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Things to crumbs with their hands - learn to sew booties


If you want to make your child the most fashionable, then sew him booties with your own hands. And how to do it, read the article, it has useful master classes

Probably, there is not a single mother on Earth who wouldDid not like to dress up her crumbs. To do this now is quite easy, because in stores a huge selection of clothes for every taste and prosperity. But sometimes you want the kid to stand out from the crowd with his bright and exclusive outfit.

Of course, an unusual thing can be sewn to order,But why not try to create something interesting on your own? For those mothers who dream of trying their hand at sewing garments of crumbs, we suggest you to get acquainted with the master class on making pinets. Children's slippers will be sewed from various materials. So, let's begin!

We sew children's shoes: original fur booties with their own hands

Let's start our work with a warm version of shoes - let's talk about how to sew fur booties.

To create shoes you need:

  • Things to crumbs with their hands - learn to sew bootiesA piece of dense jersey;
  • A small piece of skin;
  • Artificial fur;
  • elastic;
  • Needle, thread, scissors;
  • Buttons or beads for decoration;
  • A sheet of paper and a pencil.

If you are the first to sew booties with your own hands, then step-by-step instructions will be simply necessary for you:

  • First, draw a pattern on a piece of paper. It will consist of three parts: the bootleg, the sole and the sock. Each detail is drawn according to the size of the child's foot;
  • Cut out the paper pieces and transfer the pattern to knitted fabric;
  • Now let's sew a knitted bootleg. To do this, cut out the part, arm with a needle and join the workpiece so that the seam passes along the back of the shoe;
  • Next, cut out the knitted part of the jersey. Gently join the two parts of the future outfit and stitch it together;
  • Transfer the leg design to the pieceArtificial fur. Where the fabric will be wrapped around the child's ankle, fasten the elastic band. Otherwise, children's shoes will fly from a small mod or fashionista. Elastic enough to sew only on the back of the seam;
  • Make one more socks out of jersey and connect it already with the fur blank;
  • All the details are ready, it's time to connect parts of the pins. To do this, simply put the knitted
    In the one with the fur boot;
  • Things to crumbs with their hands - learn to sew bootiesThe last strokes remain: Hide all the seams so that they do not rub the legs of the crumb, and fasten the parts together. For this purpose, the fur preparation is turned inside out, and the knitted fabric is turned to the front side. We connect both, we sew, we turn out;
  • To make the product beautiful and original, you need to decorate it. How to do it - decide for yourself. You can, for example, to build with the help of pugoviches and beads a beautiful face or pattern;
  • After the shoes are decorated, you can sew the sole. First a piece of cloth is attached, and then a leather blank. Seams are recommended to make the outer ones so that the crumb was comfortable in the new booties.

As you can see, you can not sew nice booties yourselfAs difficult as it may seem. By the principle described above, you can create shoes not only for babies, but also for grown up children. And thanks to different ornaments each pair will become truly unique.

Create booties from old jeans with your own hands

Most people in the wardrobe can find old jeans, most likely they are already with holes and lie on the case "But suddenly it's useful on the farm". Now is the time to give the old trousers a second life and sew from them stylish booties for your baby.

In order to sew shoes and worn jeans, you will need:

  • Things to crumbs with their hands - learn to sew bootiesOld unnecessary pants. Color does not matter, it's even better if the shades are different. You can take pieces with external seams, they will serve as a decor for shoes;
  • Cotton fabric;
  • Dense fabric to impart rigidity to the product. Suitable waffle cloth, doublerine, etc .;
  • Thin strips of skin for eyelets;
  • Laces;
  • Polymer glue, paper for the pattern, pencil.

If you have all the necessary supplies, then you can start working:

  • Measure the legs of your crumb and make a pattern of paper. There will be three items: a sole, a back and a sock;
  • Cut out the paper pieces and transfer the pattern to the fabric: denim and cotton;
  • When you cut out the workpieces from the fabric, set the seams to 0.5-1 cm;
  • Now you need to sew parts from cotton to matching of denim;
  • Things to crumbs with their hands - learn to sew bootiesCollect all booties in one boot;
  • From the dense fabric, cut out one more sole, glue it neatly with one piece of denim. Allow the product to dry out, and then, using glue, attach a hard sole to the shoes;
  • Booties made of old jeans are almost ready. Now you need to make out of leather strips loops for laces. To do this, fold the pieces of leather twice and fix with glue on the resulting product. Petyulek recommended to make 2 on each side. After that, you can skip laces;
  • In principle, everything is ready. Now you just need to decorate children's shoes to your taste, you can even the remaining pieces of jeans. Suits are also sequins, rhinestones, beads, etc.

By the above-described principle, one's own hands You can sew Booties made of leather and any other material. Doing it is easy, you need only a little time and patience.

Only with this approach will you sew your first baby booties to your crumbs. Good luck!

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