", "pattern", "lace". The technique of macrame was known in ancient Greece, as well as in China.

Macrame - more elegant lace

Secrets of the technique of products from macrameWhat is the essence of this weaving?

The first thing that is important to know is that macrame is based onWeaving knots, but do not rush disappointed sigh. In fact, this hobby is labor-intensive, but very exciting. Remember, tagging motor skills develops your logical thinking and helps maintain clarity of memory.

Also the weaving technique trains the endurance,Creativity and forms an abstract-figurative type of thinking. This folk art came to us from the sea, more precisely, from sailors who used the ability to weave the macrame nodes in their seaworthy business. Most of the classic knots in this style were designed by seamen.

We all know how difficult the technique of nodular macrame seems at first, start with simplified knots, using special tools for beginners.

Also on the Internet you will find many thematic sites for fans of this kind of needlework.

At first weaving macrame will be given with difficulty,But in a month you will enter the rhythm and will be able to please your loved ones with original gifts, and yourself with new exquisite clothes. Maybe you even want to open your business of selling ornaments from macrame.

Materials for work

Secrets of the technique of products from macrameIt all started with sea knots and canvas, but now the choice of material for yarns is practically
Unlimited: Use synthetic threads, flexible cords, burlap, ropes and even rubber tubes. The main thing is to make the material plastic and knit into knots. The art of macrame is used even in stylists when creating hairstyles with nodal elements.

What kind of thread can I use? Practically any. It can be as thin wire, and a rope with curtains or a clothesline. For the production of hand-made, nylon, cotton, hemp and waxed laces are actively used.

If you are interested in large-scale products: a braided hammock, a decorative net for furniture, all kinds of cordage and home decorations, use kapron cord, polyester and sisal.

For chandeliers, tapestries and kitchen utensils is betterTo acquire natural threads. They are not flammable and are not afraid of high temperatures. To create clothing items, linen, sisal and cotton fibers are best suited. You can also use woolen threads for crocheting and knitting, work with them is more difficult, but they last for a long time.

Where to buy materials for weaving depends onyou. Twine can be bought cheaply at the post office, where parcels are packed. Cords are thicker to buy in a construction shop or in the market in the departments for hunters and fishermen. For mass production and sales of products from macrame, contact the wholesale base or store.

Products for home

Secrets of the technique of products from macrameAny woman wants to decorate her house, add comfort to it. Macrame will help you transform the interior, give it a touch Country and "rococo".

In addition, jewelry created with the help ofNodules, will help to reveal their individuality, creativity and sense of subtle taste. All that the young needlewoman needs is free time, imagination and zeal.

Work with small threads rather laboriousOccupation, do not forget about workouts for the eyes if you sit down for knitting. If you are puzzled with a large knit, stretch your arms and legs, they become numb after an hour of work with the knots. Therefore, we perform gymnastic exercises for the eyes, back, joints of hands and feet during breaks.

When you learn the basics of technology, weaving chains, laces, braids and patterns, it's time to take the initiative in creating your own products.

What can I create with threads for macrame?

Secrets of the technique of products from macrameFirst of all, these are all kinds of jewelry in the form of elegant flowers, lace collars and
Cuffs, belts from volumetric patterns, clutches, earrings and even swimsuits.

If you are enthusiastic about the style "Ethno", Try to create in the technique of macrame original pendants, bracelets and pendants.

Decorate your ethnic lace productsStripes, zigzags, fringes, tassels, weaving of braid. Also, additional elements are added: beads, large wooden beads, stones and metal balls.

Do not be afraid to experiment, weave ribbons, artistic plastic or rings, natural materials. Create a set of necklace, earrings and a bracelet in one style to surprise everyone around.

A special place among the ornaments is occupied by bags,Wallets and all sorts of cases and small bags for small things. Purses better to weave a label with a single layer of glue. You can weave even a string bag. An important place in the wardrobe of the needlewoman is occupied by belts. Belt, made by own hands, perfectly fit your figure and posture. Today, again in fashion accessories in the style of hippies, combine them with jeans, linen and other natural fabrics to create an unforgettable experience.

A perfect addition to your authenticThe image will be knitted flowers made of thread mulina or soft artificial yarn. Please note that the weaving patterns are much more complicated and responsible than bead or rubber bands.

To get started, get everything you need.

We will need:

  • Certain threads, depending on the desired product;
  • scissors;
  • Adhesive (PVA or super-glue);
  • Pins and needles of different thickness;
  • Base for the product (eg pillow).

The main thread should be fixed horizontally,The length is slightly larger than your future product in width. The main threads of our weaving are attached to the main. Remember that the threads should not creep, if they are of synthetics, set their tips, or fix them with glue.

Knitting of knots

A good node is the guarantee of a successful result in working with macrame.

There are several types of weaving:

  • Flat (single-layered);
  • Non-pinch;
  • Three-dimensional.

The best knot for beginners - Hercules:

  • Secrets of the technique of products from macrameThe two main threads are attached to a pin or a needle;
  • The right thread goes under the left, the left thread goes through the loop from top to bottom. We zapletaem to the end of the level and fix a tight knot;
  • If you need a direct node-two threadsFixed on an uneven fastening, at the output we have four ends. Working threads are at the edges, and the main ones are in the middle. Then, we start the extreme right worker for the main, and then again for the left;
  • The same is done with the left thread with mirror precision;
  • To create a left-side chain, create three flat nodes, and unfold the product diametrically;
  • Rotate each 4 knots;
  • Periodically try on the bracelet, when the required length is reached, we tie a loose knot and fix it with glue, cut it. Our bracelet is ready.

Be creative, do not limit yourselfAccepted beads and laces, add to your jewelry unexpected elements: buttons, nuts, springs, rings. To date, the technique of macrame is so developed that it contains knowledge of more than four hundred possible nodes, they are still called marine.

Macrame includes all weaves known to mankind, using knots and loops.

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